Cam Newton has a rough night, needs more work


There’s a temptation for the Panthers to wrap quarterback Cam Newton in bubble wrap and keep him safe until the regular season after offseason ankle surgery.

Then again, that plan didn’t work out so well for Washington and Robert Griffin III last year, so they know they have to play him.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers are going to play Newton next week in the preseason finale for the simple reason that he needs the work.

“It was very evident that we’ve got to get [Newton] out there,” Rivera said. “We’ve got to get our quarterback out on the field, and he’s got to get some timing with those guys.”

Of course, he’ll be sore when he does go back out there, as he took a shot to the back and ribs. He returned to the game after missing a play, and didn’t talk to reporters afterward.

“He’s sore. There’s nothing there. They took X-rays just to make sure, and those are negative,” Rivera said.

Of course, “nothing there,” is a good summation of the Panthers starting offense, which didn’t scratch against the Patriots last night.

A makeshift line which was dealing with injuries to boot couldn’t protect him. They didn’t run much, and the backs didn’t pass-protect very well. Receivers didn’t get open, and Newton didn’t see some of the ones who did.

It’s the kind of thing you almost expect out of a group which wasn’t able to practice together while Newton recovered.

“I knew they had to play (against the Steelers), but just how much was really dependent on how well they played tonight,” Rivera said. “And obviously we didn’t play well enough.”

And obviously, it’s not a good sign for a team many expect to regress this season, for exactly the reasons they showed.

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  1. “A makeshift line which was dealing with injuries to boot couldn’t protect him. They didn’t run much, and the backs didn’t pass-protect very well. Receivers didn’t get open, and Newton didn’t see some of the ones who did.”
    What we saw, is what we will see. I’m a Panthers fan, who was against the whole churning of the roster, while many shouted,”in Gettleman we trust or Gettleman’s got a plan”.

    I hope his plan didn’t include repeated Sunday Gloom. ONE GOOD THING: Cam and Benjamin just might work.

  2. I don’t see the point in this. Cam Newton was 8 of 12 for 88 yards. No picks but no TDs, but not a bad night out as the headline implies. The offense struggled, but wasn’t due to Cam. As a fan of the Bucs, a division rival, just calling like I see it. Sure, play him next week. I’d love that risk. But to be honest, not needed.

  3. timing has to be worked on and that will get better as the season goes on. cams ankle seems like its bothering him alot he doesnt look the same when hes scrambling .
    other then kelvin and olsen people got to get open !!! cotchery i think only has one or two catches this preseason and avant has acouple but was a ghost vs the pats. our corners have been doing good but safeties are playing like garbage and so is our nickle back godfrey.

    our offensive line was without nate chandler and turner which resulted in that im not too worried about the o line other then byron bell at l.t

    i feel that we have the wrong 2nd and 4rd wrs in the game we should have bersin and king instead of cotch and avant
    we will get better as the season progresses keep pounding

  4. I think he’ll warm up as the season goes. He came back to practice towards the end of June but they weren’t great practices because of his injury. Basically these last few games are for his timing; especially since he wasn’t even cleared to play until the second week of preseason.

  5. Pats sliced em and diced em all night long in every aspect of the game.

    While it’s only the preseason the Pats are looking pretty tough.

  6. Yeah he could have just written “The Patriots beat the crap out of them” and had time to go and make himself an egg sandwich.

  7. Makeshift line, a rookie WR with a bunch of #4’s and RB’s that can’t stay healthy…Cam is an elite talent but how much do they expect him to make up for? Especially coming off an injury himself?

  8. We have a OLB problem. AJ Klein gets consistently beat. He is too slow to play outside and can’t get off blocks inside.

    Our defense will take a step backwards. If something happens to Davis or Luke, its over. While other teams have scooped up LBs with 4.5 speed, we tend to get slower.

    Like I recommended last year, stand outside the Seahawks camp with a net and snatch players they cut.(but do it fast)

  9. The local media can sugarcoat it all they want, but we observant fans know the deal : We have major offensive line troubles. 1) When your stud LT retires (Jordan Gross) & you replace him with a below average RT (Byron Bell) , 2) Plan on starting a convered DT (Nate Chandler) @ RT, & 3) Don’t even draft an OT prospect = recipe for disaster.

    The only thing that will get GM Gettleman off the hook for this disaster, is if we pick-up a quality OT that gets cut next week (preferably two) when teams go to their final 53.

  10. Cam needs more time and more help but what happened to that fierce defense. The Pats looked real good and still without Gronk and other key players.

  11. Looks like a Ravens sized drop for the 12-4 panthers. Their defense may keep them in some games but no wideouts and poor o-line play will beat Cam down.

  12. So basically Cam was working with what Brady has been handed for an offense so many times over the years and Superman looked not so super. Don’t let the box score fool you, Cam was pounded from the get go. Then he didn’t speak after the game? I thought this was supposed to be the new and improved Cam promising to talk about his performances and not have someone else do the explaning?

  13. holla2626 says:
    Aug 23, 2014 9:49 AM
    Cam always burns the brisket


    I wouldn’t be proud of that at all. Most people know how to cook it w/o burning it.

  14. Remember the old days when QB just went out and played. Today’s super QB’s, you know the ones that were going to change the way the game is played needs to be protected from injury now. I wonder what Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and others would be doing today if they were playing. Oh that’s right they would be playing. Kind of like Andrew Luck is doing. You know the QB that get no PR and hype

  15. Missed a few throws, but this is an overreaction. Also, Pats D is no joke when everyone’s healthy.

  16. If these two teams were to play week 1, the game would look completely different.

    Neither had their entire starting unit in this game. Too many conclusions made in preseason. Good coaches use these games to evaluate players and certain groupings and generally don’t worry about the score.

    I was surprised Belichick challenged that touchdown play when he could have instead given his goal line offense another play or two.

  17. No surprises here. I’m wearing my new Cam Newton shirt again today. We could still have a surprisingly great season, or a surprisingly horrible one, or anything in between.

  18. Cam still holding that ball too long, and to me looks like he’s favoring that ankle and not taking off for yardage when an opportunity presents itself. Defense was very disappointing and where was the run game???
    I know its preseason but clearly they have more work to do.

  19. Kelvin Benjamin seems like he could be an excellent receiver, but I still think offensive line should have been a bigger priority for the Panthers in the past draft.

  20. Might need to slow down on the Pats SB talk. I’m a fan and while I would love another run I can’t help but be a little concerned about opposing QBs completing 75.3% of their passes against us this preseason. Maybe that’s trending around the league with all the new penalties I’m not sure haven’t done the research on that, but that number is a bit alarming to me

  21. Cam looked terrible against KC too.
    The refs helped him with all those penalty calls against the chiefs BDs .

  22. Someone said, “Cam is an elite talent.”

    He’s really not. He’s strong and fast. He has a lot of learning and growing to do to become anywhere close to elite in the NFL.

  23. he had a tough time the previous week vs KC as well. they got a TD in, but it was all on a penalty. really he showed he couldn’t run away from defenders and seemed to panic because of it. he isn’t near 100 percent as he said, and they would be smart as I said last year with RGIII and say with any QB, to sit him until he is 100 percent. playing QB has too much else going on to have to be so concerned about the ankle. he started hobbling anytime KC put any pressure on him, same thing last night on a couple occasions

  24. I like the panthers but hearing news like this is a precursor for a downhill season. They won’t be as good as they were last year. While the receivers sucked last year with all these new guys he’s not in sync with them yet and is banged up to start the year

  25. I’ve never bought into the hype of this guy, someday people will realize that he just isn’t very good.

  26. It’s the preseason relax. We have all been expecting an early struggle on offense. And not to mention this was just a preseason game.

    Pats, do you remember that brandon lafell drop over the middle. Get ready for that during key moments in the game all year.

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