Greg Gumbel stopped using Washington’s team name years ago

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Add Greg Gumbel to the list of NFL broadcasters who won’t say the name of the team in Washington.

Gumbel, the No. 2 play-by-play announcer on CBS and the host of Showtime’s Inside the NFL, told that he doesn’t say the team’s name. Although the long-simmering controversy over the team’s name has boiled over in the last year, Gumbel said he stopped using the controversial team name years ago.

“I told our PR department this summer: I haven’t used that nickname on the air in three years,” Gumbel said. “It’s just a personal choice; I just didn’t feel like I needed to call a news conference and announce it to everybody.”

Gumbel added, however, that he does not believe Daniel Snyder is prepared to change his team’s name, and Gumbel will be surprised if a change is made.

Snyder has insisted that he won’t change the name. But as more and more people in and around the NFL disassociate themselves with Snyder’s team’s name, Snyder is going to find himself more and more alone.

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  1. Nice Gumbel…. Danny the longer you sit on this the worse you look. Might as well do it now while you can still make up a little story to go with it and try to look like a hero, but if you keep sitting on it than when it eventually happens you’ll look like a, well…yeah, you get the point

  2. I respect this far more than the current crop of disingenuous bandwagon jumpers, who all of a sudden have become offended by the Redskin name.
    It’s still misguided, but at least Greg isn’t just picking up on some viral movement, and can think for himself.

    All that being said, Go Redskins!!!!!!!!!!! And, Go Daniel Snyder!!

  3. Snyder will change when it hits his pocketbook.
    That will happen as advertisers back off from games, and Sponsors say “no thanks”.
    This process will probably become evident this season.

  4. Look, the name will change when it’s no longer economically viable to keep it.
    The NFL splits merchandise revenue 31 ways (the Cowboys have their own thing). If the Redskins loose $1 million/year in sales, then each owner will be out $32,258.06. Nothing they’ll loose sleep over.

  5. The most illuminating point here–& one that appears to have been overlooked–is that Gumbel has apparently not been saying “Redskins” during broadcasts for three years now…and nobody had previously noticed. Not a single reference to his not using the word in three years until now; nobody had even remotely noticed the absence of that word from his broadcasts…

  6. The bricks keep falling from the wall.

    The name will change.

    Really –> all you so-called “traditionalists” –> is it really worth the emotional energy you put into it?

  7. “I didn’t feel the need to call a news conference and announce it to everybody”. Well Gumble, with that attitude you are certainly not pft material. Anything against the name is broadcast with its own story to make it seem more voluminous. While anything for the name is not even mentioned. I hear the media used to be impartial, sadly I am not old enough to remember that.

  8. ALLHAILKINGFLACCO…totally agree….the liberals think they will win if they keep this thing alive….but they don’t realize that there are more people out there than just them and can think for themselves and know this campaign to change the name is a joke. IT IS PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESS….liberals can’t tell someone how to run their business and name their business just because they don’t like it….SORRY ain’t gonna happen…

  9. Who is Greg Gumbel? I don’t care what he thinks no more than what he cares of what I think. he’s a voice on CBS that announces games. Who cares what he says about the name as long as he announces the action.

  10. No longer a question of whether the name should be changed – only a matter of when. It’s inevitable.

  11. Alternatively, I just started using the name.

    I stopped a grocery store clerk that was stocking the shelves and asked him for the butter with the redskin on it. He had no idea what I was talking about. I then said it was called Land O’ Redskins, I thought? He grabbed the Land O’ Lakes butter based on the good hint, but not as a result of the Indian being on the cover.

    I later stopped at a used game/CD store and asked for a movie for my daughter with a redskin on it. She said that they didn’t really have a lot of sports titles, but that she would look. I then told her it was a kids movie and she didn’t know what I was talking about. After describing the cover of Pocahontas, but continuing to call it the Redskin Disney movie, nothing. I then said the name of the movie and she got it for me.

    If I used the N-word people would freak. No one knows what I’m talking about when I use the supposedly dreaded R-word. While no one else knows what I’m talking about, that doesn’t justify the negativity it may have for some people. I would bet they’re the minorities of Native Americans, however, and I would venture to say, that they are more offended by their circumstance and communal relegation then by the term Redskins.

  12. The name will change as soon as the first few sponsors inform the NFL that they won’t advertise during Redskins’ games. They should just drop the Skins and call them the Reds. Then go back to the helmet they used for a few years in the 1970s with a “R” in the circle instead of the face.

  13. I’m not a Redskins fan at all. In fact, they’ve beaten my team at bad times over the years and I tend to bristle at that. But I think the Redskins name and logo is killer…totally awesome….and in my mind it actually upholds the honor of our fierce, fighting, principled, and true first Americans. The name in itself tells a story of the NFL, and how we’ve come so far as the American people, and who we thought was here first. It’s not once been used in a derogatory manner to any person or group of people. What in God’s name is wrong with that?

  14. Most people I know, and those in the world of football wagering refer to the team from Washington as the “Skins.” i.e. “gimme the ‘skins 10 times” or “did the ‘skins cover the spread?” or “what’s the spread on the ‘skins game?”

  15. Whether Washington’s star defensive end Charles Mann saying the team’s name was “probably racist” 20 years ago or RGIII going the “no comment” route now, the fate of the name “Redskins” is already sealed.

  16. If native Americans are offended by what is clearly a racially insensitive word (and they are), I don’t see why changing it is that big a deal, In the words of Rodney King, cant we all just get along!!

  17. I am really indifferent on this issue. I speak to some native americans and they do not have a problem with the name. It just seems the media train has gotten a hold of this and running with it. Of course when you peel back the name it appears offensive. I just think we are too PC in today’s world. I hope Snyder holds strong for no other reason then to not allow the media to strong arm his decision.

  18. How many REDSKINS games has Gumble even called in those 3 years?

    I’m seriously asking that. It would be funny to find out he hasn’t called any of their games during that time. Anyone able to find out?

  19. Woop-dee-doo for Gumbel. It’s all about grandstanding and typical of the mindset so pervasive in the United States today.
    The liberal left always does this. They beat their chests about how sympathetic they are to every cause under the sun. Meanwhile, they have just as many prejudices as anyone else, and even more in some cases.
    I once watched a press conference involving a woman from PETA. As she was preaching about animal cruelty and how every living thing deserves to live, a fly flew around her hair. She did what anyone else would do, she tried to smack it and kill it. To me, that said it all about her and her group.
    Look — does anyone really believe that the Redskins name is actually hurting anyone? I mean, it’s been that way for decades. Why all of a sudden is it offensive? Couldn’t be because some individual or group has nothing better to do than make a mountain out of a mole hill, could it?
    I’ll tell you what’s offensive. A reporter having his head cut off by Islamic militants, the most vile people on this planet. That’s where our focus should be, not on this. Wake up America!!

  20. What seems to be overlooked here is that Gumbel stopped saying the word, “Redskins” during his broadcasts three years ago, & nobody noticed. It had absolutely no impact on his broadcasts. Clearly, not saying “Redskins” is not quite the “statement” some holier-than-thou folks believe it to be since nobody notices it. Well, at least those broadcasters and so-called journalists feel good about themselves…

  21. WHEN the tv networks decide not to put the Washington Football Team on primetime, then and only then will Dan Snyder “change” his mind and the team’s name.

  22. Snyder should say, “Fine I’ll change the team name if the Indians, Chiefs, and NY Yankees change their offensive names too. If we’re changing offensive names change them all.”

  23. This just in….Katie Couric is just reporting that she hasn’t used the team-who-must-not-be-named name for the last 25 years. When asked about this she said, “what’s this big fuss over not using that name now?”

  24. I’m supposed to believe a guy with a show called outsides the line, on which this guy attacks everything he personally doesn’t like about sports, found the name of the Redskins so personally offensive that he refused to even speak the word, but some how he never did a piece on his show? I’m going to call BS on this one. All he’s trying to do is stay relevant and like a good liberal is this country is trying to cash is on fake controversy instead of having a real discussion about race in this country. Way to be part of the problem.

  25. The Indians (can i use that word or are they going to cry about that too) are offended by the word “Redskin”….

    Will they stop referring to Caucasians as ‘Pale Face’ or ‘White Man’? Those terms now offend me.

  26. I never liked the guy anyway. He can go away anytime!!!! Besides, don’t they[meaning football “experts” & our wonderful politicians] have more pressing things to worry about…Come on!!

  27. Thankful there are people like Snyder around that don’t bow to the liberals. I wasn’t a SKINS fan before this but I am now.

  28. I am offended from anyone that adds a name in front of American as all those that live in this country are just that American.

  29. The Redskins should just change its name to Seminoles and pretend they have a great relationship with the Seminole tribe. AKA they give the tribe loads of money to act like they like them. That works in college!

  30. The more you all push this, the more I become disinterested in reading your political views on a football website. Talk football. Certainly somebody that provides input on here has played (doubt it), or can at least report on it. I don’t care about your personal views. Not a redskins fan, but I hope Snyder rides this train until he dies, just to make the sensitive writhe in agony.

  31. Let’s get rid of the offensive Yankees nickname.

    The New York Yankees offend the Southern population.

    There is no room for any reference to that tragic war that cost this country so many young mens’ lives.

  32. It’s pretty clear, post a comment in favor of the REDSKINS name and your opinion is “edited”. Oppose the glorious REDSKINS name and you can make any comment or allegation you choose.

    Fascism at its finest.

    Stand Strong Snyder!!!! NEVER CHANGE!!!

  33. All Snyder needs to do is change the name to the Redskin Potatoes and go back to using the helmet with the R on it and Native Americans will just fade into oblivion and they will no longer be remembered—and everyone will be happy! And the Redskins can keep their nickname!


    You got that right–liberal media at it’s “finest”……


  35. Get over it, people…especially Indians.

    Redskins, Redskins, Redskins, Redskins.

    Upstate NY is known for it’s Native American heritage, especially the Finger Lakes where I grew up…nobody cares. I was at the reservation 3 days ago, and I asked them all…they all laughed at it.

    It’s a joke.

  36. At the heart of the protests is the Oneida Indian Nation….and shouldn’t they change their name FIRST after all aren’t they offending those that are native to the COUNTRY of India!!!!

  37. So then, that’s the answer to this.

    Anyone who is offended by it, just stop using it, and let those of us who are not offended continue to use it.

    Problem solved. Win-win. Time to move on to the next great issue that’s plaguing our society.

  38. My opinion of Snyder has changed as a result of his all-caps strong stance.

    Snyder singlehandedly drove the Redskins down, from one of the NFL’s better manged teams to among its worst. Fired old ladies, secretaries, and groundskeepers, and sued widows etc in the process.

    But now: he deserves accolades for standing up to the PC crowd. Regardless of what anyone else thinks about the racial offensiveness of the team name and logo, Snyder owns the team and can do whatever he damn well pleases, within the law.

    Notwithstanding, I agree with the poster above that NFL sponsors will force a name change…. by pressuring Goodell. It’s Snyder’s team, but the other 31 owners could refuse to play him.

  39. “It’s Snyder’s team, but the other 31 owners could refuse to play him.”
    Actually, I don’t think they can. If that was possible, Pete Rozelle would have gotten someone to do it to force Al Davis back in line 40 years ago. Probably Spanos of the Chargers. He HATED Davis.

    If sponsors pull out of Redskins games, it will compel change. Greg Gumbel, Phil Simms, a newspaper, and Peter King won’t. No one cares what the media think, or fans for that matter, the NFL only cares about revenue.

  40. purpleppleeaters says:
    Aug 23, 2014 6:39 AM
    I respect this far more than the current crop of disingenuous bandwagon jumpers, who all of a sudden have become offended by the Redskin name.
    It’s still misguided, but at least Greg isn’t just picking up on some viral movement, and can think for himself.

    All that being said, Go Redskins!!!!!!!!!!! And, Go Daniel Snyder!!


    It’s not jumping on a band wagon, it’s coming to the realization you were wrong and changing.

  41. Yes, and he also believes OJ was innocent. The police department internally considers the case closed because they know OJ did it. Look it up.

  42. So the Washington football team chose to use a term that MAY have been used in a derogatory way toward Native Americans and transformed the meaning of the word “Redskins” into something that represents pride and honor. In fact before this crusade against the name, hardly anyone viewed the nickname as anything other than the teams mascot. Now all these crusaders are accomplishing is creating negativity and hate. So if the Redskins are forced to change their name..Thank you for making the world a better place (not)

  43. Strange with so many articles about the Washington Football Redskins that they missed an article about the Wellpinit school board voting to KEEP the Redskins name for the local high school, located on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Why would a school on an Indian reservation want to use a disparaging name to identify themselves?

    “We decided last night that we weren’t going to change it. Talking to a lot of community members, the majority of the community don’t want it changed,” Williams said, adding there is too much pride in being a mighty Redskin that he wouldn’t want to be one to take that away.

    Oh, that’s why.

  44. I was driving through Northern Arizona recently and passed by a high school on a reservation. Their teams were the Red Mesa Redskins. I was highly offended by that too.

  45. It’s funny watching white guys use the PC defense against minorities. Hey native Americans don’t be offended! We may have systematically destroyed your people, but don’t worry we’ll honor you with a old time-y backhanded compliment of a team name!

    Yeah people do take themselves too seriously but calling them PC is usually because they have no sense of humor about themselves. It’s not a pulpit for people who want to be vicious to other human beings.

    N*gro was the pejorative for black people only 50 years ago. It was considered the PC term at the time and even black people used it to describe their racial standing. If a team owner of that day and age, who was progressive for his time, named his NFL squad the N*gros in honor of his black workers; would that name stand in today’s society?! No. Unfortunately the racial equality for NAs is a lost cause and no one even takes the the to ask if it’s right to refer to them that way even if they say , “It’s ok, I don’t mind you referring to me in that matter”. Of course losing the name would be a blow to football history and a little strange but we are suppose to be kind to others above our own needs . and wants. That’s how we find happiness. Rather then spew anger and vitriol all across the Internet because It’s WE want.

  46. @saxsexsixsoxsux

    Re: If a team owner of that day and age, who was progressive for his time, named his NFL squad the N*gros in honor of his black workers; would that name stand in today’s society?!

    Um, have you ever heard of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) or teh National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) or the Universal Negro Improvement Associationand or the African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) or the The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (NANBPWC)?

    OK, you probably have only heard about the first one, but there are several organizations that honor black people that still use the term YOU have decided should no longer be used.

  47. Well Thanks for that Gumble …aka King of The BLOWHARDS… buddy gives a damn about the Redskins name except for entitled White Liberals

  48. “For the fans that want to keep the name, would you call a native American a redskin in anger? Exactly, change the name!”

    Where is the epidemic of people around the country using the Redskins name as a justification for calling a Native American a redskin?! Exactly,
    keep the name! I guarantee you cannot name one example. The only people I have ever called a Redskin is a member of the Washington Redskins. So sorry you are one of the suckers that fell for the phony controversy. The Redskins name has been around for almost 100 years! Stay strong Snyder don’t let the PC crowd win!

  49. I told the folks at the local grocery I wanted a pound of Native American potatoes, and they looked at me like I was from Mars.

  50. What makes people think that advertisers are going to opp out on Redskins games. The opposite is what will happen. It’s controversial and that sells.

    Hail. Stay with it Mr. Snyder.

  51. For the fans that want to keep the name, would you call a native American a redskin in anger?

    I like ’em. Are you angry at ’em?

  52. It’ll be interesting to see if anybody digs up a clip of him using the name in the last three years. There’s been so much coverage of this topic so it seems odd nobody took note of the fact he’d been avoiding the name for that long.

  53. mark0226 – I have heard of the first two but you’re right I haven’t heard of the others. I don’t want to go to Wiki and pretend I know all about the UNCF but it’s my understanding it’s a black American run organization. If they want to use the word negro they have that right. I would never use it in serious conversation and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t either. Even though it just means “black” in Spanish it comes from a time of in-equality and the use of the word has mostly disappeared from day to day lexicon. The Redskins however, are not a Native American organization nor have they ever been. The term Redskin is used nowhere else other then maybe companies that play off the teams name. To you the name means nothing but football but you have no idea what it was like to be a Native American in this country for the last 500 years. We should honor them. Keep the logo but rather then a term that relates to their skin color or face paint as some like to say, call them by their actual name! There are so many that lived in the very area of where the stadium now sits. At least give them a generic prideful reference like warrior or bravery.

    That’s my opinion, don’t expect you to agree but you can respect it. I actually respect yours because I know most people just want to hang on to the history and tradition of the name, no because it has a shameful meaning to a small minority.

  54. Again, Daniel Snyder doesn’t have to change the name. But no one else has to stop protesting it or avoid using using it.

    This isn’t an “all of the sudden issue”. This has been brewing for decades now. I recall debating this in my high school journalism class after someone had published an article in Time or Newsweek about the whether or not the name should used. That was 1993.

    I have no horse in this race. I’m not a fan of the team and, despite being maybe a 16th Cherokee, I wouldn’t claim to be Native American. I’m just saying that this issue isn’t going anywhere and it’s going to follow that team around like a sideshow.

  55. Also I’d like to point out that Washington should not be the lone organization to face this kind of criticism. The Cleveland Indians are by far the worst. At least Washington has a noble Native American on their shield, Cleveland has a racist cartoon and the name is not even referencing the right group of people! We all took 6th grade history and know the first Europeans to land here thought they landed in India, hence the name. Instead of quickly correcting it we had so little respect for them we let it fly for centuries!

    Seriously though can you imagine the blowback now days if one of those awful cartoons of blacks in the early 1900’s was used as a team mascot? I understand the ignorance, I didn’t register the actuality of it until I was in my 30s. It’s not that we actively want to disrespect Native Americans, we just didn’t grow up in a time where these issues were right in our face. Even if we did we’d ignore it just because that was the way and no one questioned it. We evolve though, sometimes for the worse but hopefully for the better. Eventually finding a place where all people are looked at in the same light.

  56. The Washington Redskins should think about changing their name to something which better describes their organization, since the beginning of the Snyder era.

    With that said, I propose a name change to:
    “The Washington Albert Haynesworths”

    It has a ring to it. It is also very appropriate!

  57. Instead of changing the name of the redskins, How about we change the names of the people obsessed with this completely absurd and meaningless “issue” as “whiny and overly sensative for no apparent reason babies”. For example, “Whiny and overly sensitive baby Greg Gumbel stopped…blah blah blah”.

    It’s just amazing to me how weak and pathetic people are today that they get butt hurt and worry about something so insignificant. It makes you wonder how on earth any of these people handle actual important things in life without completely flipping out and running to their mommy and crying.

  58. You have two choices.

    1. Support the large majority of Native Americans who support the Washington Redskin team and the Redskins name.

    2. Force your opinion on Native Americans because you believe their feelings on the subject are wrong.

  59. My guess is that cletusspucklerredskinsfan comes out from under a bridge and requests that you pay him money to cross.

  60. The West should place sanctions against the stadium forcing Dan to comply. No food, beer or bobble head deliveries shall be made hereto and henceforth… New name option, Washington Westerners???

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