Rough night for starting offenses in Miami


The Dolphins left their starting offense in the game to start the second half against the Cowboys backups in hopes of getting into the end zone, but they couldn’t make it happen.

Ryan Tannehill was picked off by Cowboys cornerback Tyler Patmon in the red zone to kill a scoring chance on a night when Miami saw many fall by the wayside. Matt Moore is warming up on the sideline, which likely means that the Dolphins first team is done despite having much work to do.

Tight end Dion Sims lost a fumble in the first half, Tannehill and Mike Wallace again failed to connect on deep passes and they generated just three points against what many feel will be the league’s worst defense. The bright spot was running back Knowshon Moreno, who gained 64 yards on 10 carries in his first action of the preseason, but the struggles are likely to garner most of the headlines.

Things weren’t much better for Dallas. Tony Romo didn’t turn the ball over, but he was sacked three times while going 10-for-18 for 87 fairly ineffectual yards. The running game was quiet as well, which is a good sign for Miami given how little help the offense was able to give the defense.

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  1. Rough night for both teams? They’re both looking brilliant compared to yesterdays Panthers and Bears, both team looked like they were never told there was a game to play. We’re seeing a lot of teams look brutal in week 3.

  2. Oh yeah… The Dolphins looked terrible with 500 yards of Offense and over 200 yds rushing. Yesterday you were bashing the Fins. The only reason this game was ever close was the turnovers which happens when you are playing your Bench. Fins totally dominated.

  3. Kind of funny after how much these writers were making an issue of Moreno being overweight and injured, then when he lights it up in his first game, there’s no mention of it.

    So I’ll do it for him. Moreno was impressive. He averaged 6.4 yards per carry, and had 64 yards before leaving the game prior to half time. You’re welcome.

  4. Tannehill and Wallace did not fail! Ryan Tannehill failed in connecting with a wide open Mike Wallace. Matt Moore is clearly the better QB. He hit Damien Williams for a long pass that Tannehill can not throw.

  5. Dalls is going to have the worst D in the league, so if you can’t get it going against them good luck with that!

    BTW to all the Miami fans who said Bill Lazor was going to bring in the secret sauce and he was the reason the Eagles score point……….NOPE !

  6. yea fin fans have your glory but they won against scrubs the cowboys 1st string defense still kept them to 3 points in the first half, and not taking away from the dolphins they did keep us to 6 but its just preseason. I’m just ready for the regular season to start

  7. Wow. Two of the major concerns for the offense were running the ball and a “leaky” O-line.

    Two hundred yards rushing and only one sack allowed (not sure how many hurries). If they can carry those type numbers into the regular season to start, I’ll be satisfied.

  8. Miami’s o-line looked better, and the running game was fantastic. Sure, they need to convert more drives…but overall the offensive play calling and execution were impressive.

  9. Every team has looked rough in the preseason since the last NFLPA contract that got rid of the 2-a-days and limited the contact in practice and all the other stuff. It hasn’t really seemed to stem the injuries it just seems like it takes teams longer to get into regular season form.

  10. Miami’s second team showed lots of pep! I saw some effort from guys wanting to make the roster. I believe that the D. Williams boys did just that. Landry looked like a talented rookie. I saw more pop from the second string LB corps than the first string regulars, even though Koa I’m-missing was out with a shoulder ouchie-pooh. I guess you could say that the second team represented pep & pop while the first team represented more Pooh!

    We have to find a right guard! Since Tannehill cannot throw an accurate deep ball, let’s trade Wallace for a starting right guard. Loose the $60 million and shore up the line. Jordan is nowhere man. He is a 275 pound cream puff with a physique fit for the cheerleader’s calendar. Trade him for a starting guard, then.

    Moore looked as good as Tannehill! Ouch!!! Moreno looked great, even with our line problems. Clay looked good too – what little bit he was used. Overall, I thought that the receiving corps looked ready for the season. The receivers have more talent than roster spots. The DL looked solid but the LB corps is only adequate.

    Dez Bryant looked like a grown man playing in a high school game. He just clobbered those DB’s! Grimes is the best but big guys have an advantage that diminishes his effect on the game. I thought the safeties looked a little tired by half-time. Could Thigpen be converted to a DB? Is that spelled right?

    I want to compliment Coach Philbin because I see overall improvement in this years team over last years. Can we get Dawn to go out and get us a right guard. Oh, I forgot that is the General Managers job, right!

  11. If moore was a better qb than tannehill he would be starting for somebody, he is not, he threw 1 pass. T hill hits deep balls with all other receivers, ever stop and think why he hits deep balls with all other receivers other than Wallace? funny how people only see what they want to. Foles had been overthrowing receivers all pre season, Brady missed on a few, big Ben, kap, all missed on a few deep balls. Moore cannot make the passes, run the offense or be as mobile as tannehill, get a clue people, seriously, your complaining about a throw that on average is thrown about 4 times a game through out the nfl.

  12. Fact, last season Tannehill was 7-35 passing over 25 yds. Tannehill has accuracy problems since the first day he showed up in So Beach.
    Go Look it up,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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