Sio Moore leaves hospital, flies home with Raiders

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Despite last night’s loss at Green Bay, there was significant good news for the Raiders.

Linebacker Sio Moore, who was taken off the field on a stretcher after being hit in the neck, was released from a nearby hospital and flew home with the team this morning.

According to Scott Bair of, Moore walked into the locker room wearing a large neck brace, which was encouraging to those around him.

“That’s a positive sign,” head coach Dennis Allen said. “I don’t know what kind of timeline that entails, but the most encouraging thing is that Sio is fine.”

Any time a player is taken off the field on a stretcher, it has an impact on those around him, so seeing Moore walking was a relief.

“It’s always a scary situation, especially when you hear a player say their neck is hurt on the field,” veteran safety Charles Woodson said. “I’ve seen it a couple times, and it never gets any easier. I don’t think anyone wants to play right away after something like that. Hopefully he’ll be fine and that he’ll be able to get back soon.”

In situations like this one, game timeframes become secondary, but he’ll obviously miss some time.

The Raiders also lost middle linebacker Nick Roach and cornerback Tarell Brown to concussions, and running back Kory Sheets suffered an Achilles injury.

18 responses to “Sio Moore leaves hospital, flies home with Raiders

  1. And exhale….

    This kid worked so hard this offseason and rolled with position changes after a solid year and he wants it so bad….I just hope for the best for this kid. He’s the kind of hard working get it done type of player this team needs.

  2. Packer nation also breaths a sigh of relief. No one wants something like that to happen to anyone. Best of luck to you Sio, Raiders fans seem to hold you in high regard.

  3. This is great news! Never want to see any player go down. They all work so hard. Glad he is back with his team and on the mend.

  4. When Packers head trainer Pepper Burruss ran out there before the Oakland staff could get across the field, I knew it was potentially bad. Good news for the kid being checked out ok. Go Pack, but I’ll be rooting for the Raiders too.

  5. As a Raider fan in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I was very impressed by the Packer fans in the bar I was in. When Sio went down, the entire place (granted there were only 15 or so people) went virtually silent, it was a good reminder than football is still just a game and people value the safety of other people.

  6. As a Packers fan living in the East Bay and following the Raiders this kid was showing great promise. Good to see Packer nation cheering his well-being. Sio we wish you well and hope to see you back on the field soon.

  7. El Pollo Loco says:Aug 23, 2014 8:35 AMThey’re going to be awful.2-14 if they’re lucky.


    This troll needs a hobby. He just goes from Raider story to Raider story talking trash. Here we are talking about an injured player, an injured person, and this troll shows up to talk trash. Yet somehow its Raider fans that are the hoodlums.

    On a more positive note, thanks for all the love from Green Bay. Class organization. Class fan base.

  8. Glad he’s alright – never wanna see a guy’s career end or a guy get paralyzed.

    He was hustling out there to, so hopefully he recovers quickly and such.

  9. hats off to the classy packers fans for wishing sio the best.
    from an oakland raiders fan to packers fans this year……good luck and we are rooting for you all as well.

  10. Thank you to the Packers medical staff for assisting the Raiders medical staff in this frightening situation.

    Also, thank you to the Packers fans for remaining classy throughout the lengthy delay and for the concern afterwards. It reflects positively on the whole Packers organization.

    Good luck, Sio. The team needs you, but your health comes first!

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