Vick calls report regarding his effort “very fictitious”


On Friday, reported that unnamed Jets coaches were disappointed that quarterback Mike Vick wasn’t more “hell-bent” on winning the starting job.  A source close to Vick blasted the idea that Vick even had a chance to win the job, no matter what he did.

After Friday night’s game against the Giants, Vick said that his coaches had no issues with his effort.

That’s not true; that’s not true at all,” Vick said, via Dom Cosentino of  “Me and my coaches, we have great conversations, we have a different dialogue, and that was far from the case.  So whoever wrote that story, it was on the side of being very fictitious.  You’ve got to come up with better stories that that. There’s better things to talk about.”

The Jets pushed the idea after Vick signed that he’d compete with Geno Smith for the starting job, in the same way that Vick and Nick Foles competed for the starting job in Philly a year ago.  Vick, however, was told from the outset that Smith would be the starter.

Vick may have ruffled some feathers by opting for honesty, since it disrupted the intended charade that:  (1) Vick and Smith were going toe-to-toe; and (2) Smith would beat out the veteran.

At a time when pretty much every team is pretty much always lying about something, it’s admirable that Vick told the truth.  Then again, it’s also understandable.  Why would Vick want the world to think he couldn’t beat out Smith?  In a truly open competition, chances are that Vick would win the job easily.

Which leads to a bigger question.  Why would the Jets not allow a true competition at the position?  What, if anything, did Smith do as a rookie to merit not having to actually earn the job in 2014?

Moving forward, the real question is what will he do to actually keep the job?  And at what point will coach Rex Ryan opt to see what Vick can do?

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  1. “Which leads to a bigger question. Why would the Jets not allow a true competition at the position? What, if anything, did Smith do as a rookie to merit not having to actually earn the job in 2014?”

    I’m so tired of hearing this question, especially from an NFL media member who should know better.

  2. “Which leads to a bigger question. Why would the Jets not allow a true competition at the position? What, if anything, did Smith do as a rookie to merit not having to actually earn the job in 2014?”

    Where’s the consistency? Why is this not mentioned in the Bortles articles, exactly? Why is this not mentioned in the Bills articles, exactly? Geno Smith played a hell of a lot better than EJ Manuel last season and he was given the starting job based off nothing.

  3. I can’t wait until Vick is out of the league for good. Reading about him is almost as bad as reading about why the Washington Redskins should change to another mascot name.

  4. It doesn’t really matter since Rex Ryan sounds super confident (at least in his heart) that he can win with either QB. And I like players that talk a lot and sound like they are telling the truth, that scores a lot of points with me.

    There’s plenty of fiction (and ugly nonfiction) on TV already, so what Vick is bringing sounds nice and fresh. The young guy hasn’t taken the lead in saying very much so I’m only wanting to see more of Vick right now unless and until Geno shows he has something to say about the matter.

  5. Whether it was Brett Favre or Mark Buttfumble or Tim Tebow or Geno Smith and now Mike Vick. The constants remain and they are Woody, green and massive drama.

  6. officialgame says: Aug 23, 2014 11:54 AM

    As opposed to not very fictitious. Can’t say the man doesn’t have a way with words.


    It’d be better if he knew how to use them properly. Something is either actual or fictitious no need for the very and it’s use is improper.

  7. I hope the Jets and Vick part ways. Let him come to Buffalo where he CAN start and mentor EJ Manuel for a year or two.

  8. Rex Ryan is a terrible head coach. He doesn’t know jack crap about Offense. He should just stick to being a Defensive Coordinator, that’s what is IS really good at.

  9. That should be “its use is improper”. No need for the possessive “it’s”. If you’re going to go all grammar police, best to get your story straight.

  10. The Jets have it right. Geno starting Vick on the bench. All you Jet haters just watch the preseason games.

    BTW. I hope the Jets cut Vick. I have more confidence in Matt Simms.

  11. Really they are both throwing each other under the bus. The jets are insinuating that there was a competition and Vick lost and Vick can’t put his ego aside to tow the company line and had to come out and tell everyone that the jets were basically lying.

  12. Have any of you watched any of the Jet preseason games? Geno has developed a lot in the offseason and he is the better QB right now. Laugh all you want at the Jets but Geno is poised, confident, and making quick decisions (the right ones too).

  13. If you are commenting here and you really think Mike Vick should start you should turn on the game tape from this preseason. Geno Smith looks very good, he looks confident in the pocket, he’s been making the right throws and is moving the ball better than Mike Vick and Vick is playing against 2’s and 3’s.

    Also I would like to add if you are a bills fan commenting on here talking about EJ being the better QB please don’t even waste your time. EJ looks awful and he has an arsenal of weapons and he’ll be throwing into defensive lineman all season if he doesn’t get injured.

  14. No one would go in front of a MIC and call their CURRENT BOSSES LIARS,WE will not get the full truth until Vick moves on. He continues to be the good soldier much to its detriment.

    I can assure you Vick DID NOT SIGN On to back up geno smith.That SCRIPT got flip weeks after he sign on that dotted line.That may have always been their intentions but they never told him upfront because he would have gone elsewhere, At the time he was the BEST FREE agent QB on the market.

    One thing we learn is that on Sundays in the NFL we DON’T see the best athletes on the field .Makes me want to cancel my NFL package, we are subjected to a host of BAD Qb’s in this league while the 4 time pro bowler is backing up some rookie he is times better because he is the GM’s PET project.

  15. This whole Jets QB game is really amusing to me as a Patriots fan. But stepping back from that for a second, this story illustrates exactly what the Jets problem is. They don’t have the patience it takes to bring in a rookie QB with potential and develop that potential in a way that gives him a chance to succeed. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers didn’t come into the league ready to play. They sat on the bench and learned from good starters. Other QBs that are thrown into starting right away have difficulty succeeding, but sometimes can. But, they need to be brought in slowly with specific, achievable expectations. No QB in New York will EVER get that. Smith may have become great, just like Pennington and Sanchez didn’t. But I think they were all worthy picks who never got an opportunity to succeed.

  16. “The Jets do seem to be going out of their way to make Vick look bad. Pretty classless”

    Why is this surprising to people?! They did the same thing with Tebow. Signed him, didn’t let him compete (and beat out Sanchez) and then went out of their way to make him look bad. You stay classy Rexy.

  17. VICK DID sign up to be the backup for SMITh and to be there id he messed up or got injured…people here ..not from NY and know the situation are DUMB

  18. Send Vick to Green Bay so after he runs one in he can leap into the stands and get patted. Gross in Green Bay .

  19. His defenders of his precious honor keep squalling “it was never an open competition!” Really? Coaches always want competition, they even bring in kickers to push their starting kicker, and guess what, if the new guy coming in turns out to be better? Bye bye old kicker. Don’t be stupid and quit blindly defending this heartless, two bit coward because you think he got railroaded. Everywhere he has been it is the same story. Never his fault, never his fault, never his fault. It’s what he is all about. If you think that’s worth defending, same for you sad sacks.

  20. “I believe Vick. I also think he will be the starter by week four”

    Maybe, but he’ll be injured by Week 7 and Smith will get the job back.

  21. Don’t try to understand it.

    This is Wrecks Ryan and the Jets we’re talking about.

    This is the coach and team that brought in Tebow and flirted with Peyton Manning to push Sanchez, who’s confidence was already shot after his coach guranteed he’d win two Super Bowls.

    Then, once the Manning/Tebow flirting ended, in order to bolster Sanchez’ crushed confidence, they gave him a $58 million contract extension and Wrecks pledged that Sanchez would be the QB “as long as he was the Head Coach”

    How’d that one end again?

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