49ers’ offense starts slowly, again


Time is running out for the 49ers to look like something other than a mess on offense.

During Sunday’s game at the Field of Jeans, the 49ers started very slowly on offense.  And while the subpar performances can surely trace to plenty of reasons, starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick will get the bulk of the blame, deserved or not.

The team’s first drive ended in a punt after an awkward run and fall by Kaepernick resulted in a fumble that was initially ruled not a fumble but that wasn’t overturned because replay review didn’t reveal a clear recovery.  The second drive ended with Kaepernick fumbled while being sacked.  The third drive ended with a wounded duck emerging from Kaepernick’s arm after he was hit while throwing.

The fourth drive started well (with Kaepernick delivering the ball quickly to his first-read options), but sputtered in field goal range with a couple of passes batted at the line.

The good news for the 49ers is that they’ll start the season against an overmatched Dallas defense, giving Kaepernick and company a chance to build some momentum.  Still, a year after the team finished at No. 24 among all offenses, the offense doesn’t look much better.

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  1. I do not know who looks worse Kap or EJ Manuel. This is Kaps 4th year and he still does not look comfortable in the pocket. Alex Smith does not look so bad after all.

  2. Oh yeah and Blaine Gabbert STILL sucks, I pray Colin learns to avoid hits because if he gets hurts it going to be extremely ugly SMH

  3. Time to go visit the Santa Clara museum so you band wagon fans can reminisce about how good you used to be.

    Pretty soon it will be just like the Erickson, Nolan, and Sing years again and Santa Clara fans will be hiding under rocks again.

  4. It will be so fun watching all the doom and gloomers fall on their faces.. That said I still stick to my guns that Greg Roman is holding this team back.

  5. Wait what? The article says deserved or no, and then lists all the things Kaep did that sucked. Yes, that’s a long list of fumbles, getting blasted, and getting passes batted down.

    It’s obvious, he sucked. But it still is preseason.

    So far in almost a game and a half in the new Levi Stadium, 49ers have scored only 3 points. Not the sort of home field advantage one looks for.

    Hyde looks good though. Missed him by that much in a fantasy draft earlier today.

  6. The earthquake we had last night scored more points than the Niners. We still got some pretty good grass in the state though (not on the field).

  7. And Blaine Gabbert scores the first TD for the 49ers….in the third game.

    Bahahaha. The way Kaepernick has looked, Gabbert might be the best QB on that team.

  8. Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd are not the answer. Lloyd can’t even get 1 yard after the catch and Johnson is far better in his own mind then he actually is. They aren’t winners.

  9. I haven’t watched much of the 49ers this preseason but have overheard their fans complaining about Gabbert. Yet I turned this game on and he looked not bad and did drive them to their first touchdown. Just another case of their fans being in denial of Kaepernick not being that good. I could see Gabbert causing another controversy

  10. What a joke. Santa Clara’s Field Of Seams first TD is from a NFL Draft bust to a slow white guy. Next play the kicker roles his ankle (in a seam) on an extra point.

    God this organization stinks.

  11. Breaking News: The Santa Clara Forty Niners have just scored their first TD in three preseason games. The Santa Clara fans are going wild!!! They are celebrating with another order of garlic fries and a dry Chardonnay….

  12. Bradford out in SL, Zona loses Docket and other key defensive players, and SC can’t put points on the board. The once dominant NFC West is starting to crack. As a Hawks fan it may help but would much rather see out rivals at full strength to leave no doubt and most of all I hate seeing players get hurt like the case in SL and Zona…..especially before the season even starts.

  13. thegrigga49 says: Aug 24, 2014 5:12 PM

    1 word. Preseason.

    Of course. Harbaugh probably went up to Kap before the game and said, “Hey buddy, I want you to throw every other pass either 10 feet above the receiver’s head, or into the ground 10 feet in front of him. And maybe throw in a couple fumbles for the hell of it. Just to trick everyone into thinking we aren’t as great as we are!”

    Seems plausible….

  14. garyridgway says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:16 PM
    Time to go visit the Santa Clara museum so you band wagon fans can reminisce about how good you used to be.

    Pretty soon it will be just like the Erickson, Nolan, and Sing years again and Santa Clara fans will be hiding under rocks again.

    23 14
    Dude, really, Gary Ridgway???

  15. An entire article and 21 comments without a single mention of who the 49’rs opponent was. The Chargers defense was dominating the Niners offense. How is this not even mentioned?

  16. Haha. Hardouche threw Krapernick under the bus when Erin Andrews tried to interview him during halftime. What a classless POS like the Santa Clara fans. He fits right in down there.

  17. Only thing more original than “forty whiners”is “Go Hawks”. Guess which one has been heard for thirty years. Its preseason. I know we are all antsy for the regular season to start, lets save the criticism when the games actually count and the rosters have been set. Its a long season, anything can happen.


  18. I will give Kaepernick the benefit of the doubt that he is making a read at the line, but as soon as he takes the snap he throws in that direction.

  19. You guys put waaaayyy too much into a couple preseason games that included little if any game planning. Once the regular season rolls around I think you’ll see the 49ers offence come alive and Kap will do what he does best which is improvising on the run. He will never be that classic QB that you can call on for any specific play to win a game. He’s the type that will win it or lose it on improvisation. Not the greatest way to win games, but it will server him well on occasion. Just too bad he’s got three other stout defenses to have to ply against twice each season.

  20. garyridgway says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:55 PM
    Haha. Hardouche threw Krapernick under the bus when Erin Andrews tried to interview him during halftime. What a classless POS like the Santa Clara fans. He fits right in down there.

    1 0

    Dude, why are you glorifying a serial killer ?
    If your name is Really Gary Ridgway I’d change it…

  21. Kap still looks lost, problem is this year he may not have the defense to make up for it, at least in se-asterisk when Wilson looks lost his defense bails him out, like in all of the playoff games last year.

  22. Watch the Cowboys win that game week one.

    Cowboys stadium is gonna be rockin’, the defense has something to prove, and Dez is gonna start his run to MVP.

    …and the 49ers already know they can’t win the NFC West.

  23. I’ve been saying this all along. Kaepernick is an overrated product of the media (like RGIII) used to be. He’s surrounded by good talent with a great Defense but he will NEVER be an NFL quality QB!
    Dalton is so much better than Kap it’s a joke. Colin is a media product, nothing more

  24. to all Santa Clara 49ers fans: do not think this is only a preseason game and that they can just turn it on at will. you can not make a 1 read, then run qb into a pocket passer (ie Vick, rg3 etc.). have a nice day.

  25. 9er fans as always, showing they don’t know dick about football by celebrating a blatant incomplete pass returned for a TD. I’m 99% sure half of these ‘fans’ are just there for the free wifi

  26. The good news for you Santa Clara fans: if Kraepernick can’t get it going, you’ve got the Great Gabster waiting in the wings!

    Worry, why worry. Be happy!

  27. “Seattle fans definitely can not say 5 time superbowl champs!!! they can say 1 superbowl in 4o yrs !! just sayin…….tooooo funny.”

    Took SF 35 years to win their first trophy (1946-1981) and SEA 38 years (1976-2014).

    Pretty much equal, in the grand scheme of things. Right on track.

    Toooooo funny!

  28. It is okay to mention that Philip River was 9 for 10 with a TD and had a 135 QB rating and the Chargers defense dominated Kapernik and the SF first team offense. Football is more than just Colin or Peyton or RGIII or Brady or Michael Sam.

  29. chicagotomahawk says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:40 PM
    9er fans as always, showing they don’t know dick about football by celebrating a blatant incomplete pass returned for a TD. I’m 99% sure half of these ‘fans’ are just there for the free wifi


    I know you’re a newly minted Seahawks fan, but have you ever been to a game?

    We tend to watch the ball until the play is over. The ref hadn’t said anything. Besides, it’s pre-season, where you just want to see your players do the right thing.

  30. It’s pre-season and there’s too much talent on the 49’s for them to not make the playoffs.

    I watched the Niners/Chargers game and the Chargers aren’t getting enough credit for the 49er’s offensive struggles. Chargers are a solid team.

    I could see the 49er’s struggling at times in the first half of the season due to offensive troubles but I see them getting back to their old form for the 2nd half of the season. 10-6 wouldn’t surprise me but they’ll be a threat to go to the SB as a wild card.

  31. If this is any indication of how the offense is gonna play in the regular season the 9ers are in BIG trouble, especially considering how the seahawks offense is rolling. The defense won’t be able to bail them out every game if the offense is only scoring 10-13 points. Unless things change, dramatically, the 9ers are probably looking at third place in their division and no playoffs.

  32. The defense won’t be able to bail them out? Did you see last season? If it wasn’t for the defense this team would have not been even close to the playoffs. It’s because of the defense that Kaepernick still has a job. They were something like 29th in the league in passing offense.

  33. Oh man, can’t wait until the season actually starts. If Kaepernick come out in week 1 and goes nuts, I want to see all of you back here. And if he doesn’t, I still want to see all of you back here.

  34. I know it’s preseason but Niners have to be worried.

    Kap was supposed to have been hurt and had no receivers last year but looks much worse so far. Part of the problem is the o-line but certainly not all of it. Niners have regressed.

    Then watching Hawks carve up the same teams looking much better offensively…

    And of course Aldon will be gone some amount of time.

    Doesn’t look good

  35. Levi’s Field is a deathtrap. What a giant piece of crap. Lots of leg injuries out there today. I couldn’t help but expect a kicker would get one of them because of having to plant the non-kicking foot….and low and behold.

  36. After watching the offensive line in the first quarter, Alex Boone raised his asking price by $1.5 million per season.

  37. wny49er says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:16 PM

    I do not know who looks worse Kap or EJ Manuel. This is Kaps 4th year and he still does not look comfortable in the pocket. Alex Smith does not look so bad after all.

    Give me a break. Kaep didn’t start until halfway through the 2012 season. Last season was his first full season. He currently has 1.5 seasons under his belt. He’s starting the second-half of his second season, not fourth.

  38. Awesome day for my Hawks – Sam Bust-ford is out for the season and Santa Clara won’t average more than 10 points a game this season – book it!
    Awesome day!


  39. If the injury to Martin is serious the Niners are going to have both of the O Linemen they took in the 3rd round on the injury list.

  40. Ok Seahawks fans, lay it on us. Why was our W today illegitimate? Im sure you have some sort of excuse, as usual. After all, you have been watching football for two whole years.

  41. Cue all the Hawk trolling. Is it the rain, the nationally (and even world) renowned atrocious weather that keeps Hawks fans indoors, planted at their computers having nothing better to do than comment on 49ers stories even more than 49ers fans themselves? Whatever the cause, it got really old about 2 years ago and now Hawks fans are just making their fan base look really sorry.

  42. I’m mildly worried about our struggles, I watched the game, and our o line was getting collapsed, not much kap can do with three dudes in his face , coming from every direction, that’s what I saw. And you niner haters are just getting your licks in , while you can, I don’t blame you, but I guarantee none of you actually think the 49ers are gonna be as bad ad you are claiming, and if you do think that,you have zero credibility. This is preseason, obviously you guys are aware that they are running plays they feel they need to work on, and obviously they do have some minor issues, just like most teams do right now. And all the Seahawks bandwagon is going crazy just cause pete went full throttle on everyone, and they look good, damn good. You Guys are such haters , even if the niners did look good, you would come up with some other reasons why the 49ers suck and blah blah blah. And if you Guys honestly thought the niners sucked, you wouldn’t be wasting so much energy talking about them.

  43. 49er fans better pray that Alex Boone stops this hold out because the offensive line with Kilgore, Looney couldn’t get any push or protection. Iupati got beasted by Liuget twice.

    You can keep saying only pre-season but teams don’t look this bad in the 3rd game and all of a sudden turn on a switch and start playing lights out football.

  44. If what is happening right now in the preseason translates to the regular season, then it should show these players that instead of showing off and being in commercials and considering themselves the best in the world should be a mindset that must stop.

    I mean, you already have RG3 caring more about his endorsements and looking lost on the field, while you have young QBs like Wilson, Luck, Dalton, and Foles actually improving in the preseason.

    Lucky for the 49ers, their defense hasn’t missed a beat.

  45. The good news for the Niners is they essentially have a bye playing Dallas on game 1.

    If the offense can’t light up that D they may not be able to light up any D all year.

  46. @garyridgway……… you’re sure commenting alot on an article about a team that “sucks”. That “Field of Seams” crack was pretty funny though. I wonder where you heard it. Go back under your rock, Gary.

  47. @thebirdofprey2……. I’m going to agree with you there. That “protection” was horrid. I keep hearing our fans ring the “preseason” bell, but that works both ways. It’s also preseason for the other team. Even using a vanilla offense our first unit should have scored a TD in 3 games. I’m not ready to hit the panic button, but it has to concern you a little if you’re a fan.

  48. 99% of the offensive let down was in the O-Line. Kap was playing a vanilla offense (no roll-outs, play action, read option, designed run plays, etc) that didn’t allow him to use his legs, and the pocket routinely collapsed like cardboard. Iupati’s play flat sucked. And Kap has always been streaky….. miss five or six, then make six or seven. He did the same today. He’s not going to get any better with the O-Line playing that weakly. And it wasn’t even missing Boone that hurt so much. The right side of the line actually held half the time. The left side was like a rag doll.

  49. Kap says he’s not worried….. they just have to execute better. He may be right. There may, after all, be nothing to worry about. But that’s the same kind of comment I’ve been listening to QBs from teams that just miss the playoffs make for years.

    I don’t see them executing better without substantial improvement in the O-Line.

  50. Some words about the Niners. SeaAdderall fans need not respond.

    I am concerned with what I’m seeing. I know that it’s pre-season and Harbaugh hates showing his hand early, but they did not give their first team enough time together.

    I know that pre-season doesn’t matter, but it still means something, doesn’t it?

  51. Leave it to 49ers fans to blame the Seahawks for their crappy team…

    It’s not that the win was illegitimate, it’s that your first-string didn’t contribute to it.

    As usual, the majority of energy spent is on making excuses: Kaep hasn’t had alot of starts. Kaep was hurt last year. Kaep didn’t have any receivers. The dog ate Kaep’s playbook.

    Guess what? The excuses don’t matter. You will continue to choke because you can’t face up to your problems, so you will never solve them. Good luck with that.

  52. I used to enjoy watching the San Francisco 49ers play football, but these Santa Clara 49ers aren’t worth my time or my concern. Bring on some real competition…Cardinals!!!

  53. Wow, what’s with all the hate? Never seen so many people so worked up about preseason. I want to see an article reflecting on the 49ers offense when they drop 38 on the Cowboys offense in week 1.

  54. I am a Seahawks fan. Been one for longer than 2 years though.

    The 49ers defense looks as tough as ever. But the offense was not ranked that high last year and they have not looked that good this year.

    The first 2-3 games of the season will tell the tale. The 49ers face Dallas and the team should be able to score some points. Maybe that game gets the offense in rhythm. If it doesn’t get into synch during that game it could be a disappointment for the 49er fans. But I still think they could win at least 10 games. But after the last 3 seasons that would be a letdown for fans that have sen their team ranked in the top 2-3 discussions.

    Last year the 49ers lost the real Superbowl against the Seahawks then Seattle went and beat up the Broncos 2 weeks later. This season would be a let down after the last 3 that is for sure.

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