Another suspension could be coming for Meriweather

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Washington coach Jay Gruden has said he’ll yank safety Brandon Meriweather from practice if he hits teammates too high.  When it comes to opponents, the league office will now decide whether Meriweather will be removed from play.

After Saturday night’s penalty for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, some league insiders believe Meriweather will face another suspension.  One league source predicted that Meriweather will get a multi-game ban.

I tried to aim at his numbers,” Meriweather said after the game, via John Keim of  “I kind of seen the pass go, and I went in and aimed low, and I hit him with my shoulder. I did everything my coaches taught me to do, and I got the flag.”

Whether he gets a fine or worse will be determined by the league office, subject to appeal.  Given the NFL’s system of progressive discipline, Meriweather’s one-game suspension in 2013 makes him susceptible to a multi-game suspension in 2014.

“I don’t know,” Meriweather said regarding whether further discipline is coming.  “That’s not for me to judge. That’s for the NFL. . . .  I’m trying to do what the NFL asked me after going through the offseason, and working on the things I need to work on, and the first chance I get, it seems like I failed.”

Last year, Ted Cottrell reduced Meriweather’s two-game suspension to one game via the appeal process.  Meriweather could soon by relying once again on Cottrell or Derrick Brooks imposing something less than what the league office initially does.

Meriweather has an extensive history of illegal hits against receivers, including a helmet-to-helmet hit on former Ravens tight end Todd Heap on October 17, 2010, a day that included a trio of helmet-to-helmet hits throughout the league in real time, prompting the NFL to enforce the rules regarding hits against defenseless pass-catchers more aggressively.

64 responses to “Another suspension could be coming for Meriweather

  1. It was high, he does have a history and a fine is no deterrent for guys earning many thousands of dollars each week.

  2. I hope he gets suspended. Watch his tackle against Bernard Pierce. While its not a penalty since its a runner rather than receiver its an obvious high hit helmet first directly to his Pierce’s head. Which gave him a concussion.

    I’ll enjoy seeing this unlearning headhunter out of the league where he belongs.

  3. The Skins bigger issue is how Gruden is going to convince Snyder that Cousins should be the starter..

    I would love to hear that discussion

  4. I watched that hit in super slow mo, it was a legal hit. Just because he hit him hard and hit him violently doesn’t make it an illegal hit. It shoulder pad to shoulder pad. If he hit him that hard helmet to helmet that dude would have been knocked out cold.

  5. And as far as they hit on Pierce. He was a legal runner. He wasn’t defenseless. He just put a old-school hit on him. I thought the Ravens were supposed to be tough.

  6. I am a Redskins fan and it is time to clean house there with dirty players, drug users, and worthless, overpaid lazy players.

    The Redskins need to find a way to offload Brian Orakpo, Robert Griffin, and need to get rid of Merriweather and the rookie drug user Bleeder or whatever his name is.

  7. Lifetime ban. Enough with this clown already. Time to send a message and this is the guy to do it with.

  8. brudog says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:56 PM
    Legal hit….all shoulder
    Did you watch the game? At first the Washington announcers said it was shoulder. Then the replay showed helmet to helmet hit and all the announcers agreed. He has a history and will be rightfully suspended.

  9. Merriweather should watch some film of Kam Chancellor hitting. He doesn’t get called dirty, cheap shot or illegal.

    There is way to do it without breaking the rules!

    Go Hawks!

  10. Watch the hit in slo-mo and you’ll see it was shoulder pad to high chest. I don’t fault the flag as it was a bang-bang play, but f he get’s fined for this one though, it’s personal. The hit on Pierce was more questionable.

  11. It doesn’t matter if he hit the guy with his shoulder. The rule states you can not hit a defenseless receiver in the head. Just because someone uses their “shoulder” does not make the hit “clean”.

  12. Whether this particular hit was legal or not, this guy has always been a liability. He was a headhunter in New England and he’s been a headhunter everywhere else. When are coaches gonna say enough is enough and this guy is out of the league?

  13. I’m a Redskins fan and I think this dude is a little out of control. However, this hit looked legal to me. The NFL is turning into a league for women

  14. RGme is keeping his job by being a marketing prop for the owner to parade around and sell tickets and merchandise. Meriweather better add that skill ASAP to keep his job.

  15. I’ve posted no less than 5 times Merriweather should be suspended for a full season. Maybe that will get his attention ? Will it take a serious head or neck injury to get my point across to the NFL commissioner ?

  16. For those commenting that Merriweather should be suspended. Was the actual hit helmet to helmet? Sure he has a history but how about we look at the actual hit and judge him on that?

  17. Cheap shots aside at the end of the day football is a game of collisions. Expecting these players to run full speed and change their angle of engagement in less than a split second is ludicrous.

  18. Sounds to me YOU didn’t watch the game. You are referring to the hit on Pierce. Try to keep up please.
    johnnyballsack says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:48 PM
    brudog says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:56 PM
    Legal hit….all shoulder
    Did you watch the game? At first the Washington announcers said it was shoulder. Then the replay showed helmet to helmet hit and all the announcers agreed. He has a history and will be rightfully suspended.

  19. This guy literally knocked himself out doing the same thing last year. Can’t fix stupid.

    And for all of you going the shoulder pad route- look up defenseless receiver- that, coupled with this guy’s glowing history should mean no more NFL for this donkey.

  20. doe22us says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:56 PM
    Forget the hit, the real question is RG 3 a one year wonder?


    The guy has never been right every since Haloti Ngata basically rearranged his knee imo . . .

  21. Every year in almost every game we debate big hits. Each time someone gets smoked you see a flag fly. This game is so far from the one played just a few years ago. Can we just make them all sign waivers that say if you play this game you will get injured and you will most certainly suffer the consequences in the future? They do it with cigarettes right?? God I miss old school football. Let them play, please..

  22. Many comments here dont understand the rule, it isnt a HELMET to HELMET rule. Yes he led with his shoulder. He got mostly chest or shoulder of Smith, but he did hit Smith’s helmet and slo mo replay confirmed it. It was a violation, and it should have been flagged. You cant hit the head of a receiver, period. Theisman agreed for you skins fans out there.

  23. brudog says:
    Aug 24, 2014 7:53 PM
    Sounds to me YOU didn’t watch the game. You are referring to the hit on Pierce. Try to keep up please.
    johnnyballsack says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:48 PM
    brudog says:
    Aug 24, 2014 5:56 PM
    Legal hit….all shoulder
    Did you watch the game? At first the Washington announcers said it was shoulder. Then the replay showed helmet to helmet hit and all the announcers agreed. He has a history and will be rightfully suspended.
    Dude- don’t try to read my mind. I said exactly what I meant to say…the announcers called the hit on SMITH to be helmet to helmet. JT is the one that said it was legal and then back tracked after the play was shown on replay and called it dirty.

  24. I think if aim and hit the shoulder, if part of your body happens to catch a little helmet then it shouldn’t be called. If you aim for head and neck area and hit that with a part of your body on the initial contact. Then it should be called. But if the initial hit was shoulder pads or lower and then a part of your body happens to incidentally touch part of the helmet or neck area then it shouldn’t be called. Simply because the initial strike is what does most of the damage. If you hit someone with your shoulder pad in their shoulder pads and then your helmet happens to come to graze their helmet afterwards that’s not doing a lot of damage to that person.

  25. I’m sorry that was a clean hit. Meriweather has been an extremely dirty player with horrible hits and I’m usually the first to point it out.

    This hit was different. He lead with his shoulder, the rest of you are correct that the helmets did collide but it wasn’t a result of him leading with his helmet, it was a result of Smith lowering his head.

    With the amount if flags and other horrible penalties the NFL is becoming nearly unwatchable. Also, if you have someone reviewing TDs, maybe the should notice when the ball is being bobbled as a player slides out of bounds. I know preseason but come on. I give smith credit, great effort, but the refs are ruining this league.

  26. it would be great if meriweather, that menace to the nfl, is out for wk 3 sept 21 gm vs eagles. last thing any eagles fan wants is meriweather taking cheap shots and injuring key offensive guys like mccoy, maclin or foles.

  27. The guy should’ve been out of the league before coming to Chicago.

    He can’t play.

    A guy from the “U” before it went bad with Randy Shannon and okay with Al Golden stinking in the NFL????

  28. Major foul from this low-life cheap shot artist. After the multi-game suspension, he should receive a lifetime ban for hisnext head-hunting incident.

  29. The problem I have with this crud is that happens time after time after time. He is clearly a cheap shot artist who deserves a long suspension which I believe he will get.

  30. He hit him in the shoulders. He didn’t smash into his helmet or neck area. So you’re saying you can’t smash into a guys shoulder pads because a part of your body might hit his helmet? Why don’t we all just watch rugby then?

  31. If its a guy on my team I would say its a legal hit. Since its not I don’t care. Actually this guy had more punk spear hits than anyone last year and cost his team yardage. If he can’t help his team why do they want him anyways?

  32. I am amazed at how people just keep posting the exact same point over and over, as if the more it’s posted the more everyone will accept it. Merriweather does not get it. He is a relic in the league along with the likes of Bernard Pollard who don’t understand that continued train-wreck collisions are going to literally kill football….one player at a time. The sad fact is it may be Merriweather himself who becomes the next Steve Gleason or OJ Brigance just by dolling out the hits. The hit on Torrey Smith may have been in the shoulder, but the Smith’s body is not picking up the consequences flag and the violent head snap is not lessened because a flag is or is not thrown. The refs and the league are going on the optics of the play and they do not have the benefit of super slo-mo on those penalties…..nor should they. They need to protect the league by protecting the players.

  33. They keep him anyways because he’s a good strong safety and it wasn’t an illegal hit. I guarantee he doesn’t get a fine or a suspension because of this hit.

  34. Just let him and Swearinger give each other their “legal hits” continuously, seems like fair punishment…Eventually they’ll get it in their head

  35. it was a hard hit, but it’s not like he knocked his wife out, or was hit over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper, or broke the window of a taxi cab, or was in a bar fight, etc, etc. Boo-hoo ravens fans.

  36. There should be no suspension. The hit was legal, pad to pad. No helmet to helmet. Stop with stupid comments when you haven’t even watched the play….Come on man!!!!

  37. Pure unadulterated bs…I watched the hit multiple times, in slow mo, etc. When the ball carrier lowers their head it is virtually impossible to not hit his head with your shoulder…UNLESS the tackler is several yards away and has time to go for the lower half of said ball carrier’s body…Coaches teach their offensive players to “get low” thus creating the need for the defensive guy to get lower IF he has the time to do so, if not, do you let the offensive ball carrier go? Not if you want to stop him from advancing the ball more than he already has…

  38. Anyone who thinks this is legal in any way is as brain dead as Merriweather. He should be banned from the NFL, and I am actually an apologist for defenders most of the time. But the way Merriweather tackles is by lowering the crown of his helmet, whether he hits with his shoulder doesn’t matter at all in his case, he lowers the crown of his helmet every single time. He’s had to miss time because of concussions in the past, and he is definitely going to either hurt himself or someone else seriously before he fixes the problem. This guy needs to go for good.

  39. Hit a guy who knows the risk while wearing protective gear, 3-4 games;

    Hit a woman with no protective gear in an elevator…….just 2 games.

    Yeah, that seems right.

  40. The Redskins and other teams around the league are in a no win situation with this rule. As fast as the game is it’s hard to really say what is intentional or not.

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