Doug Marrone doesn’t want Sammy Watkins talking injuries

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The Bills have a number of problems at the moment.

And one of them, according to coach Doug Marrone, is talking about injuries.

Rookie wideout Sammy Watkins didn’t play yesterday, despite practicing last week after a rib injury.

“I’m fine, I could go out there and practice if I need to,” Watkins said Tuesday, via Mike Rodak of “But the thing is doing it without pain, but I could play a full game right now. It’s just being safe.”

But after he didn’t suit up and the Bills offense floundered yet again, Marrone told his rookie to keep his trap shut.

I told Sammy that you can’t talk about injuries,” Marrone said after the game. “That’s what gets you in a bind and it doesn’t make us look good when you start saying those things. The doctor, at the end of the day, said he couldn’t play.”

Wanting to play it safe with a player who could potentially save a bunch of jobs in Buffalo is not a bad idea, but being heavy handed and worrying about a seemingly trivial quote won’t do Marrone any good.

23 responses to “Doug Marrone doesn’t want Sammy Watkins talking injuries

  1. Doug Marrone went to the Bill Belichick School of Coaching.

    Rule One: Say nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  2. “The doctor said he couldn’t play”

    Seriously Doug? You expect us to believe that if this was week 1, you’d hold out your best offensive player for a rib bruise even though he said he could play?

  3. Sounds more like the Schiano school of coaching to me. Micro-managing and getting on his guys above every thing including stuff that is commonplace in the NFL. Such as a couple camp fights or saying you’re playing it safe with an injury.

    Guy needs to calm down.

  4. This is a guy who said predraft who he wanted to play for and who he didn’t want to play for, and you’re surprised he talks too much?

  5. Pats 101 – when asked about an injury always say only one thing if you haven’t already been put on injured reserve – “I’m day to day”

  6. Doug Marrone is a terrible coach. He doesn’t game plan ways to take advantage of CJ Spiller;s top notch playmaking ability, his hand picked QB is clearly a disaster and he brought nobody in as an insurance policy. He’ll be the fist coach out the door this year, probably as soon as the Bills have new owners. The will bring in their own guy in 2015. This petty overreaction is Schiano-esque.

  7. The Bills have a lot more things to worry about: they will miss the playoffs for the 15th straight year, they will win no more than 6 games, they will realize EJ Manuel is not the answer at QB and was way over drafted, they will have a top ten pick in next years draft that now belongs to Cleveland because they had to move up 4 slots to draft Sammy Watkins

  8. The Bills traded what appears to be a top 5 draft choice in the 2015 draft to move up 4 slots to draft Watkins.

    Bills fans can look forward to new ownership,front office and coaching staff next season.

  9. This Marrone guy is a joke. Micromanage much?

    I have friends who are Bills fans. I feel sorry for those friends.

  10. He is a great head coach, leave him alone, he is doing a fine job of keeping the players on focus. Bill

  11. SO we blast Sammy when, as a highly touted rookie, he has come in and been a model athlete? HE was in here working on his trade to improve in areas he did not see much in college (the press) and our HC is gonna give him crap about what he said? I have heard countless guys say that they be ready to go if the game next week mattered.
    Sammy has not been out causing trouble or giving the appearance that he was up to no good..
    As a fan, I am done with this whole front office and coaching staff (at least offensively). They tied their hands to Manuel and this was an epic fail….. I will assume they will continue to suck until I see further evidence otherwise…

    Please Pegula, fire them all and hire competent guys….

  12. What is the big deal? Most coaches in the NFL have the same policy regrading discussing injuries. Why single out Marrone? The real stories coming out of the Bucs game were: too many offensive penalties and Manuel struggling in the first half before going 10-10 versus second stringers in the third quarter. It is fair to critique him and Whaley for not bringing in a veteran QB to mentor Manuel…or take over if he doesn’t improve. But knock off the snide potshots!

  13. Marrone knows most of the organization is toast once next year comes along as the new owner will clean house and the major reason is their insistence that EJ is the answer at QB. Hate to say this because I like CJ Spiller but maybe CJ for Cousins should be discussed as it takes pressure off Washington as to who the starter should be and gives Buffalo a back-up plan for when EJ falls on his face as a starting NFL QB if he already hasn’t.

  14. “I told Sammy that you can’t talk about injuries,” Marrone said after the game. “That’s what gets you in a bind and it doesn’t make us look good …..”
    No, what doesn’t make you look good is your play on the field.

  15. Why are Pettine and Marrone quoted daily? Because they have deeply passionate, if somewhat demented, fan bases. Most fans don’t have what it takes to be Bills or Browns fans.

    Marrone isn’t a good coach but he should lose his job over keeping Danny Crossman than any other reason.

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