Falcons get down to 75 players


We haven’t seen a sneak preview of this week’s Hard Knocks, but it’s a good bet that some of the episode will focus on the 11 players given their pink slips on Sunday.

It’s a staple of the show, which means defensive end Theo Agnew, linebacker Brendan Daley, linebacker Darin Drakeford, safety Devonta Glover-Wright, wide receiver Julian Jones, quarterback Jeff Mathews, linebacker Walker May, running back Jerome Smith, wide receiver Tramaine Thompson, tight end Brian Wozniak and safety Tyrell Johnson may find themselves with some extended screen time while they hand in their playbooks.

The Falcons got the rest of the way to 75 players with four moves involving injured players. Linebacker Marquis Spruill and offensive lineman Mike Johnson were both placed on injured reserve, with Johnson’s injury robbing them of some needed depth in the wake of tackle Sam Baker’s latest knee injury.

Wide receiver Drew Davis and safety Zeke Motta will go on the regular season version of the PUP list, which means they’ll need to wait six weeks before practicing or playing in the regular season.

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  1. The NFLPA needs to work a deal to increase the total number of players on the roster–during talks about increasing regular season games. The league won’t like the increase in salary $, but the gain for the owners is that they’ll have more options. It’ll be particularly beneficial when they increase the # of games in the regular season…problem is that the union seems to be too weak to do what they’re supposed to–stand up for the players.

  2. Mike Johnson is going on IR again?! He missed all of last season after he was gonna win the starting RT job by default, not because he’s scary talented. He was a 3rd round pick 5 years ago but has rarely seen regular season action for either injuries or DNP-CD. Hope Lamar Holmes is in football shape this year & Whichever McQuistan can contribute.

  3. Not one of these players would get picked up by a NFL or CFL or AFL team. Long line at Wal-Mart HR this week.

  4. bucsorbust says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:03 PM
    Not looking good the Falcons this year. Mike Smith will probably get his pink slip in January.


    I don’t think he makes it to January. He will be fired during the season on December 22nd, the day after losing to the Saints by 35 points and the Falcons record drops to 3-12.

  5. Week One will seal Mike Smith’s fate…

    Hopefully McKay gets the ax as well…

    Can’t stop Graham by building a team that’s better so he’s gotta change the rules and ruin it for everyone…

    Hopefully Blank hires equally inept personnel so that the schadenfreude continues…

    Then again, maybe McKay should stay put so he can watch Coach Payton show who really owns the failclowns…

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