Fisher declares Shaun Hill is “our guy”


Rams coach Jeff Fisher has confirmed that, indeed, quarterback Sam Bradford has been lost for the year, re-tearing the ACL that he first tore in October 2013. Now, with Bradford done, the Rams will hand the ball to backup Shaun Hill.

“Shaun’s our guy,” Fisher told reporters. “We brought him here. He’s got experience. We’ve got all the confidence in the world in him.”

Hill, 34, enters his 13th season in the NFL. His most extensive work came in 2010, starting 10 games for the Lions. For his career, Hill has a 61.9-percent completion percentage, 41, 6,381 passing yards, 41 touchdowns, and 23 interceptions.

Fisher emphasized that nothing will change about the team’s offense.

“Shaun has a great feeling for the offense right now, and we’re gonna move forward with him,” Fisher said. “We’re not gonna change anything. He knows the system. Everybody knows, we’re gonna run the football first. And we’re gonna do that, and we gotta do that well, and we gotta do that to start the season. And then everything else will come off that.”

Fisher cited Hill’s experience and knowledge of different systems, along with his mobility and his understanding of defenses.

“He’s very reliable,” Fisher said of Hill.

The head coach also deflected any talk that the Rams have launched the process of finding more quarterbacks.

“I heard that there’s speculation that we’ve been on the phone,” Fisher said. “That’s not true. It doesn’t mean to say that we won’t, but we haven’t done it at this point. We’ll get together as an organization and see. . . . It makes no sense to jump and react right now and fill the hole at whatever cost.”

The challenge will be to consider whether to proceed with Austin Davis as the backup or to bring in a veteran who could provide perhaps a better insurance policy, in the event Hills gets injured, too. The Rams have the luxury of time, given that quarterbacks will soon be cut — and that some may be available in trade.

Whatever the real plan, it’s no surprise that Fisher has chosen to publicly embrace Hill. Even if Fisher has misgivings about entrusting the team to Hill, the best play for Fisher at this point is to love the one he’s with, and to see whether there’s someone else out there he may love even more.

It could be that Fisher ultimately loves Hill the best. In 1999, the Rams lost starter Trent Green to a torn ACL in the preseason. An even lesser-known backup named Kurt Warner took over the team, ultimately winning the Super Bowl over a Titans team coached by, you guessed it, Jeff Fisher.

122 responses to “Fisher declares Shaun Hill is “our guy”

  1. This IS why Joey T was taking up Cousins. Not to create a QB controversy but a trade market! It’s obvious and this makes his case stronger. Though I don’t disagree he’s outplayed RGIII albeit with backups.

  2. Cool, I’m going to have to make it a point not to miss any Rams games, I’d like to see what he can do with his own team, that should be interesting. Good luck Shaun, go get ’em!



  4. I’d actually be pretty pumped about this if I was a rams fan. During his time in Detroit he was the one backup in the league that I thought would definitely be a quality starter. I don’t mean just serviceable, but a good to very good starter.

  5. Well, I’d rather have RG3 than Bradford. At least there’s still a chance and he did have at least one great incredible year.

  6. Is there really a big difference between Hill and Bradford anyway? Other than the salary, no.

  7. Did he declare they are looking forward to drafting in the top 10 once again?…..for like the last decade.

    Seriously do us all a favor and move back to L.A.

  8. 9-7 with Bradford vs. 7-9 with Hill? No playoffs with either. I have seen both of them play. Not much difference. Brutal division and schedule. Bad karma = 66 million down the toilet. Good luck to Bradford….and goodbye.

  9. Things could be much worse for the Rams. They could have not done that deal with Washington, used their pick on RGlll, and still not have a quarterback.

  10. The Rams have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball and could actually win some games with defense and a “manager” QB. However, they would probably be better off in the long run by doing the tank-n-draft ala the Colts and Luck.

  11. gokafilm says:
    Aug 24, 2014 7:06 PM
    TEBOW!!! (and M. Sam on the same team…think of the possibilities.)

    1 0
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    Yes, might as well get Richie Incognito in there as well. lol.

  12. As a Lions can whose seen Shaun Hill come in and make plays, you could have much worse.

  13. Let’s be real for a second, can we? The Rams weren’t winning the Super Bowl with Sam Bradford this year, and they aren’t winning it without him either. There isn’t a big drop off between Bradford and Hill – in fact there might be none at all.

  14. I feel bad for Bradford, he’s probably done with the Rams and will need to revamp his career.

    Shaun Hill isn’t a bad backup, in fact, one of the best, I’m not sure if taking Sanchez, Orton or Cousins over him is an improvement, let alone Ponder.

    Rams are paved for a 5-6 win season though instead of being a sleeper team now.

  15. The Rams had PLENTY of draft choices to replace Bradford the last 3 years but still refused to draft a QB. Karma

  16. He honestly is not that much of a step down from Bradford. And the Rams are LOADED with talent. So I wouldn’t write off their season just yet.

    Now if Hill goes down, they have problems.

  17. So, who wasn’t crying and saying that “We will rally around Shaun Hill and we will win” à la Dick Vermeil?

  18. “He knows the system. Everybody knows, we’re gonna run the football first. And we’re gonna do that, and we gotta do that well.”

    Teams are going to STACK the box to stop the run and dare Hill to beat them through the air…..mark it.

  19. For the love of God, please do not recycle the same old crappy veterans or “hot” backup (i.e. Cousins). Please, please, please, I beg you Rams…TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!

  20. Sam Bradford is now in his 5th season and has won a total of 19 games in 49 games played. His rookie contract was for a cool $65M.
    He’s had some bad luck with injuries but he has been a very poor investment and not done enough to warrant the #1 Draft status.
    Sam Bradford has played his last game as a Ram. Book it.

  21. When the Rams go 6-10 it’ll be funny to see all the delusional fans claim they could have made the playoffs with Bradford. Enjoy your purgatory for another year, you front runners.

  22. Just speculating on the obsurd yesterday that the Vikes are in a very good position. Bridgewater looks ready and is out performing Cassell. Perhaps now they will dangle Cassell to the Rams for a 1 and 4 pick. The Vikes Gm is a genius.

  23. I guess Fisher didn’t like winning at Tennessee with Vince Young. He’s available and he’s got a better winning record than Bradford and Shaun Hill combined.

  24. Ponder, Cousins, Flynn may be available. All three of them will do nothing for you. Maybe Terrel Pryor. Oh there has to be some GM’s on the phone dealing as I write this. The Rams will have a new guy soon

  25. With a mediocre O line it’s going to be tough to keep 34 year old Hill upright all season. He may do just fine…but chances are he will not.

  26. I’m sorry to see anyone get injured but along with the sympathy remember that Bradford will still make $14.5 million this year and will have made a total of $60 plus million by the end of 2015. For what exactly?

  27. As a Hawks fan this story just keeps getting better and better – throw some popcorn on ’em, they done!


  28. Jeff Fisher- greatest coach in NFL history, everybody.

    I mean, that’s what the media told me, so it has to be true, right? Despite his completely, undoubtedly mediocre at best career record, his one Super Bowl appearance in 20 years, and his approximate 30% playoff appearance ratio.

  29. They’ve got to get a waiver-wire vet, because if Hill goes down the next guy (Austin Davis) was so highly thought of last year that the Rams cut him before the season and picked him up in week 7 after Bradford went down.

  30. Hey, you get Jameis Winston next year! Thats the good news, the rest is bad. Respect to the fans, and team, good luck against all but my Hawks.

  31. conormacleod says: Aug 24, 2014 7:06 PM

    Show me any NFL team that loses their number 1 QB in preseason and I’ll show you a team that is already thinking about next season. 4-12.

    How about this one – the 1999 Rams.

  32. Boy, the Rams sure screwed the Redskins over by passing on a QB and instead trading for those # 1s. I mean, the Rams will definitely be great this year with all the draft picks they’ve stockpiled.


  33. Unfortunately for the Rams there are other teams out there that are still worse than they are even with Hill. They are no lock for a top five pick with the likes of Houston and Oakland and NY and Washington and the other NY and Cleveland and Tampa they may not pick in the top 6. Which of those teams wouldn’t take shot at Winston?

  34. the rams were gonna finish last in the nfc west anyway. what’s a few more a losses? higher draft picks, that’s what. 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  35. I love all the people making the 1999 analogy. Way to put all that thought into it and then becoming the 1,999,999th person to think of that.

    There are only a million differences between that Rams team and this one. In fact the only thing they have in common is they both had a starting QB go down in the pre-season.

    That’s it, that’s the list.

  36. Bradford may have played his last game in the NFL. With his injury history and his poor performance record, the Rams are going to get out from under that contract – and who else will want him? He’s shown less than Mark Sanchez.

  37. Shaun hill? Austin davis? What will it hurt too bring in Vince young? Be honest how bad was Vince young compared too how bad Shaun hill looked in Detroit? Are we forgetting Detroit? For that matter compare Sam Bradford statistics with Vince young stats including wins and losses. It’s just a lot of bad quarterbacks like austin davis getting paid too be bad because they fit in inside the quarterback room? So Vince can’t fit in one quarterback film room in the NFL..? Bring Vince back..

  38. poor st louis. high hopes of riding their defense and breaking thru into the playoff mix were dashed by mgt’s failure to adequately manage the QB position.

    they sat on their hands and hoped the easy decision, stick with bradford, would work out. they should have faced the tough decision, part ways with bradford much earlier, find a suitable replacement including drafting a QB and they would be in a much better place right now.

  39. I am skeptical Bradford would have lasted the season and if he did, be consistently good enough for the Rams to overtake SF and SEA. This team will go as far as their defense will take them no matter who the QB is.

  40. @dcrams20
    For the love of God – can we please stop all these Tebow rants! He’ll never be an NFL QB!

    Uh, he already was an NFL QB. You might of heard of it, 2011? Ring a bell? Anything? Oh well, you keep on drinking the Koolaid about Tebow not being “an NFL QB” and hopefully your delusions will keep you dumb and happy with Shaun Hill, Shaun King, Sean Young, Vince Young, Vincent Price, Jeff George, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, or whoever…

  41. Barkley will be there by Friday- Fisher is an SC guy and knows Barkley. He will back up Hill until the season is out of hand, the Barkley will get a serious look.

  42. They should have drafted RGIII. How many games did he miss again ?? Check the stats, lames. Bradford is an injury prone Jason Campbell or Matt Shaub.

  43. With Bradford or Hill, the Rams are at best the 3rd place team in the NFC West. It was a toss up between them and the Cards. They were not going to make the playoffs. Now Fisher has a excuse for a poor season.

  44. lesterclan says: Aug 24, 2014 9:09 PM

    For the love of God – can we please stop all these Tebow rants! He’ll never be an NFL QB!

    Uh, he already was an NFL QB. You might of heard of it, 2011? Ring a bell? Anything? Oh well, you keep on drinking the Koolaid about Tebow not being “an NFL QB” and hopefully your delusions will keep you dumb and happy with Shaun Hill, Shaun King, Sean Young, Vince Young, Vincent Price, Jeff George, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, or whoever…


    LMAO !!! Tebow belongs right in that group. He claims to be a Christian but he is full of pride and arrogance. Why didn’t he take up the CFL offer like Warren Moon did ? In his delusional mind he thinks he’s too good when he is not.

  45. Fisher needs to parlay with Belichek. Get Mallet for a 7th rounder and let him play out the year for FA and a new contract next year. Possible upside and they don’t lock in money with a scrub back-up when they pick top 3 next year.

  46. Why has Drew Stanton not been brought up? Guy was a second round pick out of Michigan State for a reason and he’s played very well when given an opportunity, whether it be preseason or when Glassford when down in Detriot. Now he can back up our Glassford in St. Louis!

  47. Shaun Hill is probably the most underrated QB in this league. No, I’m not saying he’s elite, but he is probably better than Bradford. Look at his stats….41 TD’s to 23 picks, 62% completion percentage. Not bad.

  48. Sam Bradford career stats: 58.6% completion, 59 TD’s, 38 INT’s (1.55:1 TD-INT ratio).

    Shaun Hill career stats: 61.9% completion, 41 TD’s, 23 INT’s (1.78:1 TD-INT ratio).

  49. 50milessouthofdetroit says:
    Aug 24, 2014 7:08 PM
    Shaun Hill is better than some “starters”
    Ok. Name every team that got it wrong by not signing Hill to be their starter this year. Seriously. Why do people post such nonsense? Hill is a serviceable career backup. Just like all backups, no NFL team wants him to be their starter for more than 1-2 games, and only if absolutely necessary.

  50. lesterclan says:
    Aug 24, 2014 9:09 PM
    For the love of God – can we please stop all these Tebow rants! He’ll never be an NFL QB!

    Uh, he already was an NFL QB. You might of heard of it, 2011? Ring a bell? Anything?


    It does ring a bell. I remember him being one of the statistically worst starting QBs in league history who got his b*** pulled out of the fire on lucky plays and great defense. I remember him getting slaughtered three different times and losing three of his last four starts and still backing into the playoffs somehow.

    I remember the coaching staff who saw him every day doing everything they could to get rid of him as quickly as possible. I remember him failing to stick with two other teams, including the Jets.

    I do remember all of that, now that you mention it.

  51. TEBOW! Could they really do any worse having him vs any of the proven failures out there? He wins games. He is tough and can take the beating from the weak oline. This gives Tebow his final shot to prove himself. Plus they will get more press and air time than with anyone else. Win-win for the team. Really what do they have to lose by going with Tebow?

  52. Shaun Hill and that Davis guy both actually looked pretty good. Of course they were playing the Browns, but they both looked comfortable back there. I don’t think they need to completely panic or try to pick up an old vet QB or anything like that.

    Sad to see this happen to Bradford. The guy has had a bunch of serious injuries and he seems like a good guy and good QB.

  53. Allow Freeman to take his Doctor prescribed Adderall and sign him. The kid has a cannon for an arm and needs a coach like Fisher to be complete.

  54. Maybe if you promise 3 1st-round picks to Washington, they’ll give you Kirk Cousins.

  55. It’s not like you have lost Tom Brady. I don’t know how long Hill has been in the system that’s what counts, he’s seen it all and you don’t hang around the NFL if you can’t play. Just like my team the Dolphins the Rams need other players to produce big style if we are going to make that next step, the defence especially so the offence does not have to score 30pts to win games. Bradfords a top player no doubt about it and he will be missed but you were always going to need a lot more from the other players, also your division is a little troublesome glad we are not in it.

  56. Shaun Hill has already proven he’s not the guy.

    Hopefully this is just a sham for a few games while they get someone else in. No reason to stick with Bradford now. Also, why wait a whole year just to take a chance on a 1st round draft pick when you can probably get Mallet or someone else that may work out for a 2nd or less.

  57. Fisher has wasted more 1st round picks than anyone else the last 3 years.

    I know Bradford was there when he arrived but he really hasn’t done a whole lot with his RGIII bounty. That should make the Redskins feel better.

  58. This is the Eagles big chance to dump Matt Barkley.
    He gets his audition Thursday night against the Jets. Make the most of it, Matt!

  59. Hill will do a fine job for the Rams. I wanted him to stay in Detroit, but he wanted a shot to play & he got one. To those using the name “Glassford”, last season Matt Stafford set the franchise record for most consecutive QB starts.

  60. Hill has always been a gamer when he played the Vikings when with Detroit. Don’t underestimate him….

  61. It’s the curse of Bernie, Jeff. Kosar put the maloik on you and your 70’s porn-stache for being such a pansy and demanding an apology after he called you out (correctly) on the pile of suck you put on the field last year.

    This is only the beginning. Heed this warning. Apologize to Bernie, publicly, or it will only get worse! Trust me on this, I’m from Cleveland. We know about curses in Cleveland.

  62. Fisher should be fired for not shoring up the QB position in the offseason. Bradford has been anything but reliable throughout his career and he was coming off of major reconstructive knee surgery. There were major red flags everywhere and Fisher should have done better than Shaun Hill, he’s clearly not going to be a reincarnation of Kurt Warner.

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