Jerry Jones expects decision on Josh Brent suspension “imminently”


The Cowboys saw another defensive lineman get injured on Saturday night, a development that probably won’t do anything to shake them of their plan to bring defensive tackle Josh Brent back to the roster if he’s allowed to play by the league.

Brent retired before last season and spent five months in jail after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter for being behind the wheel for the car accident that killed Brent’s former teammate Jerry Brown. Brent met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a meeting that reportedly went well, and owner Jerry Jones said he expects to hear soon about the league’s ruling about Brent’s future.

“We expect to hear something imminently,” Jones said, via

It’s impossible to know what Brent might be able to do after such a long stretch away from the game, but the Cowboys aren’t anywhere close to strong enough up front for that to stop them from finding out.

15 responses to “Jerry Jones expects decision on Josh Brent suspension “imminently”

  1. Don’t kick a man when he’s down right?

    If he already paid his debt to society by serving 5 months in jail, why would you punish him more by having him play for the inept Dallas defense?

  2. Michael Vick finances and supports a dog fighting ring. While reprehensible, it is something he and his friends grew up around. He serves two years in federal pound me in the arse prison, and by all accounts turns his whole life around after getting out. Verdict? Many people think he should never be allowed to play in the NFL again.

    Josh Brent stupidly gets hammered drunk and drives. He gets into an accident and his friend…a HUMAN BEING, dies. Verdict? He’s paid his debt to society! The family says it’s OK!

    Goodell will probably give him 4 games. He’ll claim that it only stands to reason that a murderer should get double he punishment as a wife beater. Stephen A. Smith will get suspended again after he implicitly blames Jerry Brown and those who voluntarily spend time with Dallas players.

  3. Is there any way he isn’t suspended for the year, or at least 8 games?

    Isn’t there precedent here?

  4. Society has become hypocrites with the “not in my back yard” attitudes… Yup 5 months in jail …I’would take that! NFL turning me off more and more

  5. How long were Donte Stallworth or Leonard Little suspended for their DUI manslaughter convictions?

    Stallworth – 1 year
    Little – 8 games

    That’s the precedent.

  6. He removed himself from the league last season. He didn’t bank a paycheck at all. So they plan to reinstate him just to suspend him? In effect that would be a two year suspension.

  7. A line has to be drawn of what is acceptable and what is not with regard to personal conduct and playing in the NFL. As there is no right to be in the NFL, the NFL must now start to issue standards of conduct – that physical abuse that is perpetrated on another person while not under self defense and killing someone while under the influence of drugs/alcohol should be grounds for a life time ban. There must be standards to keep wife and girl friend abusers and those who drink and drive and kill from ever setting foot on a field in the NFL again (other than as groundskeepers).

    It matters not whether this Dallas miscreant paid his debt to society – there is a matter that this is supposedly the cream of the crop league and we should not allow the least desirable people to play just because they have talent. If a person who kills someone while he was driving is allowed back in the NFL then why bother having a drug policy or any policy of conduct?

  8. This is a hard one. Everyone has their own line of punishment for this guy. But the truth of the matter is he killed a man. Now if you had a thirteen year old that found his fathers gun and killed his own baby brother, do you give him life in prison? Of course not. They both made very bad decisions where lives where lost and nothing we as fans can say or do is gonna change that. Weather or not he should play football again. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s let God be that judge. Cause in the end he’s the piper that you pay.

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