Jimmy Clausen beats out Jordan Palmer in Chicago

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Jimmy Clausen is Jay Cutler’s backup.

Clausen, the former Panther who signed with the Bears this offseason, has beaten out Jordan Palmer for the backup job in Chicago. Palmer is being released, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Palmer entered Friday’s preseason game against Seattle ahead of Clausen, but Bears coach Marc Trestman apparently has decided that Clausen gives the Bears a better chance if Cutler goes down.

Although Clausen started 10 games as a rookie in Carolina in 2010, he hasn’t appeared in a regular-season game since. If anything happens to Cutler, the Bears will have to hope Clausen can be a lot better than he was during his rookie season, when he had a 52.5 percent completion rate, three touchdown passes and nine interceptions.

The Bears are also expected to keep sixth-round rookie David Fales as their third quarterback.

46 responses to “Jimmy Clausen beats out Jordan Palmer in Chicago

  1. No surprise to anyone who has watched the Bears in preseason. The offense simply worked better with Clausen than with Palmer. Against the Seahawks the Bears had back to back delay of game penalties with Palmer playing, and Trestman won’t stand for stuff like that.

  2. So basically … If Cutler gets hurt they are screwed. Hope they fixed that O-line would be an absolute shame to waste all that talent they have at the skill positions

  3. Jordan should get into coaching. Hes a smart kid but just horrible as a football player. He was in cincinnati because of political reasons.
    Bye for good this time

  4. While Clausen doesn’t strike fear into opposing defenses, Haynie & McNown didn’t either. They were picked up off scrap heaps. Hell, McNown was teaching school somewhere….next thing you know old Jed’s a millionaire. Stranger things have happended. Clausen played one season as a rookie for a horrible Panthers team. Their starting OL was decimated w/ injuries, the RBs were injured & the one playmaker they had hated Clausen and never supported him from day 1 based on perception. This is JC’s last shot, better make it happen.

  5. Good for Clausen. Hope he sees zero playing time. Palmer could probably could probably catch on at Buffalo, which would be an interesting opening day. Bear Down!

  6. Lets play a little game boys and girls , say your family is KIDNAP and to secure their FREEDOM you must WIN one game , your choice in QB’s are Jimmy Clausen or Vince Young.
    Thats exactly my point !! that other guy is somehow OUT of the league. So when anyone insults you by saying Gm’s know more than you . just roll your eyes.

  7. Although this really means nothing in the scheme of things, how long before we hear Mel Kiper going, “See? See?”

  8. Sigh….irishdodger….you’re not smart. First, it’s “Hanie.” Second, it’s Josh McCown, the current starting QB of the Tampa Bay Bucs–never to be confused with Cade McNown. Third, McCown was coaching High School football, not teaching school. Where do you get your information? It’s like you were playing ‘telephone’ with 5 year-old kids and you were the last to go.

  9. Never been able to stand Clausen, but he looked darn good in Trestman’s offense, admittedly against the other teams 3’s. Hope he doesn’t play one snap.

    Bear Down.

  10. Jordan Palmer should call St Louis immediately, he is easily the second best QB there if he signs.

  11. Maybe my a ND bias is showing but I think Jimmy Clausen should’ve been given 2 years to show what he had. IMO Cam Newton wasn’t a “can’t pass up QB” but it appears Carolina made a good decision to grab him. I still think he can play WELL in this league. I’m not totally biased for ND because I wouldn’t have given Brady Quinn another shot.

  12. The bears last gm was let go bc the straw that broke the camels back no back up qb (Caleb hanie disaster) now we have no back up a bad d and a qb who hasn’t finished a season since 09. Not looking great

  13. mazenblue says:
    Aug 24, 2014 7:54 PM
    He’s gonna get hurt by Suh. Suh always hurts Chicagos QBs


    The Lions will choke out their season again. The Lions are the most pathetic team with talent in the North. They went 0-16 (6) years ago…..

    The Lions always hurt and embarrass themselves when they implode, just like every year.

  14. The Lions will choke out their season again. The Lions are the most pathetic team with talent in the North. They went 0-16 (6) years ago…..

    The Lions always hurt and embarrass themselves when they implode, just like every year.
    Don’t forget they were 2 & 14 the season after they went 0 & 16…

    Oh, a few yrs before that they went 0 & 16, they were 3 & 13…

    8 out of the 14 seasons since 2000, the Lions have had 5 or fewer wins…

    6 times its been 4 or fewer wins…

    5 times its been 3 or fewer wins…

  15. This team never seems to learn it lesson about having good back up QBs behind Cutler.

    Jimmy Clausen may be good, but his history certainly doesn’t suggest it. And Cutler’s health history suggests Clausen probably should have had to beat out someone a little better than Jordan Palmer to win the backup job.

  16. Smart play by Trestman. What better way to incentivize your O line to play like they’re in the SB every game than to make clear to your team what your Plan B is.

  17. He moves well. Gets through his progressions and throws well to intermediate routes.

    Their are only 10 or so good QBs in the league. Maybe 10 more who are good enough to hold down starting jobs. After that the bottom level starters and back ups are all pretty similar it’s about getting talent around them and a good scheme.

    I have faith that Clausen can win games if the surrounding bears offense talent are playing well and if the defense doesn’t suck!

    He might’ve been lousy in Carolina but he can be a good back up in Chicago. Similar to Matt Flynn in GB.

  18. I thought Palmer and Clausen were the QBs to get into FG range against the Seahawks. They should be cutting Smokin’ Jay.

  19. Wow… they have no chance to win with him as the back up. Cutler tends to go down for short periods too. Why can’t Chicago ever get a decent QB?

    Even when they had arguably the best team ever, their QB was bad. Jim McMahon is in the bottom quarter of QBs ever to win the Super Bowl with Dilfer and Johnson.

    I think their last great QB was Sid Luckman. That’s not even a joke…. I think it’s true.

  20. The easy choice. Palmer will still be there if Claussen were to get hurt and now with Jimmy we have a backup that is young enough to be around for a few years.
    I think Fales will be practice squad only. Not 53 man roster. They will bring back Palmer for the 3rd QB if it comes to it.

  21. Cutler is the best pure QB the Bears have ever had in their history. The Sid Luckman’s and the McMahon’s weren’t even near as talented as Cutler is. They were more advanced in the leadership dept. than Cutler is.

  22. The Bears defense just needs to be average for them to take the division and go to the playoffs. Their offense compensates for that. To say the Bear defense will be horrible this year would be silly at this point after making some of the key moves they did in the offseason. I don’t think they’ll be world beaters, but they’ll definitely be a better defense and that is a very good thing……….

  23. rl7911 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 1:59 PM
    Back up QB means nothing, the Bears aren’t going anywhere with the horrible defense they have.


    Bears had the worst defense against the run last year and they still finished ahead of the pathetic, garbage Lions, see below, “SON!”:

    NFCN Final Standings 2013:

    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Chicago Bears
    3. Detroit Lions(Garbage football)
    4. Minnesota Vikings

  24. 2013: Lions 2 Bears 0

    And by the looks of the Bears D, it’s going to be even easier for the Lions this year. The Bears look to have a record setting bad defense.

  25. I’d rather finish higher in the standings, personally. But y’all keep harping on that sweep like it meant something to your team.

    Those losses hurt us a lot more than the wins helped you, except that you got to play spoiler.

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