Kaepernick to play in preseason finale

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Maybe the fourth week of the preseason isn’t so worthless, after all.

In recent years, the final preseason game for each team has become a bench-clearing exercise aimed at helping the coaching staff and front office trim the roster from 75 to 53.  As the 49ers’ starting offense struggles to find a rhythm, starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick is expected to play in the preseason finale.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said after Sunday’s win over the Chargers that Kaepernick will play in the preseason finale at Houston.

“Yes, he’ll play,” Harbaugh said of Kaepernick.  “We’ll go into it like we have these other games.”

Asked whether he wants to play in the preseason finale, the characteristically concise Kaepernick said, “That’s coach’s decision.”

Last year, the coach decided to play Kaepernick in the preseason finale.  That’s what Harbaugh has done with his starting quarterback ever since becoming head coach of the 49ers.

For the 2014 edition of the franchise’s sake, the extra work for Kaepernick hopefully will mean that the offense will be ready to generate yards and points on a consistent basis when the regular season begins.

35 responses to “Kaepernick to play in preseason finale

  1. Kaepernick looked absolutely terrible today. If you 49ers fan don’t agree you’re in denial. Harbaugh face 😥

  2. We’ll lets see here. Sam Bradford out for the yr torn acl again. C am newton cracked ribs. And I don’t see harbaugh giving any film of out offense or defense to other teams before the season starts. And that’s why harbaugh is the best coach in the nfl right now. 49ers are laughing at all the pundits.
    Who’s got it better than us noooooo body.

  3. Sad to see Marcus Martin get hurt. I feel like the niners need him with how the so- called starting offensive line has played.

  4. He should do well then as he’ll likely be playing a bunch of 2nd stringers. That’s beneficial as it’ll help build some sort of rhythm, even if it may be against lesser competition.

  5. “And I don’t see harbaugh giving any film of out offense or defense to other teams before the season starts.”

    Considering the fact that this is Harbaugh’s 4th year as a head coach, there’s already plenty of film available about the 49’ers offense and defense.

    After 3 consecutive playoff appearances, I doubt Harbaugh is completely redesigning the playbook on either side of the ball.

  6. It was pretty clear that the Chargers 1’s dominated the Niners 1’s– something which would have been unthinkable a couple years ago.

    Kap and that entire offensive unit need a lot of work.

  7. I think Kaepernick’s problem is that he bought into his sudden stardom and the hype. He forgot to continue to learn the position. He started coasting.
    It’s going to be hard for him to shake that off and remake his mindset.

  8. He should, Blaine Gabbert in the 3rd preseason game (2nd one at Levi Stadium) was the first 49er to throw (or run) a TD for the 49ers this preseason.

    Kaep’s looked like Krap.

    Carlos Hyde looked good though. Wouldn’t surprise me if he took over for Gore this year.

  9. This is Harbaugh’s last hope at hoping Kaepernick gets going. He has been horrid all preseason. All the other QBs, hell even the ones ranked around him, have at least gotten a few decent throws in. If Kaepernick doesn’t show anything, they go with him in the season, and he continues it, they might have to look at Gabbert and I’m not joking. Harbaugh knows quarterbacks more than most of the coaches in the league and he probably sees something in Gabbert that we don’t.

  10. 49ers are so far behind the Seahawks right it’s laughable. If the early season goes like this, the NFC race will be over by Thanksgiving.

  11. Kap hasn’t progressed as one would have expected and that’s really the concern. Has he reached his peak as a QB? If so then is it enough to win the SB? I would think no simply because the D’s in the NFL have become much better at planing for the read option.

  12. i called it…if they leave candlestick i just dont see that same luck they had…it really shows too..there not the same the fire isnt there like b4…im Raider fan but and know we have long way to go but i dont think 49rs make it to playoffs this year…look for Dallas in huge upset to beat sf in the opener

  13. Look, if your 3rd year qb that has had the same coaching staff his entire career needs to play in the final preseason game your offense has problems. I saw it with my Hawks in Wilson’s 1st 2 seasons but that was because he was inexperienced & green as they come. I’m not a Seahawk troll btw, i love the rivalry between the 9ers & the Hawks but from what little I’ve seen from Dan Fran so far i think the battle for the division is gonna be with the Cards. Although, every year I’ve ever said that the Cards end up being pretenders so who knows. Hopefully it’ll be gnarly battle in the west.

  14. The way they’ve looked so far the starting offense should play all four quarters, especially with the way the Seahawks offense has been rolling. And bubbybrisket–alice the goon! I like it. Didn’t think of that one, but it’s spot on. Along with squidward.

  15. I never realized that a preseason game would mean so much. I didn’t pay attention to preseason in years past, and I am not going to do it now. Come week 1 in Dallas, it won’t even matter what happened in preseason. The press has everyone panicking. No reason to panic. Everything will be fine. It’s preseason. Detroit went 4-0 in preseason, and went on to be 0-16 in the regular season. Lol!!! Don’t panic…It’s just preseason football.

  16. Pre season shows depth of talent. You use Lions as one example, I’ll use the Seahawks, they went 4-0 and won the Super Bowl. They beat the crap out of the broncos in the Pre Season, they beat the crap out of the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

  17. Harbaugh is very smart coach. Revamped the whole offence for the players he’s got now with a few plays from the previous. He hasn’t showed no teams nothing unlike the rest of the league. Kap looks good if the line can protect. I see him going threw progressions a lot and quick. Keep hating haters

  18. As a long-time Niner fan, I find the current offensive system hard to watch. Kaepernick is so slow and deliberate at the line of scrimmage. The ball is hiked with just a few seconds remaining on the timer. There is no urgency. It is agonizing to watch.

    I don’t think it is coincidence that they finally moved the ball a bit during their fourth possession, when the started to get the plays off quicker.

    I think this is a Greg Roman problem, not a Kaepernick problem. His system is the opposite of Bill Walsh’s — and that can’t be a good thing.

  19. It’s weird. I mean, I like to take shots at Kraepernick like the next guy, but he really has looked “off” this pre-season. Even Pat Kirwan of CBS commented he looked to be struggling. I hope he gets it figured out. I like our rivalry!

    Go Hawks!

  20. You spend $1.2 BILLION on a new stadium (that only corporations can afford to use…..don’t forget to pay your entrance fee when you visit the museum!) but you won’t spend over $1M for a top tier offensive lineman! Right. Add to that the fact that Kaepernick is merely a mediocre QB….too much time has elapsed and he has not improved – why would anyone think that will change (we DO know the definition of insanity, don’t we). Add it all up and what you get is: 9-7

  21. @raiders4ever

    Am I to understand that a Raiders fan is talking trash about the 49ers. This isn’t the 80s dude. I mean, a Seahawks fan talking trash…sure. But the Raiders are likely to be the worst team in the entire NFL.

    ps…Please dont shiv me if we ever run into each other at a game.

  22. wow – do you people watch football?

    In the first two preseason games, Kaepernick looked good — I don’t think anybody’s disputed that.

    However, the offensive line played extremely poorly vs San Diego. All Pro Mike Iupati whiffed on multiple blocks, including sack fumbles.

    they let rushers into passing lanes, and on and on.

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