Marino takes job with Dolphins, again

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After months of speculation and debate and uncertainty, Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has returned to the Dolphins.  Again.

Marino broke the news on Twitter, but neither he nor the Dolphins have provided any details about his title, duties, or powers.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald recently reported that Marino will be a “special advisor” to owner Stephen Ross and team president Tom Garfinkel.  That news comes nearly three months after Armando Salquero of the Herald reported that Marino and the team can’t figure out a role.

A decade ago, Marino and former owner Wayne Huizenga worked out a role for Marino.  And he quit after only three weeks.

The last time, Marino assumed a John Elway-style role, which included Marino actually being involved in making football decisions and, perhaps more significantly, participating in the hours and hours and hours of grind-it-out tedium that needed to be tended to before good decisions could be made.  This time, Marino will have no formal involvement in football operations, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT.

Instead, Marino will serve as a true advisor, also playing a significant role in community and business initiatives relating to topics such as ticket sales and stadium renovations.  He’ll be available to the football operations in what is being described as a “support function,” which possibly means that he’ll be asked to clunk heads together if/when further dysfunction emerges among those responsible for the day-to-day operation of the team — especially since Ross doesn’t reside in South Florida.

There will be no press conference or other dog-and-pony-type show, according to the source.  Instead, the announcement came from Marino, and the focus will remain on the current players as the regular season approaches.  Even if Marino’s presence makes fans wonder when/if the current quarterback will ever play like Marino did.

35 responses to “Marino takes job with Dolphins, again

  1. His last game will always be a 62-7 drumming, courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars. You know thar bugs him.

  2. Well it makes more sense to have him in an informal role in the background, except when practicality for his presence is present (3 P’s instead of 4 so Ross Tucker can’t sue me).

    Maybe he can also serve as an “artful advisor” to Tannehill as part of his hodgepodge of duties.

  3. Another example of owner Stephen Ross knowing nothing about profootball but insisting on being involved and making thoughtless needless changes. The team stinks but need a community representative like a whole in the head.

    Ross further proves his insanity by attending a practice wearing long pants with long sleeve shirt n tie in the intense Miami heat. Was being laughed at by everyone there. Even he laughed at himself.

    How are those civilized learning classes going Mr Ross?

  4. The Dolphins have a serious role for him. In one of the executive offices, there is a desk chair that keeps floating up to the ceiling. Dan is going to pin it down to the floor and prevent it from getting caught in the ceiling fan.

    While he’s sitting there he will also be in charge of testing and repairing all of owner’s and GM’s desk toys.

  5. The Phish can use all the community and NFL good will they can get, and Marino is a guy that should give them some positive attention.

  6. This is so pathetic. They obviously don’t trust Marino with any kind of football operations, so what could he possibly know about selling tickets or renovating the stadium? He’s an, at best, average football anaylst as well. Just stick to doing commercials Dan.

  7. The Dolphins just need to win. A once proud organization that has not been a threat to win a championship in a very long time. I’m not a Dolphins fan but, man I think those fans could use a playoff berth, of course the same could be said of my Bears. Good luck, Miami fans!

  8. Dan Marino is a Dolphin legend and it is great to have him officially back in the fold. Miami are set for a big year. Dan’s timing is good – the Dolphins are coming back!

  9. So it’s like the same job Vince Young got with the U of Texas, washed up player needs handout type of job.

  10. To dmvtransplant…..Dan Marino doesn’t have one iota of DNA in his body that reads, “Washed up football player, “…..And this is coming from a Jaguars fan who drubbed him his last game of his career.

    Dude is NFL royalty, and you stiffs are calling a guy washed up. Smh…you’re at home typing on a blog about him – what does that make you? I respect Marino.

  11. You got to love the no nothing haters on this blog, also they are jealous because they have never done anything except cry about the fish, of course we all know they are really jet fans. I say if the owner wants Dan, then that’s that, critics are a dime a dozen on this blog, if you can’t say anything positive then go back to new York. Bill….or get ready for the first grade, school start real soon..

  12. Wow it’s of bashing on here.
    Ross has his people in place (Aponte, Philbin, Hickey) and a business minded GM with Garfinkel. All are playing nice together.
    Why undermine all that with forcing a titled job into that mix.
    Marino is football smart. Marino is one of the most beloved players in franchise history. It’s a good move to have a smart football guy that’s done nothing but analyze football at a national level AND a good PR move that the fan base will like.

    Meanwhile the Jets fans are wondering when their QBs will play like Namath…. or Boomer…. Or even Richard Todd.

  13. On the financial side, Marino still has a net worth of $35 mil, after losing close to $14 mil in the company that made that 2Pac 3D hologram (he and director James Cameron “Titanic” were principal investors). He’s part owner of 2 restaurant chains, and an investor of the huge AutoNation car dealership chain. Spokes person for over 50 dealerships and Nutrisystem. Dude has cash.

    If he needed to dig deep, I’m sure he still has a HUGE stash of Isotoner gloves he can post on eBay.

  14. Dan Marino never impressed me as the executive type. Remember how poorly he scored on the Wonderlic Test. That test measures your ability to make fast executive decisions. Dan must need extra cash to cover the family in Weston and the family in New York. I thought Dan was part owner in Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. Why be a stooge for Ross and Apponte?

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