Packers dump seven players

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The cool kids say the NFL is a deadline-driven business.  But plenty of teams are doing business more than two days in advance of the next big deadline.

Count the Packers among those getting a jump on the Tuesday timetable for cutting the roster to 75.  They’ve dropped seven players.

Gone are safety Charles Clay, cornerback Antonio Dennard, receiver Chris Harper (pictured), linebacker Korey Jones, fullback Ina Liaina, quarterback Chase Rettig, and receiver Gerrard Sheppard.

Harper, a fourth-round pick of the Seahawks in 2013, was claimed off waivers from the 49ers last October.  He appeared in four games for the Packers last year, with no catches.  Sheppard arrived via waivers on July 30, after being released by the Ravens.


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  1. Most casual Packer fans have probably never even heard of any of these players, but I’m sure the vikings have already offered to bring all of them in for tryouts.

  2. Third or fourth in the north? If everything that could possibly go wrong for Green Bay in fact does, the worst they’re finishing in the NFC North is third bud. The reason being that your Vikings are an absolute dumpster fire. Teddy Bridgewater can’t beat out Matt Cassell for the starting quarterback job. Your best defensive player went to a rival(karma sucks eh), your star runningback who has literally carried your team since being drafted is on the wrong side of his twenties and oh yeah, you still don’t have any corners who can cover in a division that features Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

    Patterson, Peterson and Kalil can’t play defense which means that your team is destined for another basement finish. And in three years you’ll be rinsing and repeating on another alleged franchise quarterback.

  3. Whatever Aaron Rodgers makes, he’s under paid. Rodgers cures a lot of ills, such as injuries and poor drafting. Regardless of who makes their final 53, the Packers will be fine and long as 12 stays upright.

  4. No surprises here, Harper dropped more balls than Troy Williamson, the only difference was Harper was picked up off of waivers, Richardson was a top 7 draft pick.

    Looks like Chase Rettig wouldn’t even be considered for an extra arm and the PS, for as bad as that is, he would still be in the running for a starting spot over on the Vikings.

  5. Seems strange that the Packers would be doing their cut downs early. Between now and Tuesday, they’re due for at least half a dozen season ending injuries. They might need the guys they cut to step in as starters.

  6. Come on folks, can’t we get beyond the petty name-calling and obvious trolling here? I think that we should all take a moment to reflect and hopefully learn a lesson in sportsmanship that is shown here. The Packers didn’t need to cut these players before they were required to. They could have waited until the last minute to make these moves. They could have been cold, calculating, and obsessed with exploiting every possible advantage they had in order to crush their opponents and humiliate would-be contenders. Instead, they decided to give the Vikings a FULL THREE DAYS to sign this latest round of Titletown’s castoffs. What generosity! What compassion and mercy for their less-fortunate neighbors!

    Actions like this inspire me. I want to go rescue a puppy or donate to a charity now. I send my most heartfelt thanks to the 13-Time World Champion Green Bay Packers. May we all learn a lesson and begin to treat others here at PFT so kindly.

  7. veence69 says: Aug 24, 2014 3:16 PM

    Not one Viking fan has posted yet, yet Packer fans have mentioned them in every single post they’ve made so far..

    Yeah, it seems like some kind of weird Fatal Attraction-esque obsession going on with the Pack rubes. People of Minnesota, hide your pet rabbits.

  8. Judging by the history of Packers castoffs, they’re probably headed straight to Minnesota.

  9. Not one Viking fan has posted yet, yet Packer fans have mentioned them in every single post they’ve made so far..

    Ummm…..check out the first and second posts….then like every other post thereafter.

    I’m really tired of clicking on these stories and reading the same garbage from the same fools over and over. Get a hobby.

  10. Packer Fan: “The Bears are our real rivals!”

    (spends next 6 hours trolling Vikings fan sites and mentioning them after every article they read about their own squad)


  11. filthymcfunny1 says:
    Aug 24, 2014 6:03 PM
    Packers have 2 good players so they put the rest of the names in a hat and pull them out as needed!

    how true…..and how awful it must be to be a vikes fans knowing you get beat twice a year by random picks from a hat

  12. You packer lamp shades are priceless. Farve, Jennings and longwell are cast offs that the Vikings picked from the dump. You fans that compare get to 75 drops to These players tell the full story of you. Anytime you have more garbage like these three don’t hesitate to send them over.

    Oh ya, now that raj is down enjoy how ted picks cast offs with letroy.

    Forbes best fans,,,,,,,,well when you write them a check for a PC of paper I guess a financial web site would say you are the best,,,,,,,,suckers of them all.

    Ha ha ha, clowntown

  13. Packer fans are sure nervous this year. They know that another 26 years of mediocrity is beginning! Poor slobs!

  14. numba1wiscosportsfan says:
    Aug 25, 2014 12:33 PM

    It should be noted that Steller and Mecca have not weighed in on this issue.

    those two morons are the same dolts, that’s why!!

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