Peyton Manning on taunting penalty: 15 yards with 5 seconds left in half doesn’t hurt that much


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning picked up a 15-yard taunting penalty at the end of the first half on Saturday night for getting in the face of Texans safety D.J. Swearinger after throwing a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders.

It was a sight that came as a surprise to many observers as Manning hasn’t made a habit of such post-touchdown excursions over the course of his career. Manning’s reputation is a much more considerate one, but his foray into trash talk actually fit into that mindset. Manning was upset with Swearinger for his hit on Wes Welker that left Welker with a concussion and said that he decided to express his displeasure at a moment when it wouldn’t hurt the team that much.

“I guess so. I’m obviously concerned about Wes and never like seeing him come out of the game with a potential blow to the head,” Manning said, via the Denver Post. “He had one of those last year that kept him out a while. Fifteen yards with five seconds left in the half—it can’t hurt you that much, right?”

Manning didn’t share what he said to Swearinger and Swearinger would only say that there were some “choice words” from the Broncos quarterback. Manning was asked if Swearinger appreciated them.

“Yeah, he said, ‘Thanks. I appreciate it. Good luck to you, as well,'” Manning said.

A funny answer, but there’s not much other laughter in Denver about another concussion for Welker.

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  1. Wes Welker should stop going through the middle, he’s a RUNT.

    Maybe all those concussions have already done enough brain damage to cloud his judgement.

    It shouldn’t have been a penalty; corners & safety’s can’t get a break.
    Maybe receivers should wear “flags?”

  2. I think his head hitting the ground looked to be the worst part of the hit. Its tough for the defender. He led with his shoulder and Welker curled up right before getting hit. He would have hit him shoulder to shoulder if Wes didn’t curl up.

  3. Yeah!!!

    We can only hope Peyton lets go and does in the middle of a close game to fire up his team. Besides, this will do Peyton lots of good when he doesn’t hold it all in and keep developing that ulcer.

  4. Everyone will take this opportunity to rag on Peyton who has this “Mr. Nice Guy” image with a taunting penalty being somewhat out of character.
    I am not a Broncos fan, never have been, and normally am uninterested in anything having to do with the Broncos. This is one time however, I give Peyton a high five for showing support of his teammate and friend, in his “taunting” (emotional outburst) against Swearinger who caused Wes Welker a concussion. 15 yards with 5 seconds left in the half is not that big of deal especially in preseason when the game doesn’t count anyway. The real value in standing by your man however is priceless!

  5. The league needs to send a message to Swearinger. He is also the guy that went low and destroyed Keller’s knee last preseason.

  6. This is just a typical exemple of these new senseless rules putting the defensive players in a damn if you do, damn if you dont situation. I can understand prohibiting leading with your helmet, but if a safety cant hit with his shoulders either, what exactly is he supposed to do?

    Watched the play and like Swearinger said, Welker is a little guy and he ducked down at the last second. There was nothing he could do to avoid this IMHO.

    Had Welker not ducked down he would have taken a huge blow to the chest area and probably lost his breath for a minute. Guess what, football is violent….

    At some point the hypocrisy of the NFL has to stop. Football is just a very violent game played by extremely athletic people. There is a limit to what you can regulate. In 2014 the players know the risks and the rewards. Nobody is forcing them to play football.

  7. Absolutely Awsome to this. Good job peyton you are truly a class act. I personally would have loved to play for a guy like this.. This is what a professional qb looks like.

  8. It isn’t all or nothing guys…

    For those of you who think Welker ducked or curled up and the corner back wasn’t at fault…

    OK. But that doesn’t mean this corner back isn’t a dirty player.

    A dirty player doesn’t make dirty hits 100% of the time.

    So this guy can be dirty even if this hit wasn’t.

    Wes, you REALLY need to think about the rest of your life. You should really retire sir…

  9. Maybe the focus should be pointed more towards Manning leading Welker into an oncoming hit, than him lowering himself to the level of an overly talkative Swearinger.

    For the record, Swearinger’s hit was legitimate and for Finfan, the hit he made on Keller last season also occured around the league 500 times last season.

  10. Welker should be getting in Manning’s face for leading him into a defender like that. He already ruined Austin Collie’s career by doing the same thing. For as good as he supposedly is, he sure does love putting his receivers in bad situations.

    And the hit wasn’t dirty either. He clearly led with his shoulder. Welker ducked because he knew he was gonna get blasted. If he doesn’t duck he gets hit in the chest.

  11. Manning has already been on the phone with Goodell. ” I told you I wanted more flags on defensive backs, not on me you tool”.

  12. Swearinger didn’t cause the concussion Manning did with an irresponsible throw. He probably is a dirty player though from everyone’s accounts and the NFL does need to move away from hitting back to actual tackling, but even with all of that this ones still on Manning in my opinion

  13. I see another “emphasis on a rule” coming. Golden boy led Welker to exactly where he wanted him…what’s the opposing player supposed to do, throw a cottonball at him???

  14. ‘Twas a clean hit from the shoulder pad, Peyton: The Greatest (55 TDs in a regular season)/Ungreatest (8 points scored in a Super Bowl) QB Of All Time hahaha

  15. Shouldn’t have been a personal foul call on the safety in the first place. All Swearinger did was meet Welker at the spot the ball was thrown.

    Seriously– look at that play. Whose fault is it that Welker got hurt? The playcaller and Manning. They sent Welker right into it– they are idiots for putting him that situation.

    Austin Collie is somewhere saying “Watch out Welks. He will do it to you too.”

  16. I don’t care for Manning or Walker but the QB was more than within his rights to give Swearringer a piece of his mind for a clearly intent to harm hit. I’m surprised a lineman didn’t bruise the guy. Maybe later in the year.

  17. Anyone giving Manning grief for this just doesn’t get it, that’s what makes the guy a good leader and its one of the reasons people love playing with him. First off, the call was BS and is another disgraceful example of the NFL going overboard with these new rules, changing the game for the worse. Swearinger did everything you are supposed to do under the new rules of tackling, the only thing he could have done more in this case was not tackle Welker at all…is that really what anyone wants? Ridiciculous. Having said that, Manning still did the right thing in standing up for his guy, I’m sure it meant a lot to Welker and the other members of the offense to see that. What else does Manning or should Manning care about in this scenario?

  18. …and anyone saying the concussion was Manning’s fault in any way is clueless, obviously never played football and just a clear cut Manning hater. It was a good throw to the middle of the field, the only way to eliminate this stuff is to stop going over the middle completely. If that’s what you’re suggesting, you’re just as bad as the NFL. I’m neither a Broncos fan nor a Manning guy but to look at this and say it was Manning or Swearinger’s fault Welker left with a concussion is misguided. We might as well just change the game to falg football, its the only way these things will ever be completely put to an end, looks like thats where its headed anyway.

  19. Swagringer mouthed off all week when Denver and Houston had 3 scrimmages. Then he went dirty and cheap in the game. He will get his. Coming soon!

  20. Who are these idiots that bring up Austin Collie? How many WR’s has Manning thrown to? So ONE other wr out of countless others has had a concussion problem and Manning is to blame? Amazing how only Mannings receivers have ever had a concussion. The IQ levels on these people challenge that of plants.

  21. He did it against Atlanta too (watch Hardknocks)… People that say it was a “legal” hit haven’t gotten the memo that the NFL doesn’t want ANY hits to the head (shoulder or elbow or helmet or knee). Strong link developing between concussions and ALS (how many people on here have done the ice dump AND given money in support of ALS research).

  22. Belichick cuts players. Peyton gets player’s careers cut short. I wonder if Wes has any legal recourse against Manning after what he’s done to him in just over 12 months?

  23. Manning hangs out another slot receiver to dry then blames the defender, that’s a big surprise. Wes call Austin Collie and see how the rest of your career will play out.

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