Report: Patriots release Tommy Kelly and Will Smith


The Patriots defense suffered with defensive tackle Tommy Kelly out of the lineup last year after a torn ACL, but it looks like his return to the team’s lineup will be a short one.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Sunday that Kelly will be one of the players dropped from the roster in New England as the Patriots make their way to 75 players and Kelly confirmed it a short time later. Kelly played 50 snaps for the team over their first three preseason games and held up fairly well, leaving him without an explanation for why the team

“I don’t know but I enjoy my time and my teammates. I have no problem moving along with my career,” Kelly said, via Tom Curran of

Schefter also reports that longtime Saints defensive end Will Smith and linebacker James Anderson are also former Patriots. Smith was also trying to return from a torn ACL, but didn’t make much of an impact as a pass rusher this summer. Anderson led the Bears in tackles as a 16-game starter last year and should probably find some interest around the league now that he’s back on the open market.

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  1. Surprised about Kelly, not so much Smith and Anderson. I wouldn’t bet against him ending up back in a Patriots uniform before the season is out because of an injury to one of the defensive tackles.

  2. Raiders got the better end of that one….they knew Kelly was done 3 years ago and Pats dumb enough to start him.
    Lost yet again in post season.

  3. Standard Belichick operating procedures. Cut the name players early to give them a chance to hook on elsewhere. Simply respect.

  4. Before the haters get started

    Most of the Patriot haters that talk about “SPYGATE” on a regular basis have NO IDEA what it was about, or the time table in question. It’s funny to me that they think it was cheating, or in anyway,
    negates the Pats 3 rings… Here is a history lesson for you so the next time you want to talk about “SPYGATE”, you actually know what happened!

    “SPYGATE” is in the reference to the illegal taping of defensive signals from the sidelines, for viewing AFTER THE GAME, which was deemed against the rules back in 2006.

    This new rule was established in a memo from Roger Goodell’s office and sent to ALL teams in the NFL. Not just the Pats… Let me repeat… This memo was sent to ALL TEAMS IN THE NFL…

    The reason being is because “SPYGATE” had likely been done by several teams in the NFL for DECADES, and NO WHERE IN THE RULE BOOK did it say it couldn’t be done.

    The rules clearly stated that you couldn’t tape from the sidelines t use that information for assistance DURING the game. It said NOTHING ABOUT TAPING FROM THE SIDELINES TO REVIEW THAT INFORMATION AFTER THE GAME. Which is EXACTLY what we are talking about!

    With that being said, the actual “SPYGATE” controversy is about the Patriots continuing to tape these signals from the date the memo was sent out in 2006, to their 2007 season opener against the Jets on 9/9/2007.

    Anytime, before this memo in 2006, including their 3 Super Bowl titles, IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    What is in question is the 2007 preseason and the 2007 season opener against the Jets. THAT IS ALL,, So if you want to call the Pats cheaters during that 1 year time frame, but all means. They were CHEATERS. Too bad for your hater narrative, all of the Pats 3 rings were won before 2006. So what they were doing at that time WAS NOT CHEATING!

    Could someone intelligent please explain to me how a rule that came out in 07, and a reminder memo that came out in preseason 07, and the pats were caught in game one of 07, had a dam thing to do with any of there three sb championships that they won years prior. Just sayin’

    Fox NFL Sunday, September 16, 2007.

    Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson said, “This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us.” Johnson also said, “Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all of the teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches. These players don’t know what their coaches are doing. And some of the coaches have selective amnesia because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody.”

    Oh also, as for the AFC East being a cake walk, do some real research before ya’ll spout off looking and sounding totally clueless, and a mere make believe football fan

    Winning percentage per division since 2002:

    AFC East: .525
    NFC East: .518
    NFC South: .515
    AFC South: .512
    AFC North: .509
    AFC West: .488
    NFC North: .480
    NFC West: .453

    So deal with it, most successful NFL franchise in over a decade. The funny thing with these blogs are the ones that complain the most have never even been in sniffing distance of a championship.
    PS. I am not a Pats fan, just a fan of football period….

  5. Why Tommy Kelly? It did look like Smith has lost it. Oh well, they know more than we do.

  6. Actually there was some speculation that Kelly had just been outplayed in the preseason even though the Pats gave him plenty of reps

    Belichick will likely take on another cut veteran to try out and Kelly may serve as a shadow roster player after week one as he may serve in a journeyman role for the Pats and other teams once his salary is non-guaranteed

  7. This probably means that Easley and Worthy will be on the initial 53 man roster and probably Siliga and Jones too. 2 of them will probably start in game 1 next to Wilfork.

  8. “2 of them will probably start in game 1 next to Wilfork.”———————————————————————————————————
    They won’t start 3 DT’s!

  9. When you play for an elite team like the Patriots the standards and expectations are much higher. Thank you Tommy and Will you have served your team in preseason, but weren’t good enough to meet Bill’s high expectations. However, the good news is that you can probably make the final roster on 31 other teams. We wish you well.

  10. I’m surprised about Kelly, he played well last year until he got injured. I’m assuming he’s not 100% back from the injury. If he doesn’t hook on elsewhere I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the pats resign him at some point this season.

  11. Who is the fool giving spy gate lessons on this thread. Let me educate you, your team had haters before that. So does mine. If you can’t handle then you need to take your angry soft skinned take to a less relevant team. People hate the Ravens. They hate the Patriots. They hate the Seahawks. Stop your crying.

  12. Rebosprj

    Speaking the truth. Most overblown story was Spygate and every person who knows anything about football agrees. Executives in the NFL many like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher came to the defense of BB saying it was a league wide practice.


  13. Kelly and Smith must of had a problem with multiple first downs given to the pats by the refs for illegal contact or pass interference so they got cut.

  14. Hey rebosprj, all 32 teams have haters. NE just has more than most. And don’t pretend you don’t hate the Jets. Or maybe you secretly loooove the Jets.

  15. doggeatdogg says:
    Aug 24, 2014 7:43 PM
    Hey rebosprj, all 32 teams have haters. NE just has more than most. And don’t pretend you don’t hate the Jets. Or maybe you secretly loooove the Jets.


    It’s both actually. We love to hate the Jets.

  16. a lot of saints fans thought will smith might be out of gas, and i guess its true. smart player with all of the moves. but he was always a jack of all trades, and now hes just kinda mediocre at everything.
    still i think the patriots are trading off run defense in order to get more pass rush with this move

  17. Duh. Clearly Kelly was let go because he refused to run the video cams for BB this season. Good for Kelly for standing up to the King Cheater

  18. So when do we get the inevitable announcement from New England that Mike Dumbturdi, the former Cleveland GM, is no longer with the team?

  19. he refused to run the video cams for BB

    That’s the kind of cutting edge insight you’ll get here at the PFT comment section, fellas.

  20. Spygate is not overblown one bit. Its probably the other way around. If the tapes didnt mean anything then give me one good reason Goodell destroyed the tapes. My guess is there was proabably super bowl footage that DID help the patriots win super bowls. And with the amount of money bet on games Goodell didnt want it to get out.


  21. Love the idiots bashing rebosprj’s post who didn’t even bother to read the entire thing where he says that he’s not a Pats fan! Lol, get some reading comprehension before you open your mouth. I’m with him too don’t hate any teams i just love football. Even the Jets are much too pathetic to hate. All I feel is empathy for them and their “fans”

  22. And his stats are completely accurate. If there was actually any evidence that BB cheated to win 3 rings he’d of been bounced out of the league in a heartbeat. Haters are so funny

  23. I still think that the Broncos paying players under the table to circumvent the salary cap during Elway’s Super Bowl years was a far more egregious offense than “Spygate”.

    The Broncos actions threatened the integrity of the league and all they got was a slap on the wrist and the incident(s) received comparably little media attention.

    The level playing field, forged by the great Wellington Mara and Pete Rozelle a million years ago, is what makes the NFL the great league that it is (look at MLB to see a stupidly run sport).

  24. Yango he still would be in the league for the same reason goodell destroyed the tapes……people would know they cheated to win super bowls. A lot of money was lost due to cheating and thats a road goodell didnt want to go down.

  25. @u4iadman,

    ??? Comment but no facts. Since 1994 the New England Patriots have the best record in the NFL

    FACT : Stats are accurate Google it .You love to post on all Pats posts. We get the hurt Pats have dominated the Colts over the years !

  26. Hate on, Spygate drones. It doesn’t mean a thing, and we all know it. I won’t hold my breath waiting for any of you to prove rebosprj wrong.

    But get ready for another top-notch season by the Pats. This is the first time they’ve had a balanced team since 2004.

    And a large, sincere thank you to the New York Jets for helping Revis find his way to New England.

  27. This isn’t a strange move, when you consider they brought in Jerel Worthy and a couple other guys just last week. I think Worthy should fit in nicely in their defensive line rotation this year…

  28. Wrong jchipwood if he had proof like that Bill would be banned for life end of story. And if the other teams got wind of what you’re claiming Roger did he’d be done as well. Just because he’s commish doesn’t mean he’s all powerful. He has to answer to other people just like the rest of us

  29. You have to forgive jchipwood for his being blinded by insecurity. That probably has something to do with being a fan of an inferior team who threw games intentionally to replace their perennial playoff choking QB for a younger version with the same result.

  30. However, the good news is that you can probably make the final roster on 31 other teams
    Yeah, only the Pats have a deep enough roster not to hang onto an over-the-hill DE?? Why do you think the Saints released Will Smith in the first place..

  31. Wow….. I think this is the first flame war started by a Pats DEFENDER.

    Meanwhile, back at the Tommy Kelly and Will Smith article, I don’t think we seen the last of Mr. Kelly. Linemen tend to come and go depending on their trainer’s skill. I wouldn’t be surprised to see back in uniform before mid season, even if it’s not a Pats uniform.

  32. Im more shocked to see that James Anderson was let go, Pats are going with more of a 3-4 look in the preseason which is not Will Smith’s game and they gained a lot of experience last year with young DTs. The line backer depth was more of a worry even when they had Anderson.

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