RG3: There will be overreactions all over the place


After last week’s game against the Browns, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III took to Twitter to chastise those who doubt that he will bounce back with a strong 2014 season.

If there’s a gathering of those doubters somewhere, they might need a bigger room after Saturday night. Griffin struggled to get anything going against the Ravens, finishing with 20 passing yards and an interception while also fumbling a snap and taking three sacks as he continued making the transition to the offense favored by head coach Jay Gruden. Griffin focused on that transition after the game.

“I think just going through that process, having a bad outing tonight, will help us in Game 1,” Griffin said, via the Washington Times. “I know people can’t see that right now. There will be overreactions all over the place. But it’s our job to make sure we stay cool, calm and collected and keep fighting on.”

Gruden pointed to struggles at other spots, the offensive line in particular, as things that contributed to Washington’s poor effort. He also acknowledged that those issues, however evident, will take the back seat to Griffin’s poor decision making from Saturday night. Wherever you want to place the lion’s share of the blame, there’s lots of work to do before meeting the Texans in the first week of the regular season.

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  1. This guy really needs to shut up. He’s not doing himself any good playing the victim card.

  2. Overreaction? You have’t been good going on two years now. You’re turning into a one year wonder like Vick. First year in the league, coaches had no idea how to deal with the speed and quick throws, after they studied it he was finished.

    Same story, different quarterback. Selling programs at FedEx in five years.

  3. Arrested development is a medical term for stoppage of physical or mental development. In other words, if you want to obsess over preseason football, there’s really no hope for you.

  4. And this is why we wait more than one season to crown the guy.

    He had one ridiculous year , suffered a terrible injury, and has struggled since. How about letting RG3 develop a little before deciding his greatness.

  5. No see there won’t be over reactions. They will be normal reactions due to how poorly you played. Your psychological tactic of building an excuse for yourself, when people say how poorly you played by saying oh their just over reacting like I said, is another example of how mentally weak you are. A guy who never blames himself and creates excuses before things even happen us a guy who will never ever realize his true potential.

  6. RG3 is so overrated! Nobody is as good as Aaron Rodgers! Rodgers is the greatest football player of all time. Rodgers is 100 times better than RG3!

    Packers easily win the Super Bowl this year!

    We got the best fans in the NFL!


  7. RGMe is more interested in arguing on social media than he is trying to fine tune his game.

  8. I have been a believer in RGIII over the last two seasons, often feeling like he gets unfairly bashed by other teams’ fans especially. But this is concerning. He is not playing well at all and he won’t shut up and take his medicine like a man. For the first time last week, I questioned if he’s got what it takes to be the guy for this team.

    I really, really hope that I’m wrong, but as time goes on, that doubt is deepening. Being a Redskins fan can be hell at times. They’ve done a lot of wrong in the past, but it feels like they just don’t get any breaks either. I hope RGIII breaks this trend, but it’s not feeling like it’s going to go that way.

  9. Hate Washington, giants and Cowboys, but he’s right. It’s not going to gel in a month of practice and three preseason games. G rude will be good for them. Just maybe not right away.

  10. I do not think overreaction means that you think it means…You mean – reactions – as in – wow you aren’t playing good football. The worst play was the out route he luckily under threw or it would have been picked off. He looks slow and confused..he may want to stay off twitter and look at the play book.

  11. Maybe the biggest overreaction was believing that a zone read QB with marginal size and a history of concussions and knee injuries was worth the heavy price that Washington paid.

  12. Come on Robert me me me, I was at the game and you were clearly the fourth best QB on the field.

    YOU and giving your fans reasons to doubt YOU. The fans aren’t automatically haters. They see what they see and it’s looking bad for YOU and your team.

    Best QB last night: Joe Flacco – he was in control and can make all the throws

    Second: Kirk Cousins – good progressions and he can throw with accuracy

    Third: Tyrod Taylor – exciting player but hasn’t improved toward becoming a starter

    Distant Fourth: R G me me me

  13. Quit looking at what other people say and letting them make you lose focus Roberts. Focus on making yourself the best player you can be. Stop talking stop responding and just work on Robert.

  14. Rg3 is the reason Chip didn’t have a problem getting rid of DJack. If Washington trades Cousins, they’ll regret it for the next 15 yrs

  15. (Iverson voice) “I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about Preseason, not the Regular season, not the Regular season, not the Regular season, but we’re talking about Preseason”

    I can’t wait to come back here Week 17. Instead of all this RG3 hate, you guys will be like “RG3 we love you” “RG3 is a beast” “RG3 is the MVP” after the Skins go 13-3. You will all hop back on the bandwagon you hopped off.

  16. In Cincinnati, Gruden was great for Dalton to a point. However, he never held Dalton accountable for his sporadic play. It was always someone else’s fault or a general “we all have to play better”. Don’t think his coaching style of coddling his QB will work out well with RG Me.

  17. Week 1 vs Texans.. Watt and Clowney.. RGme is going to be running for his life and this perhaps will be his last start as a Skins QB. Injury or atrocious performance will dictate that.

  18. When Watt and Clowney are fighting amongst themselves to see how much of RGIII they keep when they collectively snap him in half, will Washington’s play have been known as “running a wishbone offense?”

  19. Hmmmm. Maybe a mulit-SB-winning head coach actually WASN’T the problem, and the common denominator is. Poor guy.

  20. as a Redskins fan I could care less at this point if he plays himself out of a job. I’d like to see him improve, but I say don’t hinder the team in the process. we have what looks like a very good defense and the offensive weapons speak for themselves. At this point RGIII needs to be a game manager. Trent Dilfer-esque, and just don’t make bone headed decisions. HTTR

  21. It’s looking more and more like the overreaction was a few years ago in reference to your talent.

  22. He should just focus on playing and let that speak for itself. If he keeps this up, he’ll be viewed as more of a liability and problem child. He already got one head coach fired. I doubt Snyder will boot Gruden before Griffen.

  23. Only time will tell.. Gruden will give him 2 games to prove his “haters” (skins fans that want to win) wrong. Then Cousins will be our new franchise QB from there on out..

  24. Griffin may have won the internal power struggle, but doesn’t mean the Shanahan’s were altogether wrong with their preference of Cousins.

  25. RG3 is stupid or else just stubborn.
    Hes still making mistakes that rookies make. Still making bad throws and gosh, sliding is something that he doesnt get yet. I would like to him do good but he needs to start learning things quicker or someone else will get his job. He also needs to have thicker skin and not let criticism bother him too.

  26. railcarcowboy says:
    Aug 24, 2014 8:44 AM
    Wake up Gruden! He’s the second best qb on your team! He’s the fifth best in your division. Hello!?

    Fifth best in the division is a stretch. I would rank Ryan Nassib and Mark Sanchez ahead of RGMe, and maybe even Brandon Weeden.

  27. Yup, that signing of Desean Jackson sure made the Redskins a whole lot better…

    And yet, LogicalVoice remains quiet.. almost, crickets chirping.

  28. As a Skins fan I am concerned and RG3 needs to really work on connecting with his receivers in the next 2 weeks and that means before and after practice because he looked dreadful. He kept going to his check-down receivers, but Kirk on the other hand was moving the ball. I’m a huge RG3 fan, so I just hope that he can grasp this offense as the year carries on but I’m also realistic in knowing that Kirk Cousin may get the nod if RG3 continues to struggle.

  29. How long until Desean melts down? They’re gonna need more busses in Washington with all the people getting thrown under them.
    Leaders don’t make excuses. They say “I stunk the place up” and go out and try to get better. shoulda known this guy was a clown when he said no one is going to tell him how to play his position. Players are payed to adjust to new coaches and schemes, and it is especially true when you yourself wanted that old coach gone and has trashed him since. You have had this offseason and was even given more weapons. Leaders can adjust to a new scheme if the change is made mid season.
    Its clear this guy is a bust and it goes way beyond just his bad play in preseason.

    Imagine his reaction in places like NY or Dallas where the QB gets blamed even when they are the only ones playing well. This kid is a thin skinned punk.

  30. Bobby Griffin is a very good college quarterback with a very strong arm.
    And that’s it.
    His problem is that he cannot read NFL defenses to act accordingly.
    Never will.
    It’s either Kirk Cousins, or the Redskins should be looking for another quarterback.
    And the sooner the better.

  31. Better take the run first approach cause rg3 looks lost out there, run the ball first and second down and play solid defense to help groom rg3 or else i don’t see it going to well for him, it is a new system for him after all but shanahan messed him over he could be three years experienced in a pro style offense if they didn’t run a college style offense so this is year one from a prostyle offense and he doesn’t look so hoot.. httr hopefully things get better, if he’s still struggling by week six, hand the keys to cousins and let rg3 learn from the bench like rogers did for his first 3 years…

  32. I’m an RG3 fan, and I want him to do well, but his performance of late is concerning. It isn’t an overreaction when everyone can see he is struggling. Part of it is adapting his play style to a pocket passer, but another part of it is his attitude.

  33. This is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to be a top drafted qb in this league. The press, media and social media blow them up so much until they believe the hype then proceed to crush them when they fail. This has to be difficult for the psyche of the player that it can become impossible to succeed. That said, RGIII is playing poor football right now and probably needs to acknowledge he needs to work hard and improve.

  34. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    Maybe RGIII’s mistake is not seeing how offensive his offense is instead of seeing the reactions as too strong.

  35. darabbler says:
    Aug 24, 2014 2:11 PM
    It is hard being a browns fan, but the redskins make it easier.
    Oh finally a Cleveland Clowns fan is admitting it sucks to be a Clowns fan.
    Oh boy, I guess the Johnny Clipboard has done some wear and tear on their hopes of having an exciting season. The browns will always be winners 5 games like they have in the last 6 years.

  36. Freakin preseason and this guy is already trying to make excuses. Isnt’t he supposed to be leading the team this year?

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