Wes Welker suffers another concussion


For the third time during his brief tenure with the Broncos, Wes Welker has suffered a concussion.

Welker took a hard hit to the helmet from Texans safety D.J. Swearinger during Saturday night’s preseason game, drawing a 15-yard penalty. Welker immediately left the game and the Broncos confirmed afterward that he had suffered a concussion.

The 33-year-old Welker also suffered two concussions last season, one in Week 11 and one in Week 14. This is the third concussion Welker has suffered in his last 10 games.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders on the next play and immediately got in Swearinger’s face, drawing a 15-yard taunting penalty. Manning said afterward that he went after Swearinger because he was concerned about Welker. For his part, Swearinger does not think he deserved to be penalized.

“I led with my shoulder. That’s the only thing I could do. He’s a short guy,” Swearinger said. “There are some fine lines with hits. I could have tried to go low, but he ducked his head.”

Welker will go through the NFL’s normal concussion protocol, and there will be no word any time soon on whether he can play in the Broncos’ regular-season opener in two weeks.

75 responses to “Wes Welker suffers another concussion

  1. Manning doing his best to scramble Welker’s brain the same way he did with Collie. He is one of the worst QBs in the league about leading receivers into big hits.

  2. Welker with Brady: no concussions
    Welker with Peyton : 3 concussions.

    You can jaw all you like peyton but you tried to kill wes with that pass in traffic. #BradyIsBetter

  3. Swearinger took a cheap shot. Manning knew it and went after him, we all saw it…and the league will fine him for it.

    Real class act there, Texans.

  4. Good point about Austin Collie. A fine player who’s career was shortened by injuries. He made some clutch catches in very reps with the Pats last year but you could tell Brady trusted him to be in the right spot, catch the ball, and get a key first down.

    How many.concussions are too many for a guy of Weller’s age?

  5. Yeah it may be time for Welker to give it up.

    How about Swearinger though? Every time I hear about or see this guy it’s because he’s doing something dirty.

  6. Welker should be studied after he is done playing to see what he looks and sounds like at 40 and then 50. Unfortunately, I expect that it will not look good.

    p.s.– Hey NFL, how about you invest as much time in acquiring the safest helmet possible (there are better ones on the market now) and not worry so much about TD celebration or what swear words are used on the field.

  7. Suh gets a headline when he makes a borderline hit, yet Swearinger had one ridiculous cheap shot to end a season last year & went for another last night. Dirty dirty dirty

  8. Now he’s gona get an even bigger helmet and look even MORE goofy! They should but him in a knock around ball.

  9. DJ Swearinger is the guy who wiped out Dustin Keller’s knee in a cheap shot in the Dolphin preseason game last year. Totally unnecessary hit at the end of the game. Keller hasn’t played a game since.
    Swearinger seems to be making a name for himself by taking out good players in preseason games.

  10. Watching the play, I understood the flag, but I don’t think Swearinger made a dirty hit. Just the angles and timing/speed involved, I’m not sure what else he could have done. Hope Welker’s okay–he’s taken enough blows to the head for a whole career.

  11. The ironic thing is that Manning has invited these types of injuries to receivers after his tantrum to the league about the Seahawks defense. With the refs calling every touch foul, defenses are more likely to play zone. With more zone defenses come more big hits on receivers.

  12. So a guy who has had one concussion, then comes back and gets another and does it again will line up as a plaintiff to sue the league becuase of repeated concussions?

  13. Swearinger is a monster.. the SC defense with him & Clowney was fun to watch, looking forward to v. 2.0

  14. Good luck wes hope you recover fully but I think its time to have a good hard look at whats going on with these one after another concussions.

    Hope all is good

  15. Poor Wes. He’s a soldier…. At least the broncos admit when he’s concussed. If it was the Pats, Wes would have caught (dropped) the next pass, cause BB wouldn’t consider pulling him out….

  16. I feel bad for Wes. I already noticed he doesn’t speak quite the same as he did a couple of years ago. I saw the same thing with Steve Park years ago in another sport.

    Whether he keeps playing or not, I wish him the best.

  17. On a recent thread I called out Merriweather for his head shots and think many feel the same way . Wes Welker and many WRs when the shot is coming over the middle they lower their head right into the direct hit. I never played WR and maybe that’s a natural instinct but no way would I consider Swearinger’s hit dirty because he came with his shoulder, was plenty low and didn’t launch.

  18. Time for Welker to retire, he made something like 30 million with the Pats plus whatever he’s made for the Broncos. No need to turn his brain to mush.

  19. Second preseason in a row that Swearinger’s dirty play has gotten another guy hurt.

  20. Loved Mr. Welker as a Patriot.

    I hope he saved his money and can retire without any negative effects from playing.

    Only problem was that he probably did not make a lot of money early as he was not drafted.

    If the doctors clear him, OK, but concussions come easier the more you have.

    After all the great games I have seen him in, it would be a shame to see him in a lawsuit 5 years from now complaining about NFL mistreatment.

    Might be time to hang up the cleats.

    Great career.

  21. Ya Idk how in the world anyone let this guy back onto the field. They had to give him the spaceballs helmet last year.. It ain’t worth it Wes they have a billion other receiving options. Hang it up!

  22. I don’t think it was intentional. I’m am a Bronco fan for the record, and I think Swearinger makes a good argument. There’s a fine line indeed.

  23. Really can’t blame Manning – this is how Welker plays – it’s a credit to him that he gives everything on every play, and is the reason he’s got great regular season stats.

    But it also makes him a big injury risk – which is why the Broncos refused to offer him anywhere near what the Patriots did.

  24. You’ve had a nice career Wes….time to hang em up so you still remember your name in 15 years.

    The alternative is NOT pretty.

  25. As a long time Pats fan, I was sorry to see Welker leave. Time to stop playing with your brain, Wes. Three concussions in eight or nine months? Time to protect yourself from further injury. So that you can have some quality to post football life.

    Good luck to him.

  26. I can see how Swearinger’s act can get old for opponents and fans of other teams. Kind of like he’s a knucklehead but he’s our knucklehead. However, that hit last night was not dirty. Shoulder to shoulder and his left hand incidentally hit Welker’s helmet because Welker’s head was low. Swearinger should not be fined for that hit.

    Problem is, he won’t ever get the benefit of the doubt because he’s such a loudmouth.

  27. Give me a break! How are you supposed to hit receivers in this league anymore? If That is considered a Dirty Hit then the folks claiming so need to start watching ARENA League because REAL Football is played this way folks!

  28. He had at least one concussion in New England. He took a near identical hit in 2008 with New England against the Steelers. Of course, no penalty was called then.

    He is the kind of player you want on your team. Gives it his all every play. I hope he can recover and continue to live a normal life.

  29. Swearinger led with his shoulder and did not target Welker’s head. It was a bang bang play and Welker ducked as he caught the ball which is how he got hit in the head. If there is a next time he should keep his eyes and head up to protect himself from the hit.

    Manning led him right into Swearinger there was not much that could be done.

  30. How can anyone say Swearinger took a cheap shot on Keller and then say he took a cheap shot on Welker?

    Swearinger lead with his shoulder to try and tackle a guy who is already 5’8 and when he gets low is 5’4 or so. The only alternative would have been for Swearing to go for his legs and two things could have happened 1) Welker hurts his knee or 2) Welker slips out and gains more yards.

    This is why Gronkowski blew out his knee against the Dolphins last year. The DB dove at his legs when he was catching the ball.

    These DBs have such a short amount of time to decide whether they tackle high or low.

    The defender has to make a

  31. I don’t like the head hits but by the time Welker ducks his head it is probably less than 4 feet off the ground.

    Where are you supposed to hit the guy when he makes the target so small?

  32. Wes sustained a number of head blows while in NE, many on punt returns but some over the middle on passes as well. Some of the hits were so outrageous they could have killed him if he wasn’t such a tough sob. Ryan Clark tried to take his head off (see YouTube). I remember one punt return where he just crumpled and froze in a fetal position after a helmet to helmet hit. Time to walk away Wes, please save yourself. Buy some more race horses and enjoy your life.

  33. If Welker keeps his head up he doesn’t get hit in the head. Still gets hammered but in the chest.

    RB’s aren’t allowed to lead with their head outside the tackle box. Maybe WR’s shouldn’t lead with their head after they’ve made a catch.

    That said Swearinger has still tried to ‘hit’ him. Instead of tackling. When you teach guys how to tackle they make more plays and they still get the big bone crunching tackles that appear like hits.

    That’s what they’ve done in Seattle and I commend them on that part of their game.

  34. For those who are complaining about Manning leading receivers into traffic.. that is football. Slot receivers know exactly what they are getting into when running their routes over the middle. It is inevitable that you will get hit, and hard. These are grown men who have trained and their whole lives to play this sport. If they don’t want to get hit then why don’t they quit and get a normal job like the rest of us, stop treating these guys as if they are being forced to play football. If i had the choice knowing the risk, if I were able to play I would. We all have choices to make in life and these guys choose to play football, stop babying them, and if you want to criticize someone.. criticize the guys for the dirty hits when they are clearly trying hurt someone.. not the guy who is doing his job by throwing the football to a spot where his receiver can catch it.

  35. it looked like a good hit to me. and as far as manning leading him into it I dont think he can see every DB in the field and welker is smaller than most corners anyways and ducking down makes even a smaller target to hit.I think the league should give a pass on this one………..

  36. Don’t like to see a injury, but what are defenders going to do? Just let wes welker slide underneath you as you dove over them and they get back up on their feet after sliding and run for a touchdown?

  37. @tsaints123, Brees and Brady don’t do it and nobody throws to the slot more than they do. It’s part of QB’s job not to put his WR in harms way not only for their health, but to get optimal RAC yards as well. WR often don’t know what the D is doing behind them so its on the QB to read that and react accordingly. It’s not about babying them it’s about what’s best for the football team.

  38. Hey, at least the increased focus on concussions led to some good. If we change the setting to a regular season game 5-10 years ago, they’d have given him some smelling salts and thrown him right back in, just like they used to do with Wayne Chrebet.

  39. Really have to wonder how many unreported concussions happened during his NE tenure.

    This is 3 in his last 7 games played. I get that he is chasing a ring, but that is not good and you are more vulnerable to another each time you have one.

  40. First Welker has proven to be a receiver who deserves respect.

    Second Manning is a great QB.

    Third – let’s talk about who is making these helmets and why technology has not been applied to mitigate this risk? Someone joked about the DARK HELMET from SPACE BALLS. No Joke. QBs have smaller pads. Slot receivers may need larger helmets. End.

  41. The NFL is a business, and a merciless business at that. When a piece of business equipment, aka a player, starts its (inevitable) decline a smart businessman, aka the GM, moves to get rid of that equipment ASAP, preferably with a profit.

    Belichik of New England is as ruthless as anybody, probably much more so.

    3 examples – his letting Richard Seymour go in a trade to the Raiders a few years ago, his letting Welker walk after the 2012 season, and yesterday’s trade of Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay.

    Seymour – had 1 year left on his contract and would probably want a whopper of a next contract even though he was past his peak.

    Welker – didn’t get along with Belichik and was getting up there and would want a whopper of a next contract.

    Mankins – 33 (?) years old and not getting any better, even though he was playing at a high level.

    Next? Gronkowski – injury prone and even though he has a whopper of a contract the Burger-King part of it doesn’t kick in until 2015.


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