Broncos making contingency plans for Welker absence


The Broncos think, or maybe it’s hope, that Wes Welker will be back after his latest concussion.

But plans are being made, just in case.

We have a next-guy-up mentality around here,” wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said, via Troy Renck of the Denver Post. “But we want to make sure Wes is good, because we all want to get him back.”

Wideout Demaryius Thomas talked to Welker this weekend and said: “I believe he’s going to be good.”

But that might just be players talking, as Welker’s now had three concussions in the last 10 months, and will have to pass through the league’s concussion protocol before he can return.

If he misses any time — and with two weeks to recover, that’s no certainty — the Broncos can tweak their offense. Sanders ran plenty of slot receiver for the Steelers, and has been practicing all three receiver positions since joining the Broncos. If he moves inside, Andre Caldwell will see more time in three-receiver sets as well.

But at the moment, they don’t know if they have to resort to that, or whether it will become a long-term plan.

10 responses to “Broncos making contingency plans for Welker absence

  1. The guy needs to call it quits. He will continue to get them. If he wants to live a good life later he better quit now. It is not worth it.

  2. With the emergence of Cody Latimer, they can also use him outside with Sanders in the slot. Then in 4 wide looks, it can be DT/Latimer outside, with Caldwell and Sanders in the slot. It definitely opens the door for Burse to make the team as WO 5.

  3. Adam Theilen is this type of receiver. If the Vikings don’t sign him this year, the Bronco’s should jump on him. I don’t think the Vikings know what they have there since it has been so long since they had a reliable passing attack> This kid is a Welker type guy with speed.

  4. After three concussions in ten months I’d guess he’ll be out about a Month. Don’t know who they play the first two weeks but I’m guessing it’ll be without welker. Maybe there IS something to what a lot of other posters are saying about manning leading receivers into big hits. I don’t remember welker having concussion issues all the years he played with Brady.

  5. New England Patriots fan here praying for Wes.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him retire but you don’t need to know him personally to understand that idea would kill him and he’ll fight to stay on the field.
    Hope you’re out there aggravating us for years to come, Wes.

  6. I would hope that (1) Welker can make a medical/life decision in consultation with his personal doctors and (2) that if he decided to step away for medical reasons (that were the direct result of his work as an NFL player) that he would be kept whole financially. Alas, his love of the game may trump he should at least have that option. An option I believe a prudent man would take.

  7. Broncos are more than fine at WR. Welker wasn’t gonna be asked back next year anyway. Caldwell and 2nd round round Cody Latimer are more than capable of holding it down. Get well soon Wes!

  8. This is almost starting to be like last year for them…Clady, Von Miller..this year Prater, Wes Welker…Then who?

    Despite Prater getting a DUI, the Broncos seemed unusually preapred for Wes to have a problem with injury. Sanders can play the slot and outside, they re signed Caldwell which now looks like a great move and don’t forget Tamme can line up in the slot too. Seems fine to me. Hope Wes gets better

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