Buccaneers bringing in Incognito for a visit, possibly more

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The Buccaneers aren’t interested in Richie Incognito.

Unless they are.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Bucs are bringing Incognito in for a visit. If all goes well, he’ll be offered a job.

Coach Lovie Smith recently hinted that, if the team had any interest in Incognito, he already would have been in for a visit.  But crappy performances from the team’s current crop of interior offensive lineman apparently has caused Smith and G.M. Jason Licht to revisit the situation.

For Incognito, it’s the first serious look he’s gotten since receiving a suspension from the Dolphins that lasted for the balance of the 2013 season.

The 31-year-old Incognito made it to the Pro Bowl in 2012. The league office may attempt to impose further discipline on Incognito. The NFLPA likely would resist, based on the argument that separate punishments for the same offense can’t be imposed by the team and the league.

67 responses to “Buccaneers bringing in Incognito for a visit, possibly more

  1. Richie may be a meat-head jerk, but there are guys who have done far worse and continue to play in the NFL. Incognito is still an above average guard, and he didn’t hurt Miami with unsportsmanlike penalties on gameday, as he did with other teams early in his career.

    The Bucs would do well to sign him.

  2. Hell.. He should be in the league and the head of the players union… They know the deal… Not the media with their opinions

  3. He deserves to be in the nfl, he was a scapegoat for the media. while all his teammates both current and past were sticking up for him the media made him to be worse than Hernandez. Guy is a pro bowl guard, shouldn’t have taken this long to get him on a team.

  4. I thought the Giants should have signed him. First of all everyone knew he was going to get a second chance.. Why not the Giants? He could play the “changed man” card. I know the Giants have John Jerry, but Icognito is an upgrade. Sure he would be a story, but how many stories can these guys right. A bigger story that can be written every week is that the Giants O-line had massive changes and they still suck. You can write that story every week. Right now the offensive line doesn’t look better than last years team, even with Schwartz in there.

  5. If guys who assault their spouses, murder someone while intoxicated, and drug addicts can get a second chance, there is no reason why Incognito shouldn’t get a second chance.

  6. They must be beyond desperate. This guy will test Lovie like he’s never been tested before.

  7. Incognito had a history with the Rams on of course with the Dolphins. To deny someone of their livelihood when others have done far worse is a little bit steep. Hopefully someone gives him a chance.

  8. Bucs O-line is so bad. Please scoop this guy up. We need all the help we can get. Even if he’s had issues in the past, people can change and if anyone can keep him in line, it would be Lovie.

  9. If he can solidify that line, do it, between Lovie and the teams leaders V.Jackson, McCoy, David and Goldson, I’m sure any locker room shenanigans will be tempered..

  10. Pounceys get a pass, Rice gets two games, Smith, oh he needs help, Irsay? nothing…. Richie got a pc lynching for whiny mamma’s boy who’s too soft to play the game…. Richie should be playing and Martin should be teaching school somewhere.

  11. Players can smoke weed a couple hours before a game – beat up their girlfriends – force themselves on co-eds – drive drunk and kill teammates but don’t you dare bully someone because you’ll be blacklisted.

  12. Gotta love the jets blowhard that says we need a new HC. So you think Rex Ryan sets the bar huh? If Buffalo is a dumpster then jersey is the landfill. Looking forward to seeing your team implode yet again loser.

  13. Or, they could wait till all the other teams cut down to their 53 and pick up a guy who will be younger, cheaper, not have the baggage and be just as good as Ritchie is at this point in his career.

  14. The packers should bring Richie in for a visit. Ted Thompson believes in giving players with a troubled history second chances. They need help now more then ever, with JC Tretter out multiple weeks and Don Barclay out for the season.

  15. Suspended twice in NCAA, got out of being arrested twice in NFL, and cut from team after Bullying extreme racism and death treats to a teammate! He’ll fit in! We need to get Talib and Blount back!

  16. I don’t blame the Bucs looking at him. He did a good job with the Dolphins in his playing, his behavior was a little strange, and god knows what was going on with Jonathon Martin. I wish the Dolphins would have taken him back, but that can’t happen now. I like Ritchie so good luck to him, there are plenty worse than him out there in the NFL.

  17. He’s a far superior player to Jonathan Martin who’s surprisingly in the running for a starting job on a contending 49ers team.
    Someone needs to give him a shot.

  18. He’s just been Really Incognito about his bullying in the off season but he’s now ready to show the NFL he can do it even better in Tampa. ……

    Go Ritchie Go……

    Free the Incognito. ..lol

  19. Sign that man! Bucs line looked a bit better vs Bills, but that guard position needs some serious work. Good job at running Joseph out of town, really smart.

  20. Talented player but buyer beware. He is probably a sociopath. There is a reason why he has been kicked off every team in college and the NFL. The Dolphins thought his behavior was under control and he was a team leader and then found out the extent of his bullying.
    Tampa Bay will have him on a short leash and he may do well, but there is probably a serious mental health issue.

  21. I, and most of Tampa, are thrilled with the Lovie higher. However, his and Licht’s handling of the O-line has been downright fool-hardy!

    This squad had a bad year last year and needed some attention but, before ever seeing them on the field L & L released two former pro-bowler, in Joseph & Penn and traded Zuttah, who is at least an average NFL lineman that plays both C/G. They knew G Hicks would never play again and they still waited to replace the guards with two late-middle round picks.

    Now, Joseph is starting in St. Louis, Penn in Oakland, Zuttah in Baltimore and even Larsen on his team. The veterans they brought-in, Collins & Dietrich-Smith have not impressed. (Explicative!!)
    The Chicago fans told us Lovie doesn’t know O-line & QB’s, I hope they’re wrong, but I can’t argue them on this point, at this point. (Explicative!!!)

  22. Of course a Pats fan would think Incognito got the shaft. If the Buc’s do sign Incognito, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be on the Pat’s roster, oh that’s right Schiano is’nt there to cut players anymore so the Patriots can pick them up for nothing.

  23. Even if they sign him and IF he still has gas in the tank, this is a bad sign. Offensive lines take a long time to get cohesion; you can’t create that in the two weeks we have left before the regular season.

  24. As said above, much worse offenses are routinely forgiven. Wonder how long it will take him to be ready to play? Not too worried about a recurrence of his “problem”. Likely he will be grateful for the second chance and do well. Plus, the rest of the team will be watching for any inappropriate behavior and stop it before it starts. Bucs just need another piece or two to be contenders. Tough schedule, though.

  25. Dolphins fan here…..

    Incognito can play and hope the Bucs give him a legit shot at the team.

    Most Fin fans feel he got a raw deal last year in Miami.

  26. @bringbucsback:

    The problem is that you listen to Chicago fans. The vast majority on here are like bitter, jaded ex-girlfriends who can’t get over it. After seeing them vs Seattle the other night I’m not really impressed. Lovie isn’t the best coach out there but he’s far from the worst. Funny they never mention the owners, the GM, and the horrible OCs over the years for their lack of winning. The Bucs D is getting back to the D of old. We’ll enjoy Lovie in TB and Chicago can enjoy being 3rd-4th best in the NFCN.

  27. I’m bummed Seattle didn’t snatch him up. What took so long? Who cares he’s wired like a meathead, the guy can play.

  28. Why didn’t they bring him in 3-4 weeks ago I think is the bigger question.

    I’m guessing they were kicking the tires on a possible trade for Alex Boone and when that didn’t happen, went this route. This would be good for Incognito and the Bucs. They need help at Guard (badly) and Incognito needs another chance. Bonus for the Bucs is that they can get a quality Lineman on the cheap. C’mon to Tampa Richie.

  29. I’m no fan of Incognito, but enough is enough.

    The guy made the Pro Bowl in his last full season. He paid a heavy price. He’s the only person involved in the scandal that doesn’t have a job.

    There are people active in the league that have done far worse. It’s time to give the man a shot to get his career back.

  30. Incognito is a meathead and a hothead, but he got shafted in that media-driven drama. The investigation seemed thorough but there were plenty of areas that needed further exploration. To many “why” questions went unasked. His behavior was bad but not nearly as bad as some in the league who didn’t even merit a suspension.

    On the field, he was a gamer for Miami. He played well and did not get the dumb penalties he was known to get on previous teams. Tampa should sign him and not even think twice about it.

  31. Was Incognito a jerk to Martin? Yes

    Does Martin strike me as the type of person who would not respond rather than telling someone his feelings? Yes

    Give Cognito another chance. What happened in Miami was a break down in communication. That could have happened in any locker room. I DO NOT CONDONE HOW INCOGNITO ACTED, but sometimes people can’t tell how their actions effect someone. I’m sure everyone has had a relationship where they pushed too far and the person finally snaps. If people can’t communicate their feelings, these things happen.

    I’d gladly accept Incognito on the Broncos as long as he knew he wasn’t going to operate as he did in Miami.

  32. There are at least 15 teams in the league that would upgrade their O-line by signing this guy. Especially if it was a team friendly deal.

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