Charlie Whitehurst remains ahead of Zach Mettenberger in Tennessee

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Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger has completed 31-of-44 passes for 417 yards and a touchdown over the last two weeks while Charlie Whitehurst has been out of the lineup with an injury to his throwing hand.

That isn’t enough to push him ahead of Whitehurst on the depth chart, however. Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said that Whitehurst remains the No. 2 behind Jake Locker to start the season.

“Charlie’s had a very good preseason, too, and a very good camp,” Whisenhunt said, via the Tennessean. “I’ve said Charlie was the two coming in, and I don’t think that is going to change.”

Mettenberger has thrown for 504 yards overall this preseason, which is the most in the league, but has also turned the ball over four times. While the rookie’s upside is almost certainly better than anything we’ve seen from Whitehurst over the course of his career, so is the downside right now and that may explain why Mettenberger remains in the third spot.

21 responses to “Charlie Whitehurst remains ahead of Zach Mettenberger in Tennessee

  1. Only a matter of time before Mett is the starter. I bet after the bye week. The coaches speak with excitement when talking about Mett. We don’t hear that about Locker.

  2. How Charlie Whitehurst still has a NFL job is beyond me.

    The only thing he has shown is that he can’t play QB.

    Maybe he’s a great locker room guy, but he couldn’t win a game if called upon.

  3. whitehurst is wiz’s guy. wiz is to stubborn to change even when it clear one is better than the other. ask the cards how he did there. get ready “we made mistakes, we just have to work harder next week.”

  4. Has anyone watched Mettenberger this preseason? He’s doing very well. He’s playing with accuracy and confidence.

  5. Keep in mind Locker’s having his best preseason yet and has been performing better against starters than Mettenberger has against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Locker’s had a much higher passer rating and no turnovers to Mettenberger’s 4.

    That said, the rookie has been impressive and I can’t help but wonder if Whisenhunt is keeping him at No. 3 on the depth chart just to avoid a QB controversy with Locker in the press.

  6. If you have to throw a guy in there in the middle of the game when he got limited/no reps during the week, personally I have no problem with it being the veteran.

    If Locker goes down for an extended stretch (unfortunately always a worry with him), that to me is totally different and they should consider bumping Mettenberger up then. Love his upside.

    If there’s one strong opinion I’ve formed based on preseason, it’s that Locker does NOT look like a weak link. At all. It’s the sieve that is the first team defense that has been brutally hard to watch.

  7. “Charlie’s had a very good preseason, too, and a very good camp,” Whisenhunt said.

    So did Ryan Lindley in 2012. Where did both go? Outside of Glendale.

    Tennessee = worst coaching hiring of the off season. Kolb good under Reid, bad under Whiz. Hoyer good under Norv Turner, bad under Whiz. Matt Leinart, good as a rookie for Dennis Green, bad under Whiz. Derek Anderson, good under Chudzinski and somewhat Mike Shula in the preseason, bad under Whisenhunt.

    What’s the theme here? Whisenhunt can’t coach QB’s well.

    Say goodbye to your future Titans fans.

  8. I was stunned that he last into the 5th round even with his past “issues ” . I bet he does become a starter eventually .

  9. Locker has not completed a single season since he has played “big boy” football (college or NFL). Whitehurst has not even played. Zach looks great, has a stronger arm, just needs to hold onto the ball better while in traffic. Two of his interceptions are the fault of the receivers. We will see Zach playing for the Titans, and not in a mop-up action.

  10. I am a bit suprised that so many fans think Mettenberger should be the starter. Let’s be realistic here, he has played in 3 preseason games against 2nd, 3rd, and 4th team defenses. Rusty Smith “played well” in presason 3 seasons ago and fans talked about him starting! Locker played very well last season, until the injury. He has proven he can win in this league and will prove it again this season. What fans should be concerned about is the defense….thats the weak link at the moment!

  11. As I said, Locker has never completed a season, period. Therefore, the discussion is more around the backup than on Locker. I am saying that Mettenberger is better than Whitehurst. Period. And, that Locker will not complete this season. These are odds that even Vegas would not bet on.

  12. Locker is the starter, Jesus is the two. If locker does succumb to injury then mett will be the starter. Why? Because Jesus is clearly theTWO!! That doesn’t change because of injury.

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