Dennis Allen: Matt Schaub still on pace to start opener


Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub missed a second straight day of practice on Monday because of a sore elbow, but coach Dennis Allen insists that the team is not planning a reprise of last year when Matt Flynn’s elbow trouble led to Terrelle Pryor making a late leap up the depth chart.

“I don’t look at those two situations as the same,” Allen said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, when asked about the similarity to the way things played out at quarterback last season.

Allen also said that Schaub remains on pace to start the season opener against the Jets despite his elbow injury, which Allen said is not a major concern for him, and absence from practices that it appears he needs based on his preseason performances. Schaub is 24-of-47 for 218 yards and an interception in three appearances this summer, numbers that don’t look that different from what he put up in Houston before getting benched last season.

We’ll see how the Raiders wind up handling Thursday’s preseason finale, but it seems likely that rookie Derek Carr will get extended playing time after missing last week’s game against the Packers.

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  1. I don’t think which QB the Raiders use this season matters that much. None of those guys are very good.

    Last good Raiders QB was Rich Gannon….that’s been a while…..Well, it’s going to be a while longer…

  2. “Matt Schaub still on pace to start opener.” Headlines like that start runs on the sportsbooks in Vegas to bet against the Raiders. Of course, that is the only place because betting is illegal everywhere else, so no one bets on games outside Nevada.

  3. GOD, He’s a bum… And I’m a Raiders fan. Allen is determined to keep him as the starter even though I feel like Carr and McGloin completely out played him. This will be Allen’s last year as the Raiders HC.

  4. Got to love the RAIDERS!! Have stunk for 11years but still have the most Super Bowls in their division. It’s a shame those other teams stink so much they can’t even catch them

  5. Yea and Dennis Allen you are still on pace to lose the only chance you will EVER have to be a head coach in the NFL. See ya! Take Mr Jacked Up Afro Mckenzie with you.

  6. Every year, as a Raider fan I always have high hopes going into the season. This year not so much. 1) McGloin gives the team the best chance too win at the QB position. 2) Two oft injured RB’s 3) Older CB’s that have struggled in the pre-season. 4) Toughest schedule in the NFL. Hopefully I’m wrong…But my expectations are low.

  7. Raiders made all the right moves cutting guys….made solid draft picks….but they blew the biggest thing they needed to change….when they kept a LOUSY head coach. Biggest fear is they’ll be just enough better to have Reggie decide to keep Allen for ANOTHER year. UGH!

  8. McGloin is a more accurate passer and has the leadership skills. The challenge for Carr is to beat out McGloin.

    The Raiders should cut Schaub for week one and then bring him in week 2 at reduced pay. Then his salary is not guaranteed and he can be cut later in the season when the Raiders are convinced he is no longer needed as a back up.

    The Raiders should go with the youngsters and get them the experience.

  9. This coaching staff would rather go down in flames with a veteran QB and deflect the blame on him for another failed season then do the right thing and start McGloin. They’re too scared to make this unconventional move for fear of looking incompetent and losing their jobs because they benched a proven vet who is clearly past his prime and started a player that wasn’t drafted.

  10. I have been a Raider fan for 45 years, and never thought I would say this, but Reggie makes me miss the final years of Al.. I would rather watch him pull out his overhead projector and ream out Kiffin then watch one more second of what this turd has put on the field. At least Al had an eye for talent and a plan. It may have been dated and flawed plan but it was always a grand plan. Reggie could not pick a winning horse from road kill. In fact he would sign the road kill for 10 million after making sure it had a broken arm or was missing a spleen. I pray every day that the team is sold.

  11. Has anyone asked Schaub what’s worse? The Houston boooooing or the Oakland shoooting? He’s gonna get both at the “O”. Also, crap on the field, literally.

  12. Cant keep bringing veteran qbs over to get ousted after three preseason games.. Just cant.. Its not a proper assessment and with that line makes it almost impossible.. Regardless of whos at qb the line has got to show consistency in pass protection.. I dont see the point with the raider hate articles and the shaub bashing.. Im not a shaub fan thought we shouldve went for vick or tjax.. but u cant judge the guy by a few qtrs, bad protection, and dropped passes left and right.. I have seen alot less out of some of these other supposed starters.. Joining the bashing with the rest of the raider haters is not the way we roll raider nation!!

  13. I did have high hopes for this season. But the bottom line is that Schaub can’t put the team on his shoulders and make the necessary plays count. He needs a OL that protects him, he’s inability to be mobile, needs a PRO-BOWL (WR,TE, and RB) and a sout D encase Schaub can’t hold his own.
    Whatever happened last season between the ears has really shown up this year as well. Like Gannon said this morning. “I’m not sure Schaub is ready based on his body of work this year. He’s shown the inability to step into the pocket and make the throws.”

    If this season is another failure. DA and Reggie are gone. Mark my words…….

  14. Tarp/EBT Nation will rise to the top and go 15 -1 and win the Super Bowl in 2015.


    San Francisco 49ers supremacy…..

  15. That Oline is still awful. I guess the Raiders didn’t get the message.

    Can’t win if QB can’t throw.

  16. It really does start with the O-line and I don’t think any Raiders fan who’s watched the games so far thinks the line is where it needs to be. Factor in a QB who’s lost his confidence, mediocre receivers, outdated play calling and impatient fans and you have a mess. And being in a constant state of denial regarding the WR’s isn’t helping. Haven’t had a true #1 since Touchdown Timmy Brown hung ’em up.
    The defense is filled with older players – not good when you consider how three-and-out prone this offense appears to be.
    Had such high hopes all that cash we had to use in free agency would be used to make a bigger impact on the overall talent – hopefully the season will prove they spent wisely but early returns are not very good.

  17. Nothing quite like some on field performance to shut up about 60% of the loud mouth Raider fans that were on here a month ago. As soon as the regular season starts, the only ones left will be the ones that troll Bronco stories all day.

  18. dougydougdoug says: Aug 25, 2014 5:21 PM

    Charger fans try and try, but just can’t get a handle on the “Choo Choo” thing.

  19. Tommy boy Davis and his master plan to turn off the Oakland fanbase to justify his move to San Antonio.He isn’t smart enough to seal the deal and get them to LA.

  20. raiderapologist says:
    Aug 25, 2014 5:21 PM
    Schaub had better preseason numbers than Alex Smith. Or Colin Kaepernick. Or Bob Griffin. Does anyone really care?

    Umm… Would you take Schaub over any of those guys?

  21. Sad that Oakland’s best case scenario is a healthy Matt Schaub. It’s almost like the Raiders want to lose.

  22. And people wondered why Al Davis kept firing coaches? The one time they keep a coach, they get this crap. At least this time you can’t blame it on lack of talent.

  23. It doesn’t matter if he has better “PRESEASON” numbers than Alex Smith RGIII or Kaepernick they are all more accomplished than him in the league. But he gets a pass while everyone else is overly criticized

  24. raiderapologist says: Aug 25, 2014 7:42 PM

    dougydougdoug says: Aug 25, 2014 5:21 PM

    Charger fans try and try, but just can’t get a handle on the “Choo Choo” thing.

    – – –

    Not a Chargers’ fan. But like most, quite the fan of NOT being a Raiders’ fan. If the “nation” was more humble, and well-spoken, then the taunting would lose its charm. But considering the absurdity of the “nation” – this is quite delicious, to say the least! Do you hear that horn around the bend…?

  25. Why the national media calls McKenzie a great GM who always drafts well and signs great FA working the cap masterfully…….is beyond me. Is it because he is black? And are they afraid to be called racists if they question his decisions?

  26. In a QB starved league, there’s a reason no one else wanted Scrub, even as cheap as a 6th.

    How does a team with so many top 5 picks STILL not have a franchise QB?

    Dumpster diving at the position is the reason for the 0fer decade/s.

  27. How many regimes and quarterback shuffles does Matt McGloin have to endure as the best QB on that roster? Just because he draws a small paycheck or isn’t a household name? Russell Wilson was a nobody and played himself into a starting role. McGloin just keeps on padding the stats and outshining everyone, but it’s “nothing to see here” with that stupid GM who knows nothing.

  28. I really can’t understand what the guts saw in Shaub he was benched last year because all his INTs and a team that hasn’t had a QB for years picks the bum up and expects something different. How can you continue to let these guys run your team. What a joke and I am an east coast raider fan but I don’t know if I can do this much longer

  29. DA and MS are just bandaids until Chucky comes back next year. RM is making good picks and bringing solid FA’s. Chucky looky, and Chucky likey!

  30. This elbow is exactly what you bring out a week or so before you announce Matt McGloin is the starter, as he should be.


  31. “We talking Pre-season!” It doesn’t matter what happens in preseason anyone that thinks preseason matters is a fool.

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