Giants starters will play Thursday night, Odell Beckham won’t


The travails of the Giants first team offense have been a consistent storyline throughout preseason and they will have another chance to work out the kinks on Thursday against the Patriots.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, that the team’s starters would play 15-18 snaps during the preseason finale. Coughlin had threatened the starters with such a scenario if their play didn’t improve in last Friday’s game against the Jets.

There were some signs of life during that game, but it was still an uneven performance at best for Eli Manning and company. Complicating matters was the loss of left guard Geoff Schwartz to a dislocated toe, which will force the Giants to shuffle rookie Weston Richburg into the lineup. Right guard Brandon Mosley didn’t practice on Monday after his back tightened up on Sunday, an injury that could force the team to dig even deeper into the depth chart just before the start of the season.

Wide receiver Odell Beckham won’t be joining the starters on the field Thursday. He hasn’t returned to practice since a brief return from hamstring woes last week, something that would seem to be an important prerequisite for a player who has barely seen the practice field since the Giants made him a first-round pick in May.

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  1. “We gonna be great” says the player who hasnt played a down in the NFL. I know injuries are a pain, but never put the cart before the horse.

  2. Better to rest him and have him 100% rather than 50/50 for the whole season. Hamstrings can’t be healed unless you’re doing NOTHING.

    That said, he better come out with 2 TDs and 100yds in Week 1. Or Tom Coughlin will give him the David Wilson love.

  3. That’s why my Giants get for drafting a guy who dreamed of being a soccer player. That’s what he said during minicamp when the World Cup was approaching and before the Giants threw in the towel on the 2014 season.

    Geoff Schwartz couldn’t even make it to the Ryan Nassib era. Schwartz, Beckham, Jon Beason, David Wilson, Brandon Mosley, John Jerry and Peyton Hillis can now join the Giants alumni group as they head into retirement.

  4. Odell Beckham was the Giants first pick in the 2014 draft.

    The starters could benefit more this (pre)season had the Giants picked a top offensive lineman, rather than another receiver. This is a failure of the front office and the head coach.

  5. Eli won’t have to worry about Chandler Jones and Darell Revis but I still don’t like his chances.
    He’s a mad bomber with the wildly inconsistent but sometimes spectacular results that go with that high risk/high reward style.

    Asking him to be a 70% completion west coast guy is madness. It takes away what he can do and asks him to do what he has never shown aptitude for.

  6. Zach Martin was the way to go with that pick. I get that Beckham is a playmaker but if they can’t keep Eli upright then it doesn’t matter who the WRs are.

  7. The Jets run NY? 😂 There are very few teams that could say they won 2 Super Bowls in the past 10 years , we are one of those teams that can have our hands raised . It’s a process , I’m not concerned about OBJ because Corey Washington is playing with hunger & an edge & he’s clearly talented . Eli is streaky & he will catch flame if we can get off to a good start . Our defense has to spark us , our secondary looks great on paper but that has to translate into the game . & our offensive line needs the most work , protect Eli & make holes for our backs to get through cus they can be explosive .

  8. Makes sense. Most of the giants starters are on par with the third tier players on elite teams. Particularly victor cruz, who is number 3 receiver who tries to be a number 1.

  9. Was hoping for a healthy Giants team when the Eagles play them. Now all Philly will hear is how the Giants GM caused an Eagles sweep of the season series n not the players.

  10. I defy someone to name a worse team in the NFC than the Giants. Seriously, lets go through it. Every team in the NFC West is clearly better, except the Rams and thats because they lost Sam Bradford, but it’s still close. NFC East- Philly and WAS clearly better. Dallas is the only competition here and I’m giving the edge to Dallas. NFC South. I’ve got NO, ATL, CAR all obviously better. Only contender is the Bucs, who will be much improved( Lovie Smith, Josh McKown, Mike Evans, Defensive FA’s). NFC North- GB, DET, CHI, all better than the Giants. MIN( only contender) is much improved with Mike Zimmer. Weapons on offense, Teddy Bridgewater waiting, Zimmer and Anthony Barr will help defense tremendously.

    In conclusion, you basically have STL and Dallas as the only two teams who could be worse than the Giants. Ill put Dallas ahead of both. So, the question is, the Rams or Giants?

  11. notthetroll says:
    Aug 25, 2014 2:33 PM
    bad teams play their starters in the 4th preseason game.
    Starters played the 4th p.s. game in our last 2 SB years. What else you got?

  12. All the doom and gloom from the know-nothing haters reminds me fondly of 07 and 11 when everyone picked us to suck those years as well. When will you all learn that hatred fuels Eli and the more you upset him the more he relishes brandishing Lombardis in your faces? If you really want us to stink, I suggest that you all wish so silently or there is a good chance that we will leave you deeply upset come season’s end.

  13. This is directed mostly to the Eagle, Cowboy and jets fans in here.

    The Giants don’t always win superbowls. But when they do they do it a year all the Giant haters gain enough courage to come out of the wood work because they think enough time as past since last sb.

    But seriously Cowboy fans- you have the worst defense in NFL – shut up

    Eagle fans- your gadget offense was a fad that won’t last. You never won anything – shut up

    Jet fans – Are you serious? Really

  14. Parity in the NFL. Gotta love it. If the Giants make it to the playoffs, everybody and their dog do not want to face them. BBWC.

  15. If you think the Eagles offense is a one year wonder, you are scared and in denial, my friend. Giants will be duking it out with the Rams for worst team in the conference. You heard it hear first.

  16. Didnt hear it here 1st?.. all the trolls here have been blabing that all preseason. . Richie the dbag, well b waiting in these same gmen pages u troll in a couple months. Come back n visit us, u can check out r trophies while u talk about how “next years gona b r year” lmao win something n come back, well talk then

  17. The Giants offensive woes are overblown. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Installing a completely new and different offensive playbook under the new CBA agreement which restricts the amount of live action the players see during camp will affect any professional teams learning curve. Film sessions, 7 on 7’s, 1 on 1 workouts between opposing positions with just hats and shoulder pads is great. But nothing duplicates the work you get when your able to strap it up full pads and really get after it with live scrimmages in practice. Thats where you find out what kind of team you have and more importantly allows for the best learning experience. Call me old school but eliminating 2 a day practices in full pads is preposterous. When you cut down 50% of the full pad sessions a team can conduct a natural bi-product will a decrease in production. Would your job expect you to be more productive if they asked you to work 20 hrs a wk instead of 40? I dont make this excuse for the Giants only. I’ve seen sloppy play all over the NFL and not just on teams installing new offenses either. For my Giants it seems all the more ominous given the fact that our offense stunk up the field last year. I doubt we see any Qb including Eli post 27 int’s again and thank god… The G-men will be fine. We will ride the run game hard until the pass game gets itself together. Which is the way do it in NY anyways…..smashmouth football has always been our style. Nothing pretty about and I like it that way. If someone would finally give our coaches the memo that Eli runs the no huddle offense better than everyone in the league besides his brother we can hurry up and win another SB.

  18. I hate to compare us but, take a look at our division rivals. Im no RG3 fan but he is a bright kid with a bunch of talent. He looks very average, mediocre, sub par whateva you’d call it. As much as I despise the deadskins the issues they’re experiencing closely parallel the issues plaguing the Giants and quite a few more. New offense and a decreased time to not just learn it but perfect it. Give the Giants till the end of september before you pass judgement on the offense being futile.

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