Griffin keeps tuning out the “doubters”

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Last week, when Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III tweeted a vow to silence the ever-present “doubters,” there really weren’t many.

Now, suddenly, they’re everywhere.

The notion that backup Kirk Cousins could be the better option than Griffin suddenly has caught fire, fueled in large part by the decision of one of the more loyal employees of the organization, Joe Theismann, to muse that Cousins would win a quarterback competition, if the team saw fit to actually have one.

“You can’t worry about what doubters or what anybody on the outside says,” Griffin said Monday without specifically addressing Theismann’s remarks, via Tarik El-Bashir of  “Everybody in this locker room is all we got and it’s all we need. So what anybody says outside of [the locker room] doesn’t matter to us, doesn’t affect us, doesn’t affect us, doesn’t affect our approach to the game, doesn’t affect us out on the practice field or the game field. . . .  We’re the ones who have to go play. So you just block all that stuff out and move forward.”

Moving forward includes looking backward, at a sluggish performance during the third preseason game of the 2014 season.

“I think as an offense we put together a bad game,” Griffin said. “And they go as I go, so I have to play better. But I thought we did a good job the first two preseason games. We’ll move forward … ready to play offense at a high level.”

Moving forward also may include playing in the preseason finale, with the starting defense getting the night off.  Via Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4 in D.C., the starting offense may play a few series on Thursday night.  The starting defense won’t.

Unless Griffin and the offense play a lot better come Week One, the external chatter won’t stop regarding Cousins vs. Griffin.  If anything, it will get louder.  Unless an until Washington trades Cousins.

But Cousins remains on the team.  So cast a ballot below as to which guy should get the starting nod.

151 responses to “Griffin keeps tuning out the “doubters”

  1. RGIII is in a tough spot. He had a spectacular rookie season but doesn’t have the body type to play the spread option in the NFL. If you factor out his running ability, he and Cousins are probably of equal ability.

  2. Cousins by a lot, but I would rather see him in St. Louis with an offense that fits and needs him. Griffin sucks and being on his own without Cousins will prove it.

  3. Which young starting Quarterbacks other than Russell Wilson have had a great preseason up to this point? lol He had a fantastic, great first year when he was healthy. Let’s see what happens.

    IMO If he turns out that he’s just average when not running, it’s best to let him run but be cautious and let the chips fall where they my.

  4. I still have faith in RG3. Shanahan was the problem in Washington, not RG3.

    He’s in a new system with a new coaching staff, and the NFC East is wide open right now. Skins could steal the division.

  5. just remember this re*sk*ns fans, haloti ngata ended this dude’s CAREER

    #welaughatyou #veryhard

  6. I guess Joe is still a first class butt head he was 10 yrs ago… how does he go on national tv and start a QB controversy against the franchise who is thin skinned….RG3 is done, he doesn’t have the personality or the know how on how to change course he will continue to do the same thing and it won’t be long until we see him on the sidelines crying about being benched…I’m still rooting for you RG but this will end bad……

  7. The Redskins are better off with Cousins until RGIII is back to 100%, and then they will have some tough decisions that need to be made.

  8. as a skins fan if he is to bull headed to refuse to protect himself he’s probably to bull headed to change into a pocket passer HTTR

  9. The Redskins need to go back to the Read Option with Griffin.
    If they do Redskins offense can explode.
    If they make RG III into a pocket passer, then look for Kirk Cousins to take over at some point this year.

  10. Geez..bunch of bandwagons…95% of giu didn’t even watch the games but yet vote cousins…so ridiculous. .Griffin has not played anywhere near as bad as the media is hyping it…Kap in San Fran has lokmed awful but nobody is talking about it…just like on beat on the Skins and try and tear down a player the media built up!

  11. RG3 reminds me a lot of A-Rod, he just doesn’t have the mental fortitude to be in this game. He is a weak minded person that appears to care too much about what “haters” think of him. He is a bust, plain and simple. Its year 3 for him, if he hasn’t learned the ability read a defense yet then its not going to happen. Also, he is accurate with his throws and its critical to be an accurate passer in this league. if not, you end up like Vick and McNabb. great athletes but couldn’t put the ball where it had to go.

    That’s why guys with less tools can be greats, but it doesn’t matter how athletic you are. look at Peyton Manning. Guy never had a strong arm and not an athlete, but he can get the ball where it has to go.

    As Aikman has said on the air, you cant teach accuracy. you can fix mechanics, etc all you want but if your brain cant do the geometry to know where to place the ball on a moving target, then you cant learn it

  12. We’re all we got, we’re all we need! That’s the Seahawks pregame chant, Bobby. Why don’t you just yell “Who’s got it better than us!” while you’re at it?

  13. Kirk Cousins should be playing now as the starter, not later in the year. RG3 is in denial. He has to watch the same film as others. He sucks, plain and simple.

  14. Bring the HATE haters!! Keep on talking… by week 3, the Skins offense will have their stuff together and as was said in Star Wars, Skin’s fans will SCREAM the following at the defense of your pathetic favorite team:


  15. go kurt cousin. rg3 aint no qb anyhow its plain he ought to be a runnin back. skins fans knowd whats what in america.

  16. We’ve been through this before. If you try to make RGIII a pocket passer, he’s going to get bored and implode.

    You have to set the offense up around his strengths which is scrambling, improvising and running (so he can make a play, get emotionally charged and point a finger to the sky).

    Send a check for 100K consulting fee, thank you.

  17. RGme is a joke it’s funny how he talks like he’s actually done something in nfl skins r better off with Vince young

  18. RG3 has a press conference every day. He is rare in that he loves the attention. He craves it.
    Bob runs the risk of becoming a former QB with high potential if he can’t become a good pocket passer. Kirk Cousins is outshining him every day at practice and maybe he isn’t so good. The close personal friendship with Dan Snyder will count for zilch if he’s stringing together losses.

  19. I like the guy as a person but I really don’t see a lot of upside to his game.I think he will be out of the league in 3 years.

  20. the answer depends on what you are looking for: IF Cousins started, I’d bet on maybe a 9-7 year, possible wildcard – maybe even a playoff win. Not bad, but its never going to get better than that (see Cincinnati – that is who you will be).

    With RGIII, maybe 4-12 or 12-4, maybe a playoff win or two – maybe three, maybe get blown out – kind of depends on his phys & mental health

    the difference being, I think you know what you get with Cousins (and what Gruden can get out of him) while with RGIII, that potential is still there for better than average/junior elite status or total bust – but either way, I think you find out

  21. So since when does tuning out the haters mean that he listens to every single thing the haters say and needs to response via the media/twitter? maybe im missing something?

    kind of like him being able to read a defense means looking at the first option and if he isn’t open then running away?

    this guy is hopeless

  22. to say their “weren’t many” is completely false. All last week, Griffin was getting BLASTED for supposedly playing poorly against Cleveland. Sigh…

  23. scrp2 says:

    You have to set the offense up around his strengths which is scrambling, improvising and running (so he can make a play, get emotionally charged and point a finger to the sky).


    so basically you are saying your QB is best when not performing QB related tasks like throwing the ball and reading defenses?

  24. I liked when during his rookie season Griffin was only allowed to talk to the media on Monday and it was usually for 15-20 minutes. Gruden should bring that policy back.

  25. “RG3 has a press conference every day. He is rare in that he loves the attention. He craves it.
    Bob runs the risk of becoming a former QB with high potential if he can’t become a good pocket passer. Kirk Cousins is outshining him every day at practice and maybe he isn’t so good. The close personal friendship with Dan Snyder will count for zilch if he’s stringing together losses.”

    which way do you guys want it? Last year, they said that he was being “coddled” and wasn’t available to the media like every other player. Now, he’s available like every other player and MEDIA COMES TO HIM. If he said “I’m no longer talking to media” he’d be an a-hole. C’mon.

  26. Runnin’ around like a fool….he needs to stand there and pass the football like a quarterback’s supposed to!

  27. What a silly poll. Of course fans of the other 31 teams will vote for Cousins. As bad as Griffin has played he is still the better qb. Cousins is terrible so again of course everyone else wants there to be a a qb controversy

  28. Ok, he said they just have to block all the outsiders views and not worry about what they say…Lol, he obviously is crazy because hes the one that went on Twitter and called out the doubters. It obviously bothers him. Hes got thin skin. Hes not a good Pro
    He should learn from Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck and Wilson. Young men that know how to be grown men, classy Pros.
    RG3, you’re pathetic!!

  29. purplefilms says:
    Aug 25, 2014 5:00 PM
    to say their “weren’t many” is completely false. All last week, Griffin was getting BLASTED for supposedly playing poorly against Cleveland. Sigh…
    “Supposedly”? He was awful.

  30. uglydingo says:
    Aug 25, 2014 4:56 PM
    RG3 has a press conference every day. He is rare in that he loves the attention. He craves it.
    Bob runs the risk of becoming a former QB with high potential if he can’t become a good pocket passer. Kirk Cousins is outshining him every day at practice and maybe he isn’t so good. The close personal friendship with Dan Snyder will count for zilch if he’s stringing together losses.


    No, he has the same as any other NFL QB. They are mandated. Reporters report on him because he generates clicks which equals $$. Be real.

  31. This guy and Kaepernick need to deactivate all of their social networks and just go out there and play.

    If you don’t like what people say, try to keep them out of sight out of mind.

    Seriously, I don’t know of any quarterbacks in the history of the game that have paid as much attention to the “haters” as these guys.

  32. If he was “tuning out the doubters” wouldn’t that include not mentioning them in interviews?

    Sounds like he has as much a grip on this as he does on his offense.

  33. Man people are stupid. The guy has only had 20 attempts total in 3 games in a brand new offense, the sample size is way too small to panic over. Kirk Cousins was abysmal when he got his shot, they haven’t traded him because there is no market. RGIII will end this season with a QB rating over 90.. relax people.

  34. RG-notintheleaguein3years says he tunes out the doubters, but doesn’t him acknowledging he is tuning out the doubters the same thing tuning them in?

  35. I was at the game in Baltimore RGIII but I guess my eyes cannot see the truth and nothing I have to think or say matters to you because you’ve stopped listening to your fans, coaches, parents, etc.

  36. I watched the entire Browns-Skins game. Somehow I soldiered through. Both offenses were HORRIBLE. I don’t know that either team has any answers on the roster at QB.

  37. …and Matt Flynn should be starting in Seattle. If there was a real competition, they would have started Cousins to see him with the 1s.

    Basing any football or political decisions on Joe The-eesmann, is not advised. Instead look at Cousins work from last year. It was not impressive. This is preseason.

    I like Cousins more than Shanahan and Gruden, but not enough to replace the franchise player.

  38. This whole “doubters” sentiment gets throw around like candy, and it’s way out of context.

    It’s one thing to have people who doubt the prospects of a player entering the NFL, before he’s had a chance to show what he can do. People who project that this type of player won’t succeed before he’s had a shot – those are “doubters”, Robert.

    Then there are players who have had their chance to show what they can do, and for whatever reason, have been unsuccessful, or as in Robert’s case, have steadily declined since coming into the league. The arrow is trending down. People who are critical of such players are far too easily thrown into the “doubters” pile, when really, they’re simply “responders”.

    I know Robert wants to set up some sort of “overcoming-the-odds” scenario here, but he’s actually under-performing to expectations. Far different than the guy who comes into the league with the chips stacked against him. Nice try though, pal.

  39. RG3-13 is so full of himself. I knew his hype would die down. Now that NFL defenses has tape on him, he has never been the same. I said that about Cam, but obviously I was wrong about that. He turned out to be really good. RG3… not so much.

  40. And we got Wilson in the third round. Gladly paying him 125 million extension too. What has RG done?

  41. “I think as an offense we put together a bad game,” Griffin said. “And they go as I go, so I have to play better.

    He totally stunk up the joint and the first thing he said is that “we” had a bad game. And with the “they go as I go” comment makes it appear that he’s only guilty by association.
    Bob, if you just said after the game that you sucked, the doubters would still be there but not voicing their opinions so loudly.

  42. Kirk Cousins is playing against 2nd and 3rd string players in preseason. Last season Kirk played and showed why he is a backup QB. RGIII is going to get better in this offense he just needs more reps . In this league you need a good backup QB and we have 1 in Kirk, so all the chatter is just that . Redskins Nation we got this . HTTR

  43. Add him to the nfl one year wonder list.
    Rg no knee = rg 0 and 3.

    He only benefited from the leagues lack of knowledge of the read option.
    Now that the nfl knows how to stop the read option what has he done??????
    Oh yea he went 0 and 3 and he is going to go o and again or maby o and 4.
    How does any qb that has desean jackson and pierre fast feet garcon suck so bad? Redskins 4 and 12 at best

  44. Last year, RG3 supporters said that the problem was that RG3 was coming off an injury and didn’t have a full offseason.

    This year, he’s had a full offseason and was on the bench the final 3 weeks of the regular season.

    Has he shown signs of development or is he essentially at the same place skill-wise that he was his rookie year?

    If he isn’t developing into a better QB, then it’s either bad coaching or he’s resisting the coaching.

  45. Cousins is the better QB. Thats the only logical way of looking at it. This isn’t two years ago. RGIII has been figured out and is average at best. Still only hearing crickets from the Redskins propaganda officer. I sure do miss his six year old insight about this team.


  46. RgIII had one of the best rookie qb season of all time ( to the guy also hating on cam, both has registered the best rookie campaigns as qbs probably ever. Can’t actually threw for 4k with no wrs, while luck, Wilson and kaepernick can barley hit 3800) he tore his acl and shanahan let him try n play through it. I think 98% of football players if given the option of playing or not playing a playoff game, ESPECIALLY as a rookie qb, would play through any injury. Cousins reminds me slot of Matt Flynn, Matt mcgloin, and Clemons, smart qbs but lack the size strength and or speed to make it. They look amazing vs 2-3rd stringers every precession though. Did people alrdy forget cousins started the last 3 games last year and stunk it up?? If you draft a track star athlete like rgIII why try and change him after an amazing rookie season? Aaron Rodgers is hurt all the time just sitting in the pocket, let the kid RUN and live with w.e might happen!

  47. I think most people think RGIII has the ability to be a good if not great QB.

    It’s whether he has the priorities, the work ethic and the mental ability to be one.

  48. “I see the hate for RGIII is the same as Kap on this site. I wonder why?”

    Because both are grossly overhyped divas who portray themselves as victims of criticism.

  49. I’ve never seen such a groundswell of support for such a mediocre player. Have any of these people actually looked at Kirk Cousins’ career stats?

    8 TD, 10 INT, 56% completion rate, 6.5 ypa

    That’s really not impressive anywhere except Cleveland or Jacksonville. Just for comparison, here’s Griffin’s:

    36 TD, 17 INT, 63% completion rate, 7.5 ypa

    That’s what the facts say, and it took less than a minute to find them out on Theisman must live in some alternate universe if he thinks Cousins has outplayed Griffin thus far. I mean, Griffin has a TD:INT ratio over 2:1, while Cousins has thrown more INT than TD, and has racked up 10 in only 203 pass attempts, an average of an INT every 20 passes. That’s a lot. It means if he threw 30 times per game, he would accumulate 24 INT in a full season. This doesn’t even factor in Griffin’s rushing, and for all we know, 210 lb Kirk Cousins may also turn out to be injury prone behind a bad OL.

    However, one area where Cousins beats Griffin is mental toughness. RGIII seems very insecure, which is troubling for someone that is supposed to be the franchise QB. Griffin won’t achieve his immense potential until he wins the battle inside.

  50. Rabbit ears involved his dad in his battle with the regime, I can’t give this guy the benefit of the doubt anymore.

  51. He was over-hyped from the beginning!! They are teaching him to be a pocket QB, he doesn’t fit in that mold & he looks terrible to be honest! His throwing in a set stance is just as bad as Tebow’s to be truthful!!

  52. It’s about that time to cut the losses and just move him out.
    Clearly you just can’t lose cousins and let him go.
    A lot of interest in him.
    He’s clearly outplayed rob.
    Besides he an accident waiting to fall in your lap.
    We haven’t had a true qb sine theisman.
    How I plead to you to to end this curse!!

  53. RG: Knee—3 & Out—Me will go down as the biggest bust in history. Sorry Redskin’s fans, I don’t hate your team, RG -Me is as annoying as they come and hasn’t produced in 3 years, time to move on from this HEAVILY overrated QB…..

    Kirk Cousins is the way better option until you guys gamble on another risky QB pick in the draft.

  54. “Everyone in this locker room is all we got and all we need.” and then he added “to win three games.”

  55. I’m so sick of athletes with their “doubters” and “haters” and all of the other bullshine that these bums offer up. If you suck, people are going to call you out on it. Deal with it and just shut up. It comes along with making six, seven and eight figures. Otherwise, go find a five-figure career away from all of your “doubters” and “haters.”

  56. Cousins is just waiting for 2016….the skins will either trade him before or lose him to free agency because there is no way he stays in DC.

    Free Kirk Cousins

  57. Aaron Rodgers is hurt all the time just sitting in the pocket, let the kid RUN and live with w.e might happen!
    Ummm….wrong on both counts. A. Outside of the collarbone last year Rodgers hadn’t missed a game in more than 2 seasons. B. He doesn’t just sit in the pocket. Have you watched his games? He’s one of the most mobile qb’s in the league and has rushed more than 50 times a season since he came into the league.

  58. This guy reminds me of another African American that resides in D.C. and makes blames everyone else for his problems.

    I wish I could remember who that other guy was,

  59. What a silly poll. Of course fans of the other 31 teams will vote for Cousins.

    Of course you’re right. And of course fans of 31 other teams would vote Mallet over Brady, right? or Osweiler over Manning, right?

  60. News flash trollaikman8 they are victims of criticism. Kap was criticized by saying he raped a woman which turned out not to be true and people blame RGIII for getting shanahan fired when he hadn’t done anything since Elway retired.

  61. I think a lot people are disregarding the Ravens having a fast defense and coming after him. Jernigan chased him down and Terrance Brooks. Dont underestimate what the Ravens did with 2 2-3rd string corners. Think about that

  62. He needs to get it done this season or the RG III experiment will soon come to a close. The big winner is Marcus Mariota who will be sought after by at least 30 teams to replace their malfunctioning QB’s specifically in Cleveland, Washington, New York (Jets and Bills), and St. Louis.

  63. He just isn’t that good. What, he had a good rookie year? Yes. And then the NFL figured him out, and stopped him cold, and injured him bad.

    He is one of the most mentally weak QB’s I have ever seen. Plus, he makes it almost impossible to like him.

  64. bert1913 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 8:40 PM
    you can’t turn a running qb into a pocket passer, he is what he is.
    And a running QB that doesn’t slide can’t run very far with one leg and one knee.

  65. Shannahan got fired because of RG 3, Gruden got hired because he promised to tailor whatever offense he has around what RG 3 likes. The mistake Snyder made is/was giving RG so much leeway and influence that right now for Cousins to play RG must have stunk up the joint big time. I doubt if Gruden has the balls to yank RG 3 even if they are 0-4. This has the makings of a real disaster.

  66. It appears that not every college skilled spread offense quarterback is prepared for the rigors of an NFL career. If you look at Griffin, then Kaepernick in SF and Vince Young-all succeeded early on but then the league adjusted. Young is gone while Griffin and Kap are having problems. I do not include Russell Wilson is a spread QB because he did not run a spread at Wisconsin. He is a pocket passer with quick feet. You must operate in the pocket in the NFL so you can see the entire field, look off receivers to confuse the secondary etc. Griffin and Kap have to adjust.

  67. I’m a diehard redskin fan, but I always believed that the RG3 trade was a disaster for my team. If the picks had been for Luck then I might feel different, but you don’t give up that many picks for a Heisman winning quarterback (all the recent QB winners have sucked!), a running QB (It’s a pocket passing league) and that many picks could have gone to picking up a standard QB, a RT and a CB in the last three drafts! This will go down with the Walker trade as the two worst trades ever! Take your punishment and put in Kirk and see what he can do in a season. If we really stink it up, then we will have a very high draft pick toward a pocket QB in the next draft. If Kirk does great then at least we did find a starting QB in the 2012 draft after all!

  68. whatever happened to the confident QB coming out of school willing to let his playmaking do the talking i.e. Luck versus these III’s and JF?
    The end of football as we know it.

  69. Move RGMYKNEE and get back what some of what you lost, they wait the will get nothing back Dude is a bum and won’t be in the league in 3 years. By the way take Hall and Merriweather with him

  70. As an Eagles fan, I love the fact that the Deadskins are in disarray at QB since they look to be the only team that might be able to challenge the Birds in the East.

    The beautiful thing is it will take them 2 – 3 seasons before they figure out what they want to do at the position. They aren’t likely to toss in the towel on RG given that they gave up a king’s ransom to get him.

    So much the better.

  71. RGIII could turn out to be what Mike Vick is today. Average. One thing RG should do is stop talking so much…

  72. I am SICK of RME3-SICK of the REDSKIN name change drama-and SICK of Roger Goodell and all his flags and fines and rules.The NFL is going downhill-FAST.

  73. So far the results are:

    6,056 REDSKIN haters or idiots who know nothing about football

    3,563 REDSKIN fans or people who do know something about football.

  74. I really think people are way overreacting to pre season. This is a new offense, new personnel with new schemes. It’s a system that requires timing, tempo and rhythm. Once it gets going it’s gonna be hold on to your hat type of show. When it’s not in rhythm it can look sloppy. It might take a few weeks/ months but it could be really effective. Patience is needed for this setup IMO.

  75. I don’t doubt RGIII, I just worry about him. He needs to learn when to give up on the run and not to take the punishment. It’s gonna catch up to him sooner than later (i.e. Michael Vick)

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