Jets suspend Dimitri Patterson

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Jets cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who didn’t show up to Friday’s preseason game, now says he’s ready to return to the team. But the Jets aren’t ready to welcome him back.

Jets General Manager John Idzik said today that Patterson “will be suspended indefinitely, and that will allow us to gather more information to what led to his behavior.”

There’s still no word on why Patterson decided to skip Friday’s game, but the Jets understandably aren’t happy about it. Patterson was reportedly dealing with some kind of personal issue, but his decision not to inform the team of that issue was a serious mistake.

If the Jets weren’t so thin at the cornerback position, they’d probably just cut Patterson. But the Jets are so desperate for a cornerback who can play that it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team cut this suspension short and welcome Patterson back — and just hope he shows up when he’s needed.

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  1. How do you not just show up to a game? If there’s a valid reason, fine, but how about a phone call at least. How could anyone just throw away a chance to play in the NFL after working so hard to get there?

  2. It’s amazing how many young people I work with today that think its ok to not show up and then explain instead of vice versa

  3. i don’t care what team a player is on and if he sucks or is the best in the league, if you’re not 100% committed, then get out. to call for him to call this “comical” is a slap in the face to a team, his teammates, and an organization. rex and idzik were probably worried that he was in serious harms or put himself into harms way and was trying to show support. as a jet fan, no matter how bad of a situation our cbs look, he needs to be cut. let someone who does care step up instead of this clown.

  4. Even the bad QBs and receivers around the league are gonna light the Jets up if they keep losing corners at the rate things have been going.

  5. lks311 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 1:01 PM
    That’s stunning, because from the photo he looks like such a bright young man.


    Definately a “Do you want to supersize your frieds with that?” look.

  6. jetsfmleveryday says:Aug 25, 2014 1:17 PM

    ah…. good thing Antonio Cromartie wasnt worth a few mil a year… why have him or DRC when you can have Dimitri Patters…. wait….


    yeah man, still missing tackles and giving deep balls out there in arizonia too…i really miss that out of cro

  7. What a joke of a franchise…

    The Bills, the Dolphins and the Jets all reaching for their ultimate goal…2nd place in the AFC East.

  8. wikipediasaidso says:
    Aug 25, 2014 1:28 PM
    Make him play the entire 4th preseason game. Wouldn’t that be punishment enough?


    According to the Steelers, yes.

  9. “Patterson was reportedly dealing with some kind of personal issue”

    A hangover or drug binge?

  10. WTH is wrong with people today? His first call should have been to his employer BEFORE he was expected to be there. Either his agent is simply covering for him (lying) or Patterson breached protocol and common sense by telling the agent but not the boss.

    Most of us would call the boss if we are going to be a few minutes late because an accident is blocking traffic. This guy had a personal issue that caused him to choose to ignore work, leave them hanging and not even bother to call (no he was not marooned on an island, he has a phone and should have used it). It would only need to be 30 seconds. “I’m not going to be there. I will explain later” Not hard to do.

  11. Maybe he thinks the Jets are a sinking ship and he was hoping to get cut?

    Or even worse, he realizes the Jets are too thin to cut him, so he took the opportunity to give himself a vacation day when the team needed him.

    All joking aside, this looks really really bad for this chump

  12. It’s hard not to knock Idzik here on his handling of CB position. People are going to jump to his defense with “You can’t predict injuries, etc.”, but all he has done is sign guys with histories:

    Milliner – They DRAFTED him while he was rehabbing from a major injury. Even when he returns, you won’t be able to count on him for anywhere close to a full season.
    Patterson – Journeyman who never stuck because of his injury problems. Now he’s a bit of a headcase too.
    McDougle – They DRAFTED him coming off a major season long injury
    Wilson – Leftover from previous regime who never fulfilled promises
    Walls – Has done some nice stuff in limited time, but not a fulltime starter
    Lankster – Who?
    Johnny Patrick – Really?

    Am I missing anyone here? Oh yes, Antonio Allen…a late round pick who has done some nice things as a platoon safety that is now being asked to play out of position.

    So…potentially the most important position on the defensive side of the ball is being manned by huge injury risks and flyers…And Idzik sits back and says “We’re not going to overpay someone relative to the value we attach” while every. single. FA worth anything gets signed under our feet.

    If Rex manages to pull a Top 5 defense with such a glaring gap, he deserves to be thought of coach of year honors…Seriously.

  13. Jeez..will this freaking circus never leave town,,they just keep following the head bozo RYAN,,round and round..

  14. Having seen him as an Eagle, I’ve got to ask, if the Jets are desperate for cornerbacks “who can play”, why did they still have Patterson on their team?

  15. eagleswin…….that should be “definitely” with an “i”. And trust you meant “fries”. Suspect you might have your own question down pat.

  16. Patterson was there for the team walk thru and the pre-game meal. If he knew he wasn’t going to be there, he should have told the team then. No need for a phone call when he’s already there in person. Jets need to cut him, he doesn’t want to play in the NFL then he doesn’t have too.

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