Jim Caldwell plans to talk to Ndamukong Suh about late hits

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Lions coach Jim Caldwell didn’t want to delve too deeply into the topic, but said he planned to talk to defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh about Friday night’s late hit on Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne.

“Just like I address everything else,” Caldwell said, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN.com. “We don’t cut any corners, we don’t pull any punches. We talk about the issue, we talk about what needs to be straightened away, like most families would do.

“We don’t dance around issues and I think we can get them corrected that way.”

People have tried talking to Suh about it before. The league sent director of football operations Troy Vincent on a visit of repeat offenders this offseason, and Suh was first on his list.

“It’s a league issue and I think it’s been handled very well,” Caldwell said. “I think they’ve handled it very well. I think they’ve talked about it at length and we’ll leave it at that.”

Whether anyone can get through to Suh remains to be seen, since multiple fines haven’t modified his behavior yet.

30 responses to “Jim Caldwell plans to talk to Ndamukong Suh about late hits

  1. $10,000 fines wont hurt some1 making close to $20mil a year. start fining him 10% of his salary per late hit, or around $1 million per late hit. that will definitely change his behavior.

  2. Every player on the field should be doing everything they can to win football games. That means hitting the QB as many times as possible and either forcing turnovers or ending their day.

  3. To all of you who are sure to express your “outrage” about Suh’s late hit here: Please don’t forget to go feign the same “outrage” in the comments section of the post about Haloti Ngata kicking someone in a game this week.
    Oh wait…..He’s not your predetermined NFL dirty player/bad guy so you won’t.

  4. If I were an offensive linemen, I will go on his knees every play. I will double team him early, defender#1 chop block, if he escapes and engages with defender#2 (RB, FB, TE) he will chop him again and if he manages to get past let him deal with the QB. You have to do it early and take him out of the game and but that fear in his mind. If he hits once, the next time he will be chopped and Suh will know what it is to injure a player.

    A dirty player need to be handled dirtily.

  5. Since Jim Caldwell is a disciplinarian will this be a test case for him with the team, how will the team react and is this already a “make or break” for Caldwell to manage the team?

  6. The hit wasn’t even that late, half a step yes, will get a fine yes, that’s about it.

    Didn’t go low, didn’t hit the head, didn’t lead with his helmet. This play happens at least once in every single NFL game ever, but it’s news because OMG SUH.

    You know the guy that had ONE regular season PF flag last year.

  7. Questionable call, and I am no Sue fan… with how quick he was going the best he could have done was soften the blow and still get a flag tossed none the less, he is trained to take em down when he hits… so again… Questionable call on that hit.

  8. Nobody’s going to listen.. They don’t respect you Jim..Detroit had the opportunity to jump on a young innovation all HC but went for a Leslie Frazier clone.. Ask Minny how that worked out

  9. If any of you Suh haters actually watched a Lions game, instead of watching his “dirty play” compilation on YouTube, you would realize Suh is far from dirty.

  10. Here’s why I think the dirty play continues: there are two Ndamukong Suhs. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, if you will. There is engineering student Ndamukong Suh and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The football Suh is an entirely different personality, put on just for football, physical and vicious in the extreme. I think if you take away Suh’s ferocity, you take away his football personality and you’re left with a boring engineer who isn’t much use in football. So I think that there will just be a flag or a fine every now and then for the foreseeable future.

  11. Just the fact that this sensationalist post has been up for quite a while now and there are only 18 comments says to me that people are starting to realize that Suh as a dirty player is pretty much a creation of the media and most thinking people now realize that he isn’t. I mean if this was last year or two years ago there would have been 100 comments here by now talking about what a dirty player and a bad person he is. I guess it’s kind of a hard narrative to keep up when he had one 15 yarder all season last year and it was for a low block after an interception.

  12. The really is mental. He is like bipolar. He is a stand up guy off the field, cares about the community, is actually very intelligent and soft spoken. Then on the field, hes like a frieght train and the hulk combined

  13. We should have traded him before the draft. No way he’s going to resign here anyway. His sister let that be known a couple years ago.

  14. And how exactly do you people expect somebody that size to stop from running into the QB as he comes around a block and the qb is right there. He didn’t do anything “dirty”.

  15. Getting soft. And to the person who said 1 mill per late hit your a clown, yeah let’s implement a whole new fine for one guy but only one guy, that doesn’t seem like a legal battle waiting to happen. Use some logic…

  16. Nitschke, Butkus, Curtis… none of them could survive today’s rules. But they were heros in their day. Suh’s hit would’ve been only average back then. It was only a late hit because the flag was thrown and it wasn’t the only late hit in that game. Can anybody tell me what the other one was?

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