Lovie Smith on Incognito: I do believe in second chances


Richie Incognito has arrived in Tampa and is expected to take a physical and meet with Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith on Monday as a possible precursor to a contract with the team.

It’s doubtful that things would have progressed to this point if Bucs coach Lovie Smith wasn’t willing Teto have Incognito on the roster, but Smith made his feelings clear on Monday anyway.

“I would like to talk to him myself. And you if you know my history, I do believe in second chances,” Smith said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “To me, nobody should have a death sentence. If you should, you’re probably in jail. And then from there, what does it hurt to talk to someone? For me, as we go forward, I’m going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until we have information that tells us otherwise.”

Teams find themselves a lot more willing to extend benefit of the doubt to players with checkered pasts when they have serious needs and the Bucs’ situation at guard certainly qualifies. With other members of the offensive line on board with the potential acquisition as well, the physical may be the major hurdle for Incognito to clear before returning to the NFL.

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  1. Let me see if i understand NFL policy
    1. smoke weed and get caught twice 16 game ban
    2. knock out a woman 2 games
    3. use PED 4 games
    4. bully 0 games (paid time away)

    It really can’t be that hard to make and post a sensible standard policy. Using former players and their ‘gut feelings’ is beneath a billion dollar plus business.

  2. Second? More like tenth. If they believed in that so strongly, why didn’t they look at signing him before they had a huge need?

  3. “I would like to talk to him myself. And you if you know my history, I do believe in second chances”

    Says the man who put several players in the “dog house” in Chicago and not giving them a sniff of the field. See Nathan Vasher, Corey Graham, Brandon Lloyd, DJ Moore, Daniel Manning, etc…

    All while he gave guys like Adam Archuleta, Pisa Tinoisamoa, and Roy Williams (lol) free reign to suck it up all over the place.

    Have fun with him, Tampa. You will soon see why he wore out his welcome in Chicago.

  4. would be a great signing for them. Above average guard, small contract and a lot to prove. who thought we would ever be to the point that a football player was being blackballed from the league for being a bully. you should really watch some of the old NFL films of the old school guys. those were real men, not what we have in this country anymore. We have turned into a bunch of skinny jean wearing hipsters that love being offended by everything.

    Adam Corrola had it right, in 50 years we will all be chicks.

  5. Incognito deserved, and earned a lifetime ban for a lifelong series of bad decisions, bad behavior, and essentially being a complete scumbag. Too bad the CBA prohibits it, and Goodell had no stones. Losing a lot of respect for Lovie with this move. Incognito is a cancer. Will be a horrible influence in the locker room and on the field. The guy has proven to be a nut bag. And if he’s truly no longer juicing, then he’ll suck on the field. Look at him…..quite the “natural” physique.

  6. It’s all cost and benefit analysis without selling your soul. Or you can say it this way: “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” What Incognito did was a bit worse than Riley Cooper’s infraction, but Riley Cooper didn’t have help. Incognito didn’t actually lay his hands on anyone. Yup, he’s had issues in the past, and was disciplined for those. But this is a locker room/team issue. If folks like the QB, C, defensive captain, and the like say they can handle it, fine. But back to my first point, if the risk of bringing him is less than the cost, then do it. Who knows, maybe he’s figured it out too. All the Mike Williams comparisons? He blew it with the Bucs several times. It was just not a good fit anymore.

  7. Lovie is an awesome coach, but there are such a thing as bad apples.

    Some players have attitudes that are just detrimental to the teams they are on. Ask about T.O. or any number of problem players….

    On the other hand, there are players with legal problems which can be just as harmful. At least Incognito isn’t one of those….

    But Bottom Line: You add Incognito and you add some level of internal conflict and outside media scrutiny. The Bucs don’t need that….they are on the right track and don’t need to be taking risks in this way.

  8. Remember that Martin was easily as guilty they both went back and forth on eachother, Martin could of manned up and told Incognito he’s sick of it and wants it to stop, instead of doing that he went to the NFL and the media about it. They are both as guilty. Incognito is an above average guard and as a buc fan we really need help at the position

  9. @muleski: So you would say Ray Rice, Mike Vick, Riley Cooper, Greg Hardy, Vincent Jackson, Charles Woodson, also all deserve a lifetime ban? That is, they all too had an incident in their past…some much worse than others and more than one. Some are for DUI, some are for physical violence, some are just words. But where do you draw the line? If you ban for life based only on words when the other party is also a party…look out.

  10. WHAT!!!!????

    They’re giving Incognito a second chance? The same guy who exchanged similar texts to what Martin sent? You’ve GOT to be KIDDING!

    I can see if they gave him a second chance for knocking out a woman and dragging her by her hair down a hallway, but after what HE’S done?

    This is an UNBELIEVABLE travesty!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Here come the bears fans following Lovie around like lost puppies. Get over it and follow your really bad team already! In case you missed it, your defense is atrocious and you’re going to get throttled in your division.

  12. I’m pretty sure between Lovie, Gerald McCoy, Vincent Jackson, and George Warhop there will be ZERO issues from Incognito. As McCoy said…”If he’s on MY team, there will be some changes.” So at cheap cost, with no issues, this guy Incognito…who seems like a jerk if you ask me….but he makes the different in 5 sacks or fumbles all year that means the difference in two or three games…then go for it. I’m not asking him to date my daughter…I am asking him to play football for my hometown team. And I’m the first to say he acts up, he deserves a punch in the mouth.

  13. North Dallas Forty still has the greatest all-purpose line for these situations. “Every time I think this is a business you tell me it’s a game. Every time I think it’s a game you tell me it’s a business.” A game built on respect wouldn’t ever want Incognito around. A business focused on winning seeks him out.

  14. Like throwing a hand granade into a roster, LOL! This guy has a little more than “baggage” that has nothing to do with Jonathan Martin. He has a history of unstable behavior and anger issues, my favorite being his taking a baseball bat to his $300K Ferrari and then told cops he was “venting”!

  15. So does Tony Dungy…

    Unless of course if it’s in reference to a gay guy; then he doesn’t believe in first chances.

  16. Im rooting for him.

    He certainly has his issues but nobody can convince me he got a fair deal in this entire fiasco. He paid the tab for a couple people, including teamates and coaches.

    And now he is not yet cleared to play by the stupid NFL, making him less desirable to sign. Thats pretty much getting sentenced twice for the same crime, wich is impossible in any normal justice system.

  17. Good luck Incognito. Unfortuantly you got shafted by the wuss Martin and someone had to be the scapegoat of an overall stupid situation. go to work, collect your check, and call it a day.

  18. Welcome back, meathead! The only thing he was guilty of was hazing too hard. He’s learned his lesson. The guy that really should go down in that scandal is Pouncey- dirtbag extrordinaire- drugs, near-prostitution-like comments about women, parties…now punches a woman- but hey, nah, you’re good! Let’s blame Richie.

  19. All of the comparisons to the Mike Williams situation are stupid. Williams had just been signed to a TERRIBLE contract extension that highly overcompensated him for his substandard play. Smith dumped his outrageous salary off on one of the only teams that has been more sorely mismanaged than the Bucs, the Buffalo Bills. It was a good move that had nothing to do with Williams idiotic acts off the field.

    As for all of you claiming you’ve “lost respect” for Lovie Smith, I’m sure he cries into his pillow over it at night.

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