NFL suspends Meriweather two games


On Saturday night, Washington safety Brandon Meriweather applied an illegal hit to Ravens receiver Torrey Smith.  On Monday, the NFL lowered the boom.

As expected, the league office has imposed a two-game suspension on Meriweather for his sixth violation of the rules against unnecessary roughness.

NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent imposed the suspension.  It takes effect on Monday, September 1, at which time he’ll be banished from the team facility.  He’ll be reinstated on Monday, September 15 — the day after the team’s Week Two game.

The NFL contends that “Meriweather delivered a forceful blow to the head and neck area of a defenseless receiver with no attempt to wrap up or make a conventional tackle of this player.” Meriweather has been disciplined five prior times for illegal hits.

Meriweather has the right to appeal the suspension.  Last year, the NFL imposed a two-game suspension, which was reduced to one game by Ted Cottrell.  This time around, the appeal will go to Cottrell or newly-appointed hearing officer Derrick Brooks.

If the suspension stands, Meriweather will miss games against the Texans and Jaguars.

120 responses to “NFL suspends Meriweather two games

  1. Lol, fine then, suspend Meriweather. Everybody already knows the boy RAMBO, can ball out when called upon. And hes not afraid to bring the wood like was a WhoDat with one of those big bats.

  2. Curious, if he instead had hit a defenseless woman, would the suspension been less or the same?

    We know it wouldn’t have been more.

  3. Should suspend dj swearinger for the hit in welker, went high on him, last year he took out dutin keller with the low hit. Guy just cant hit the middle.

  4. What to do, what to do….. How bout put your numbers on his numbers, wrap up & tackle, like you were taught in peewee 20 years ago?!!!?!!!

  5. Intentional hit on opponent = dragging wife out of elevator by hair, but still less than a toke. Gotcha.

  6. oh because he’s dirty player not a awful human being yet they carry the same penalty. Just like jimmy g’s vs johnny football bird inconsistent

  7. This time I don’t think Meriweather deserved it. The initial contact is shoulder to shoulder not the head. The helmet contact came as Smith lowered his head from the initial contact. I am no Meriweather apologist but this time I think he got a raw deal.

  8. Here is an important lesson for everyone to go home and tell to their daughters: the Steelers are superior in many ways to other sports franchises. We bring legitimacy to a now illegitimate sport (ruined by agents and lawyers). We are the fist of God striking down upon the ocean of corruption. Our wins reflect our triumphs over destructive, vile forces. Our losses reflect our struggles to prevail against such evil.

    We are resilient. We will continue to carry out God’s will. For in the prophecy, The March®, Steelers’ final Super Bowl run gives birth to our own football league, a promise land where football will be reborn without the distasteful elements (remember when tackling was legal?).

    So, here we go Steelers, here we go.

    And we March. Oh, do we March

  9. OK, enough with the very silly comparisons. a 6 time offender of the rules against head contact and he ONLY gets a 2 game suspension. On the other hand, we have a player who was a first time offender of anything in the NFL and apparently the real authorities that saw the whole video of the occurrence in question did not judge it egregious enough to be worth a sentence but was allowed to take counseling instead gets a 2 game suspension.
    Worse is when people compare a repeat offender of the drug policy..test failures that are repetitive despite counseling, fines, etc and amount to a thumbing of the nose at the NFL and is handed a 1 year suspension to a first time offender that accepted mediation and counseling and is TRYING to solve his problem.
    Apples vs Oranges.

  10. For all of the morons making Rice comparisons: you are right! A first time Domestic violence suspension for a player with a clean record prior to the incident DOES equal SIX blows to the head of a defenseless receiver!

    Multiple violations dummies… But props for being oh so creative and original with your jokes. Say, where’s your Hardy jokes? Yanno, the Carolina player who did far worse than Rice but never gets talked about simply because no video exists, even tho nobody has actually seen the Rice video to say what actually happened? Hmmm…

  11. If Goodell is going to suspend defensive players for leading with their shoulder then he needs to fine receivers for lowering their heads.

  12. Ben Jackson says:
    Aug 25, 2014 6:14 PM
    Intentional hit on opponent = dragging wife out of elevator by hair, but still less than a toke. Gotcha.

    Where did you see the video of anyone dragging there wife out of an elevator by the hair? No need to exaggerate an already horrible situation. Just make it up as you go along to help with your story line. SMDH

  13. Tomlins tackle attempt on Jacoby Jones reminds me of the Pittsburgh defense…soft…very soft.

    Steelers fans don’t like to talk about this years team. This years team looks like a combination of Miami (of Ohio) band members and Wiz Khalifa’s goon squad!

  14. Head hunt for the 6th time and get a 2 game suspension. Smoke for the 2nd time and get an 8 game suspension. I thought the NFL was all about player safety lol.

  15. He’s received a lot of chances on this. It’s going to end up biting the NFL in the rump.

    Injuries in football happen, it’s mostly a game of chance yet the NFL keeps letting this guy on the field.

    If/when he seriously injures someone – that’s not really chance. That’s putting a person with serial DUI issues behind the wheel of a new Ferrari on nickle beer night.

    NFL will be found culpable because they keep allowing this guy back on the field. They know he’s a problem and aren’t protecting the other players.

    One or two times – yeah, reasonable doubt. Not 6.

  16. All people saying that he deserves to be suspended for the hit are either Ravens fans or someone who didn’t see the play live. With the rules the way they are it clearly deserved the flag but Meriwether didn’t go high/launch/head hunt. Had Smith not gone done to avoid the big hit he would have hit him in the chest putting his face mask into smith’s shoulder, which to me is a perfect tackle. This suspension is on reputation alone. Its also good to see that NFL views an accidental blow to the head as the same as punching your drunk fiancé in the face and dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator down a hall way.

  17. with no attempt to wrap up or make a conventional tackle
    That’s the key here. He (and many others) are trying to stop the other player rather than tackle him. They continuously lead with their heads (or backs) and simply throw themselves at the other player. How many times have you seen a guy dive and turn where his nameplate crashes into another guy’s knees?

    Teach tackling, practice tackling and penalize those that won’t do it right.

  18. i thumbs down your comment says: Aug 25, 2014 6:16 PM

    If this were an article related to the 49ers, you’d see about 30 Seahawk comments posted in about 10 minutes.

    And if this were an article related to the Seahawks, 80% of the comments would be about PEDS, Cheating Pete, etc…

    I’m not one to normally shout about how great the Hawks are currently playing, but for you, Sir, I’ll make an exception.

    We’re the defending champs, potentially have a better all around team this year than last… so excuse me for not feeling bad about your sore neck because you can only look up… after all these years, I’d rather be hated because our team is so good.

    Sorry if that’s not strong enough trash talk for you, but I tend to look at things rationally instead of proving I don’t know anything like you do.

  19. The league is better without this guy. He makes zero contribution to the success of his team or the NFL as a whole. But he won’t learn so 2 games is a joke to him. I agree with bumping it up to say 6-8 games?

    Kam Chancellor is an intimidating presence in the same position and runs clean. But his name is called 10x less since Meriweather does bad things. And Kam is 100x the player and person brandon can dream if being.

  20. I can’t believe he got the same suspension for 6 in-game violent illegal hits as a guy did for a one time mistake that had nothing to do with football.

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    Our rings are precious. Your name is jealousy. Glory, glory Steelelujah.

  22. @ravenbiker:
    You’re right – it is a silly comparison. On one hand you have a safety with pads and a helmet attempting to hit a moving target, also in protective gear, while running at full speed and estimating the defensive maneuvers of his opponent, and on the other hand you have a conditioned athlete who punches a woman half his size in the face within the confines of a 5’x5′ elevator and drags her to a room.

    How could anyone possibly think one punishment should be the same or worse than the other?

  23. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 6:25 PM
    The hit was legal the league hates the Redskins and so do most of the posters up here!

    Most of the board doesn’t hate Washington nearly as much as it hates loud mouth braggarts that have not won anything significant in well over 20 years. As in RGMeMeMe, Washington fan base and an owner that doesn’t have the mental capacity to see that his team name is a racist slur.

  24. havent seen it and probably wont, BUT, if the league finds sufficient cause to suspend him, it probably wasnt the kind of hit they want to see anymore. i just wonder why he gets to break a rule and face discipline for it each time. at this point, i’d say he doesnt care to follow the rules, so just boot him from the league. i dont understand why they cant do that.

  25. This handle is run by (currently) twenty-nine members of the Steeler Nation (working on a timed schedule), mostly assembled from members at the Steelers Fever forums. We do our best to represent Steeler Nation and fulfill its voice. While we have mostly succeeded at this, we sometimes struggle to find a balance between the autonomy of our users and the proper consensus. Because our consensus is asynchronous by nature, we often rely on our members to exercise proper judgment. As such, some of these members may post rude, cruel, or ignorant comments. We apologize for this and we will continue to try and filter these users from the account.

    Look, the Steelers might have struggled a bit last year. Guess what? A. it was a fluke and B. you are still our inferiors. No one else can say they have six rings. No one. That might be a depressing wake up call to some. Even more depressing for those have yet to even win a Super Bowl (and we laugh extensively at you). Those who haven’t won a playoff game in over 20 years is just downright pathetic and we laugh and point at you with a foam finger. Have a wonderful day. Steeler bless…

  26. He is a liability for the team at this point. He is taking up a roster spot. They really need to cut him. I don’t care about his performance when he plays or anything like that.

    As a Redskins fan I say please cut him.

  27. Can we get screen name character limits? Some people have too much time on their hands…

  28. Merriweather is a dirty player but that doesn’t mean he should be penalized and suspended for CLEAN HITS. If the NFL had waited a few weeks he would have given them a legitimate reason for a suspension. This witch hunt bull crap undermines the integrity of the game and the nfl needs to knock it off before I turn off my television.

  29. Hey steeler fan, the steelers must make the playoffs before a run at #7. What makes you think this year will be any different? Consider yourself and the rest of stealer nation lucky if yinz finish ahead of the browns. #7 is so far away!

  30. It was the extension of the arm and shoulder almost like he was doing a Cesaro upper cut for all my wrestling fans out there. Looked more vicious than it probably was.

  31. It’s gonna be great to watch the pigpen stollers descend into mediocrity, wait a minutes, it’s already happened… hey long name guy, you reeeeeeally need a life!

  32. Why do I feel like “The CB ” from “The NFL Franchise representing the District of Columbia” is going to be suing the NFL one day because they didn’t notify him it is a dangerous job that can cause long term injuries?

  33. and in other news…after suspending Brandon Merriweather and Tanard Jackson from the Washington Redskins….Commissioner Goodell today said that if the Redskins do not SUSPEND THEIR NAME then a 3rd safety will receive a suspension before week one of the NFL.

  34. if the Redskins cannot beat Houston’s offense and Jacksonville’s offense without Brandon Merriweather….then they deserve another 3-13 season.

  35. Not sure if this guy isn’t being coached up or if he isn’t listening. Either one is bad…

    We had the same issue with Bam Bam Kam early in his career. But, he’s been coached AND he listened, now he’s one of the most feared DB’s in the game, and he does it within the rules.

    You don’t have to be dirty to be an enforcer…


  37. Glad he didn’t smoke a joint. He would have been gone for a year. Oh yeah, what’s the holdup with the Josh Gordon verdict? Is Roger finally figuring out he looks like a hypocritical dhead?

  38. Cowboy fan actually talking trash?!?! One of your starting corners got suspended for taking Molly’s in Mexico and your defensive players are made of glass. You are the last person who be saying anything!

  39. The Redskins have been without Meriweather since he came to Washington. Won’t miss his 15 yard penalties. Hopefully one of the youngsters can play well enough to make him an afterthought.

  40. Troll say what?
    longtimefanhtr says:
    Aug 25, 2014 6:24 PM
    Sean Taylor was also a Merriweather type.

    11 16
    Report comment

  41. Its NOT football anymore.Its glorified two hand touch.The guys playing today owe ALL of thier fame and money to the guys that played before Goodell took over.

  42. That was a good hit. The NFL is trying to justify the punishment by stating that he didn’t wrap up.

    I can’t wait for the day when this league is out of excuses and scapegoats and finally admits what’s been known since Daryl Stingly. This game has the potential to be dangerous.

  43. Is this violation = to, > than or < than smoking weed? For the league's "image"

    Goodell is ruining the NFL


  44. The NFL should just go to two hand touch. But keep it above the waist. I don’t want it getting too dangerous. Ridiculous.

  45. The nfl should make it two hand tap, but keep it above the waist. I don’t want things getting too dangerous out there.

  46. I’ve watched the replay, and the flag and suspension were both uncalled for. If I were Meriweather I’d definitely challenge the suspension, and any fines. The guy used his shoulder, and hardly even touched the other guys helmet. Plus the receiver dropped down at the last second trying to regain control of the ball that was slipping out of his hands. The call and suspension are both BS.

  47. This team doesn’t have to worry about This idiot. They need to worry about how to move RGMEMEMEME he is killing this offense again his throws are horrible and look at what they gave up for him. They should move him now to the rams maybe and then maybe get some picks back. Dude won’t be in the league in 3 years

  48. all these comments, did anyone see the game? he led with his shoulder! even the announcer who was clearly a Raven fan alluded to the fact. because of his track record he won’t get a fair shake or benefit of doubt.

  49. This is BS he used his shoulder and it hit his helmet . That’s not helmet to helmet contact. This concussion law suit has the League scared. They don’t want to see WR getting blown up anymore . The league rather a defensive player blows out a players knees then hit in the head . Meriweather has got a bad rap now .

  50. When are these guys going to realize that proper form tackles 1. get the guy down way more often 2. don’t cost them money and 3. look just as devastating as these human missle garbage tackles.

    I’m a fan of the U and I’ll tell I think he should be suspended simply for not even making an effort to make a real tackle…still…after 5 offenses…and more money taken then most of us will ever have at one time….he’s still tackling like a moron. Suspend him.

  51. In my day we could hit, punch, kick and stomp on the head. That was football! What kinda name is Brandon Merriweather for a football player anyway?

  52. This was not a shoulder to helmet hit. He went flying in and led with his helmet. There was a huge crack in the replay which was helmet on helmet. He went in headfirst, i.e. lowering his head, which is exactly what that league has outlawed.

    You can’t just run in and blast a player any more. You have to keep your head up and try and tackle them. Meriweather just doesn’t get it.

    The hit by Swearinger was totally different. He really did lead with his shoulder.

    Torrey Smith ducked, which he shouldn’t do either, but Meriweather is suspended for dropping his head and tackling with the crown of his helmet. You can’t do that any more.

  53. A dirty hit in football has always been: intentionally targeting the knees of someone WITHOUT THE BALL. A blind-side hit aka “crackback block” unnecessarily on someone WITHOUT THE BALL. (Kicking, Eye-gouging, Horsecollar, etc)When did the term dirty hit begin to describe a hard intense tackle on THE BALLCARRIER. Sorry he may hurt your “FANTASY” player. But you should know that every player has the option to SLIDE; And not take a BIG HIT.. Calling Brandon Meriweather a head hunter is absurd and without merit. If you think he targets heads you are insane and have NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL PAST PEE WEE LEAGUE!! No one does that… The game of football has always been a BARBARIC AND COMPETITIVE sport long before Brandon Meriweather..

  54. These new rules don’t make the game any safer.. They only TRY TO ELIMINATE THE HARD HITS.. Making games look like HIGH SCHOOL kids who can’t tackle or take a hit!

  55. I think the hit by Merriweather was a clean hit, it’s obvious the guy leaned in with his shoulder, so I hope he only gets 1 game. Sean Taylor, one of the best to play the position, probably wouldn’t be able to survive in today’s NFL, pretty sad.

  56. Flacco should be suspended for laying out his receivers. He’s gonna get someone killed.

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