NFLPA increases pensions for 1,722 former players

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As the NFL continues to thrive financially, it becomes more and more important to take care of the men who helped make the game what it now is.

On Monday, the NFLPA announced that more than 1,700 former players will see a sweetening of the monthly pension payments they receive.

According to the union, benefits will increase to $363 per month (from $265 per month) for vested players who participated in the 1993 –and 1994 seasons, and to $315 per month for the 1995 and– 1996 seasons.  Of the 1,722 whose benefits will increase, 456 players will have pension amounts for credited season prior to 1993 increased to $363 per month.

The increased benefits came via the 2011 labor deal, during which negotiations the current players achieved enhanced benefits for the players from past seasons.

14 responses to “NFLPA increases pensions for 1,722 former players

  1. That’s really low, especially when most players can’t work after being in the NFL due to injuries.

  2. Is that total per month or for each year played? Like a 10 yr vet would get $3k a month?

  3. Wow, that’s almost nothing especially when compared to the big money that seems to be everywhere else around the game. There’s the billionaire owners, the millionaire players, and then way way way down on the list, these poor (literally, it seems) guys. Worst pension plan ever.

  4. The NFLPA pension fund is in complete shambles. It is less than half funded. It is on its third FIP in three years.

    De Smith should not be increasing payouts until the fund is sound. The pre-1994s are owed big time but paying with empty promises adds insult to injury.

    Question: What’s the difference between the Detroit city pension fund and the NFLPA pension fund?

    Answer: A few years.

  5. This includes players that were playing as recently as the mid-90’s. Do people not think those guys were raking in millions of dollars? Only 456 of the layers were pre-1993. Sorry, this is like the multi-billionaire CEO who retires, then collects social security. Most of these guys made in a season or two what most Americans will make in a lifetime, so if $300 per month seems low and they can’t work because of playing football, I can’t feel real bad for them.

  6. No, not a lot of money. Now, when you look at min salary being $750K and guys playing for 5-7 years, that’s $3.75 million in 5 years–for the lowest paid guys. That’s making $75K a year for 50 years….$94K for 40 years….do the math. Not to shabby, unless you squander it on drugs and Escalades.

    So these young guys are wise to be taught to save and invest, and spend wisely, for the end can be closer than they know.

  7. This doesn’t make sense. A $363 monthly pension is peanuts or is that the amount pensions were raised?

    What is the average monthly pension of former NFL players?

  8. The extra $2,025,072 a year is gonna break the NFL. I guess Cuban was right! How much is parking now? Sarcasm is always free. (or is it?)

  9. Are you people kidding? You could live like a king
    on $300 a month… if this was 1936.

  10. All those billions of dollars and former players who’s bodies were sacrificed so the league could prosper get only 385 buck a month roughly. Seems like a slap in the face to former players.

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