One way or the other, Ryan Mallett could be done in New England


When former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett did the draft day Slip ‘N’ Slide, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was praised for squatting on Mallett in round three.  Among other things, the pundits believed Belichick eventually would flip Mallett for a third-round pick or more down the road.

It’s now officially down the road, and it looks like Mallett will soon be out the door.

On Monday’s edition of PFT Live, Tom Curran of said he believes that, without a trade, Mallett will be cut.  The possibility that this year’s potential buy-low-sell-lower rookie, Jimmy Garropolo, will play the entirety of the preseason finale suggests that the Pats hope to avoid an injury to Mallett, which could put the team on the hook for his entire base salary of $776,976.

So if Mallett’s going to be cut, how could he have any trade value?  Because Mallett has only three years of service, he’ll have to pass through waivers if he’s released.  For a team relatively low on the pecking order, the only way to get Mallett would be to trade for him.

For the Patriots, anything will be better than nothing.  Ultimately, the only thing they may get is a conditional seventh-round pick.

Here’s the entire segment with Curran, which focused initially on Curran’s belief that Peyton Manning should bear some of the blame for receiver Wes Welker’s most recent concussion.

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  1. thank you for stating the obvious. anyone who watched more than a few minutes of his play this preseason would know this

    another great belicheat draft pick

  2. .
    A conditional seventh? Mallet is worse than Blaine Gabbert who generated a sixth in trade?

    If I were the Rams, I’d take a flyer on him. They’re going to need a backup anyways. Why not try someone with upside potential.

  3. 6ball, if he’s cut they will receive a conditional 7th as part of the compensation for a waiver claim. That’s what that sentence is alluding to.

  4. Maybe this will get people to stop slobbing Belicicks knob every year for turning first round picks into wasted 3rd round picks.

    For a team that seems to have a billion draft picks each year, they sure seem to be lacking in high end talent.

  5. The Patriots sure do waste a lot of draft picks. I’m not a Patriot basher by any means, but once Brady is gone this team could be in for some leaner years. You just can’t draft like this.

  6. He will be a Texan if he gets cut. They are first in the waiver order. If the Rams (or anyone else) want him, they will have to trade for him. Don’t count out the Bills, they are looking for a Backup QB option.

  7. Really a Belichick bust??… Look around at every team and tell me there isn’t a dozen picks in the last 5 years on each team that were not!! I’m not a fan of his but I’d have him coach my team any day.. Ge film and record speaks for itself

  8. Hey, he “knows the system inside and out” Belichick said.
    At very least he served as a backup QB for brady the last 3 yrs, thankfully we didn’t need to see him. How many of you slouch teams have a backup veteran qb making 3 + mill a yr? more than one. guys like matt moore, chase daniel, Matt hasselbeck, Ponder, stanton, sanchez….. etc goes on and on

    Is that money well spent the same way the draft pick was? Possibility of a value trade? I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a bust pick. Haters

  9. What you Patriot haters are missing in all this that Belichick may have gotten it right, maybe even very right with Garoppolo.

    Time will tell.

  10. I think it’s better to hold on, burn the roster spot and carry 3 QBs if there is no trade value right now. He might have trade value in week 3 or 4 once teams know they won’t release him until next year. If not, there is nothing wrong with having 3 QBs. The back-ups could see playing time at some point given Brady’s age, so why risk only 2 QBs.

  11. Belichick can’t draft?
    Nobody gets them all but the Patriots have managed to be, by far, the winningest franchise during the Belichick era so I’m thinking they must hit on a few here and there.

  12. If the Pats were holding out any hope for Mallett, they would not have drafted Jimmy Garapollo. As it is, “Jimmy Football” is straight ballin’ and that leaves Mallett as the odd man out.

  13. pudgalvin says:
    Aug 25, 2014 4:23 PM
    Maybe this will get people to stop slobbing Belicicks knob every year for turning first round picks into wasted 3rd round picks.

    For a team that seems to have a billion draft picks each year, they sure seem to be lacking in high end talent.

    14 12
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    Yeah, that MUST be why they seem to have a permanent home in the AFC Championship Game and are annual Super Bowl contenders…

  14. grabgrabgrab says:Aug 25, 2014 4:03 PM

    So in essence, Ryan Mallett winds up becoming a Bill Belichick draft bust then.


    He was a suitable back up for Brady. Not such a waste for a 74th overall pick. Things went well so he never had to start. If he did, I thought he might win a game or two.

    He would be a bust for sure if he was intended to be Brady’s heir apparent, but I don’t think he ever was.

  15. But but but Belichick is a genius!!! Would he still be considered a genius without videotape or Brady?

  16. LT Matt light, DL Richard Seymour, WR Deon Branch, DL TY Warren, DT Vince Wilfork, LG Logan Mankins, RT Sea Vollmer, DB Devin McCourty, TE Gronkowski, LT Nate solder, RB Shane Vereen, DL Chandler Jones…. lots of slouches in that crowd.

    Granted the list of 2nd round busts could be equally impressive. But BB rarely blows it on a first round pick, and certainly makes up for it by drafting absolute studs after the 6th round. Guys like QB Jullian Edelman, CB Alfonso Dennard, G Ted Larsen, ST Matt Slater, QB Matt Cassel, WR David Givens, Oh yeah and QB Tom Brady

  17. There are only 32 starting QB jobs in the NFL and right now 2 of those jobs are likely to be held by ex-Patriot backups (at least for a few games). Not so bad. Mallett can probably be the same kind of guy as Cassel and Hoyer.

  18. Trolls are acting as if Mallett can’t play.

    If Bill kept him 3 years + as backup, he can play.

    As Jim points out, the bigger point is that Bill may have hit the quarterback lottery with Garoppolo. Problem is he may spend his whole rookie contract sitting.

  19. If the Pats were holding out any hope for Mallett, they would not have drafted Jimmy Garapollo

    For about the thirtieth time, Mallet’s rookie contract is up this year. Bill isn’t going to pay premium backup money when he can draft another guy for a relatively cheap 4 year contract.

    Mallet was going after this season, one way or the other. Nobody is going to put Brady on the bench for at least 2 or 3 more years if he’s healthy.

  20. ebr362 says:Aug 25, 2014 5:01 PM

    But but but Belichick is a genius!!! Would he still be considered a genius without videotape or Brady?


    Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

  21. pudgalvin says:Aug 25, 2014 4:23 PM

    Maybe this will get people to stop slobbing Belicicks knob every year for turning first round picks into wasted 3rd round picks.

    For a team that seems to have a billion draft picks each year, they sure seem to be lacking in high end talent.


    That’s true… there’s only 7 first round draft picks scheduled to start for the defense. The high end talent is scarce.

  22. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons
    Aug 25, 2014, 4:33 PM EDT
    Belichick has drafted more busts than anyone in this league. He has by far the lowest drafting success rate of any team and the worst drafting success rate in the first three rounds.


    I hope your joking right they have hit on almost every first round pick. Bill has a great track record in the first round. Second and third round has misses but so does every team. It’s ok to hate on the greatest team in the past decade. Patriots= winning

  23. I still think this kid can make it in the NFL. Hard to call somebody a bust when you look at his amount of playing time. Almost zero. Sitting behind Brady for 3 yrs isn’t the best situation if you want playing time. Learning ,yes. Playing, no.

  24. It’s O. K., Mallett Head has been traded for numerous second round picks already, with a few late firsts thrown in there over the years. Just ask the Pats’ fans.

  25. revren10, the dumpster is a Jets fan which explains why he feels he is an expert of draft busts since the Jets drafted their latest last season in Dee Millner. Which the Jets have a lot of experience including Kyle Wilson , Stephen Hill etc

  26. The Native Americans are not r*dsk*ns. They are human beings like you and me. FTTR! – Fail To The Racists!


    Take you agenda elsewhere. I come here for sports, not hacks who think they’re opinion is important.

  27. Just so everyone is clear most patriot “haters” dont really hate the patriots. They really just hate teams that won super bowls by cheating and get every call playing at home by the refs.

  28. It seems most trolls do not understand irony. In an effort to talk down the team with the best record in sports over the last 15 years you theorize that Belichick is bad at drafting players. That, of course, would make him an even better coach (that’s ironic). The specific discussion about Mallett misses the point that he would only potentially be available in a trade or free agency because Belichick drafted a guy late in the second round this year that may be this draft’s best NFL QB (that’s ironic).

  29. Well 31 teams did pass on him twice and most 3 times. So i guess 31 other coaches knew he was a bust and the great billichick didnt know. Good job on that draft pick bill!!

  30. “. . . they sure seem to be lacking in high end talent”

    Maybe you are new to the NFL but the league has a salary cap. Belichick has mastered the cap by fielding teams that have the best record in the NFL during his time with the Patriots. No, the Patriots are not lacking in high-end talent; they are lacking in high-priced talent that would deplete the roster depth that Belichick sees as key to winning. When rosters are weakened by injuries, Belichick’s Patriots’ teams are at their best (go back and look at their record in November and December during the Belichick years).

  31. Mallet was obtain with a third round draft pick given by the vikings for a monthly rental of Randy Moss. Moss was done in New England, so the Patriots got a good deal.

    Mallet cost the Patriots next to nothing and they got years as a back up QB which fortunately did not get forced into extensive duty.

    They is no reason to be upset that he did not become the Patriots starter.

  32. @jchipwood
    No they hate them for the same reason as you do, JEALOUSY….

    No they hate them cause they cheat and whine about everything that goes against them

  33. Sonmeone said: “But but but Belichick is a genius!!! Would he still be considered a genius without videotape or Brady?”

    If he gets more than a 3rd rounder in trade for Mallet, I’m willing to concede Belicheck’s genius.

    Especially if Mallet turns out to be a bust after all.

  34. middy8484 says:
    Aug 25, 2014 7:04 PM
    No they hate them for the same reason as you do, JEALOUSY….

    No they hate them cause they cheat and whine about everything that goes against them

    No, thats the Packers. They are the team that gets every call every game. Worst bunch of whiners in the league too

  35. Reading the Patriot hate on this site for years now, it has become apparently clear that you haters are either blind by your hate or you simply know nothing about the game of football.

  36. Bill Belicheck is the only coach in the salary cap era to rebuild a Super Bowl winning team while staying at the top of the league while doing so. The only one “HATERS”.

  37. Everyone in New England KNOWS that he will be moved out eventually. This is not news, this is common sense regurgitated.
    Like saying, either way, Brady could retire in the next 5-8 years.

  38. Belichick is the worst! Except for Revis, Amendola and Nincovich who he picked up from the scrap heap, the entire team is made up of their draft picks and undrafted free agents. So how do they continue to dominate the league year after year and piss off all the fans who would give their first child if Belichick could run their pathetic franchise.

  39. I don’t see Mallett being cut. True, Garoppolo has shined, but he’s only played 3 preseason games, and I don’t see Belichick risking the entire season on a rookie QB if Brady goes down. Mallett’s been the no. 1 back up for two years now, and Belichick is obviously comfortable with him as a backup. He is certainly not a bust, because we don’t know if he’s truly capable of being a starting quarterback in the NFL, at least not yet. But he has done exactly what Belichick drafted him to do: to serve as Brady’s backup. The Patriots have been fortunate that he hasn’t been called on to play, but it’s smart football to develop quarterbacks, and the Patriots have done that better than any team in the league. None of this will change the mind of any of the reflexive Patriot haters, but I thought I’d share my thoughts, anyway.

  40. Patriot haters never cease to amaze. Truly classic to be so blind and bitter as to ignore the success of the entire franchise. Might be the most successful franchise in ALL of pro sports. but if you gotta hate………Yeah, BB, Brady, Mr. Kraft.

  41. You can’t keep every player you draft and projects like Mallet don’t always work out. Belichick’s first rounders seem to always hit and the team is loaded with young talent. If Jimmy G beats Mallet out, that’s a very good thing. Jimmy G looks better than any of the 1st round QBs.

  42. The only reason why Mallet is perceived as a “waste” of a draft pick is that Brady never got injured

    Am I the only one thanking the football gods that never happened?

  43. For those of you not blinded by jealousy of the Patriots, look around the NFL

    Of 32 teams, 3 will likely be starting QBs drafted by Belichick come opening day, and Mallet may have a chance to become the 4th starter if he’s cut and gets a shot as a starter elsewhere this season or next – only cut because an unheralded guy that was a “reach” by Belichick looks like a QB keeper of the future for the Pats or some other team, having grabbed the 2nd spot and allowing Belichick the confidence to cut Mallet and use the roster spot for another position

    that’s a GOOD thing!

    So that’s 3 to 5 starting QBs in the NFL when most GMs can’t find one – up to 15% of all NFL starting QBs – all drafted by the guy the haters think doesn’t know how to draft

  44. How is it a draft bust? He was drafted as a developmental backup and they used him as a developmental backup. It’s not like he was a first rounder they expected to be a superstar.

    Sure, they might have gotten more in trade if they had moved earlier, but they didn’t have another developmental backup yet.

    His predecessors, Hoyer and Cassel, have so far acquitted themselves pretty well considering they were both drafted as backups.

    And on sports talk radio I keep hearing about the Rams looking at Mark Sanchez but no mention of Mallett. I’d take Mallett over Sanchez each and every day.

  45. HAHA..How do you know if Mallett is a bust or not? You just like to think he you can bash Belichick. He is behind Tom Brady…do you understand that?? He is playing behind a top teir QB. He doesnt you cant judge him..why is that so hard to understand? Are most people on here retarded? I dont get the confusion…calling him a bust simply has to be your way of bashing BB..thats all I can think of

  46. Comment all you want about how BB isn’t a genius or how he’s got so many top round busts cause it don’t matter! Simply put the Pats under Belichick have done phenomenaly well considering their cap numbers and having been snake bitten by the injury bug so often. Plugging holes with veterans off the trash heap that were “DONE” and stayed on top of the AFC for over a decade so something they’re doing must be right, maybe if you squint and step way back and look at your favorite teams you’ll see one of our next PROJECTS on your roster that doesn’t seem to fit or work out so well that will keep the Pats as dominant as they always seem to be, it must really stink being a fan of a perrenial losing team. I had the same view durring the 60’s 70’s 80’s and starting in the 90’s things didn’t look so bleak, the 21st century has been a great time to be a Pats fan, maybe your team will join the 21st century some day unless you’re purple fan cause that ain’t gonna happen any time soon!!!

  47. I’ll be glad when Mallett does leave – tired of hearing that he isn’t any good – I’ve seen him play, he is awesome and got a canon for an arm – but he hasn’t even seen field time in 3 years and he doesn’t play the Patriot way. He throws long, Brady throws short passes so he won’t get sacked. As long as Brady is breathing, his back up won’t see the field no matter how far they get ahead. So good luck with the little italian guy on the bench for the next 3 years. Just let Mallett go so those of us who love to see him actually play in a game, will be able to do so again. Thank You!!

  48. People take drafts out of context, as if they are end all be all events instead of just a continuing process. And a way for teams to bring in talent. So only a few legit ‘stars’ come via the draft, and the Pats using their own ‘system’ it’c pretty clear that BB sees the draft as one method to gather players. One big thing he does is to place limited regard to the draft, while other teams seem to buy into the hysteria and end up spending too much. Often for players they don’t need or who fit in. BB sees the whole process as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Teams like the Bears depend on the draft too much, and have a limited overall plan. BB is the master. No one comes close.

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