Panthers hoping to get expensive ends back for opener


For all the focus on the things Cam Newton has and hasn’t done this preseason, the Panthers have other injury issues.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, defensive ends Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy won’t play in this week’s preseason finale, with an eye toward having them ready for the regular season.

Johnson has been bothered by a hamstring problem throughout camp, and Hardy aggravated a shoulder injury Friday night.

That left them without 21 percent of their salary cap on the sidelines Monday, and they’ll have some depth questions moving forward. They have sufficient reserves, but with Frank Alexander suspended for the first four games for violating the PED policy, they could struggle if one or both of the starters is less than 100 percent.

And with all the problems they have offensively, that’s not an area they can afford to be at less than full strength.

14 responses to “Panthers hoping to get expensive ends back for opener

  1. Wow 21% of their cap in 2 players neither of which is the starting QB?

    Horrible cap management if true.

  2. dalcow4 says: Aug 25, 2014 4:08 PM

    I am changing my Carolina prediction:

    I figured them for 7-9 but—-At this point I see them going 4-12.


    Our team is actually better than last year’s, so go ahead and underestimate us. We play better when under the radar.

  3. Carolina fans will be the most disappointed in the entire league this year.

    They think they are*thisclose* to a Super Bowl, but they won’t have anything close to that sort of year.

  4. That line is the scariest part of this upcoming season.

    We benefited last season from having a below average injury factor. Most teams don’t make it through 16 games with their D-Line and LB’s healthy, and we pretty well did.

    So expect a regression to the mean in that category, and that means the defense will need reserves to step up and play great for us to be a top 5, much less top 2 defensive team. Or, all the starters can not get hurt again, and that will be awesome. Just don’t expect it to happen that way.

    Football is all about who can stay healthy. Every team looks pretty good on paper, but having people healthy at the right time is what’s key.

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