PFT Live: Peyton Manning bears some blame for Wes Welker’s concussion

Tom Curan joins Mike Florio to talk about why Peyton Manning bears some of the burden for the concussion suffered by Wes Welker, insight into why the Patriots cut defensive tackle Tommy Kelly and more


3 responses to “PFT Live: Peyton Manning bears some blame for Wes Welker’s concussion

  1. I agree…he stated that Peton Manning bears SOME blame, not ALL of the blame. Peyton always leads his receivers into dangerous situations across the middle, because he’s a bit of a narccist; not concerning himself about the consequenses of not adjusting his game when facing different defenses. Football at this level requires a much mental preparation as it does, physical preparation.
    I love a saying that Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson always quotes, “Separation is in the preparation”.

    Peyton Manning’s part in this situation and others, are legitimate insights and for you too minimize that and cut your guest speaker off is troubling. That’s my take and I’m open to legitimate dissents.

  2. Clean hit by Swearinger should not have been flagged. Manning always gets three or four calls from the refs every game because he’s Payton “Football Jesus” Manning. Whines to the refs the entire game. Always been a whiny b*tch since his days at Univ of Tennessee. Everyone sees him as a football genius…he’s not. He just works the refs non-stop…and gets all his receivers blasted.

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