Philbin says Dolphins’ offense has to get faster and get better


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin fired his old friend Mike Sherman as offensive coordinator this offseason and brought in Bill Lazor to run the offense. So far, Philbin isn’t thrilled with what he’s seen.

The Dolphins’ first-string offense was on the field for five drives in last week’s preseason game against the Cowboys, and Miami managed just one field goal to go along with two punts, a fumble and an interception. Philbin acknowledged that isn’t good enough.

“Our offensive first group has to score more points,” Philbin said, via the Miami Herald.

A big part of Lazor’s job was supposed to be getting the Dolphins’ offense moving faster, just as the Eagles’ offense moved fast last year when Lazor was the quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia. But Philbin said he has had to talk to Lazor about picking up the pace. Philbin said he and Lazor “talked on the sidelines a couple times that we thought we could have been pushing the pace a little faster. . . . It’s something that has to get a little quicker.”

The Dolphins need this to be the year that quarterback Ryan Tannehill takes a big step forward. If Lazor can’t make that happen, he and Philbin may both be replaced next year.

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  1. “Our offensive group has to score more points.”

    He’s really putting himself out there by saying that. What he should say is “We shouldn’t have wasted the 3rd overall pick last year on a worthless player.”

  2. Doesn’t matter who the offensive coordinator is for the fins Tannehill will not get it done. Honestly Mike Sherman’s offense wasn’t bad every game there was open WRs Tannehill can’t stretch the field cuz his accuracy on longer passes is not good. Bill Lazor’s offense has looked even better as the WRs seem to be getting wide open all preseason. Tannehill keeps failing to deliver on the type of throws that define good QBs. He’s just a bad QB in my opinion.

  3. Don’t worry!!!!
    Dan Marino has some kind of job doing something that in all likelyhood will do nothing. Problem solved.

  4. A fast pace offense is great if it is executed right. Fast pace for the sake of being fast just means the punts come quicker and the defense is still gassed. I’d much rather they concentrate on being efficient in their execution of the plays. Speed will come with experience. Don’t waste time with being indecisive but don’t hurry to get poor play selections snapped faster. Let Tannehill audible if the look is wrong. I like Joe but sometimes it seems he just says things to make himself look more in charge.

  5. Yea, because every coach comes into the meetings saying “alright guys, everything is fine, no need to practice anymore!”

    Of course he is going to say that, there is always room to improve for every team, especially one with a brand new offense and new offensive line.

  6. “Tannehill keeps failing to deliver on the type of throws that define good QBs. He’s just a bad QB in my opinion.”

    You obviously only watch the little highlights on sports shows and not the whole game or you would see he has made some amazing passes that have most commentators saying he is talented and can make all the throws.

    And it’s a good thing nobody cares about your opinion.

  7. just an impression without any specific knowledge, but joe philbin seems in over his head.

    if he didn’t think it would take some time to implement the oregon offense, he should have looked at the 2013 eagles offense in the first three weeks of the preseason compared to the end of the year.

    this guy just always looks like the last guy in the room to get the joke……

  8. The truth is the offense had great success moving the football down the field, it was just halted by some stupid ass sh-t on nearly every drive.

    PFT’s rankings be damned, I still think the Dolphins offense is going to be light years better this year.

  9. the fins had 490 yards, they gave up 250 yards. the problem was that Rod Marinelli coached up the dallas defense to punch the ball out (3 times), and tannehil thought hartline was going to break out instead of up and threw a pick, and matt moore bobbled a snap but still tried to get the ball out to the flat (pick six).

    the problem isn’t scheme or talent – the problem was the team was somehow unprepared for Rod Marinelli, tanne and hartline weren’t on the same page, and moore has gunslinger tendendacies.

  10. “Our offensive first group has to score more points,” Philbin said, he then got a strange look on his face and went on by noting “I never should have told them during practice that I thought they were going to score too many points and they needed to tone it down.”

  11. hmmmm.. 490 yards of offense Saturday and 25 points.. Yep that was a terrible offensive performance. Tannehill and back up Moore with 100+ QB ratings for the preseason.. Yep those are terrible QB’s.. PFT once again proves why it’s the most knowledgable source for Dolphins news on the web..

  12. ———–
    Honestly Mike Sherman’s offense wasn’t bad

    I don’t think you watched very many Dolphins games.

    How else would you explain the fact that the Bills led the league in sacks and the Dolphins BY FAR led the league in giving up sacks. And it was a terrible day for weather.

    What do the Dolphins do? Their gameplan revolved around the passing game.

    Refresh my memory – was that a 7- or 8-sack game?

  13. He should be fired for firing Ochocinco on hardknocks! Ochocinco headbutts his wife and leaves her conscious and Ray Rice knocks his fiancé out and is suspended only 2 games!!! Get outta here!

  14. This is how the Patriots keep winning the division. The other teams haven’t caught up. The Ravens and Bungles caught up because the thumping’s hurt so much.

  15. Miami problem; David Ross real estate tycoon, fires all the coaches , trainers and general manager in 2013 except the head coach. Starts various educational classes for the players to prevent harassment. Tops this off recently by hiring Dan Marino for no known purpose.

    Shows up at recent practice looking like a sponge in 100 degree heat dressed to the nines.

    It’s catching and this team is pluted.

  16. Not to worry Fin fans Dan Marino will find you your next HC next season after Philbin is fired.

    The Patriots are looking forward to their visit Week #1

  17. The Dolphins can’t go as fast as Chip Kelly’s offense unless they practice at Kelly’s pace and get onboard with the sports science techniques that he employs. It’s not a gimmick, it’s a philosophy.

  18. Overall, I think the Fins offense has looked pretty good so far. The line is doing better. Tannehill has looked pretty good. The running game looked good last game. That game was the first this preseason that the offense didn’t score as often as they could have. They moved the ball well, turnovers were the real problem. As for Philbin’s comment, he’s certainly not the first coach to say that, and certainly not the last.

  19. Even though the offense could have looked better I still believe it’s light years ahead of last year. Some of the biggest conversation going into the game was the offensive line (who did extremely well in pass protection and opened up some good running lanes) the RB’s who Knowshown Moreno was running with power and his vision is amazing, and the LB play who without their starting MLB Misi held their own and actually tackled. I have no doubt this is a better team from last year and as long as Tannehill progresses they should be able to make the playoffs.

    With such a huge game in week 1 I doubt the Fins are going to “open” the play book and give the Pats something to go off of. Maybe I’m a little biased but I feel like they are going to surprise a lot of teams this season and hopefully pull off a win in week 1 and let the NFL know this team is not going to be an easy defeat this coming season.

  20. You can keep changing offensive coordinators and coaches the one constant are the players. Tannehill has no football instincts and lacks long ball accuracy. He will have some good games and bad ones. Just enough to be mediocre.

  21. Yup I’m that guy going to say that the Super Bowl is very very possible. We messed up last year missing the playoffs. But we beat ever afc team in the playoffs besides Denver n chiefs bc we didn’t play them, meanwhile with that horrible line n all that o line drama. Stop doubting n go back and see the throws tannehill is making. Dolphins 1 and 0 after week one. Bring it on nfl. We r back

  22. You can’t run a fast-paced offense with a slow thinking QB. You can’t stretch the field if you can’t connect on the long pass. The inability of this offense to score goes way back.

    The tried and true starting QB is on the bench, the HC seems clueless and isolated, the owner is absurd and Marino gets a “job” via some sort of welfare?

    Institutionally disfunctional, even with all the off season changes, the cancer obviously remains and seems to be getting stronger.

  23. The Dolphins offense will be fine, they will be successful, they will be a top 10 offense… I have no doubt in my mind once Moreno and Miller get going everything else will fall in line just like the Eagles offense… take out McCoy they have nothing…Indeed…

  24. …this is exactly why the Patriots win their division every year:
    Miami twice (2 wins/yr)
    Bills twice (2 wins/yr)
    Jets twice ( 1 1/2 wins/yr)

    That’s an average of 5.5 wins and division champs every year…
    Imagine if one of the NFC elite were in that division… If the Saints, 9ers or Seahawks were in that division, division crowns every year!!!

  25. I’m not sure I understand the posts from people saying the Dolphins are “back” (when were they here?) and “a Super Bowl is a real possibility.” We’re talking about some new coaches and basically a new O-line. Enthusiasm is good, but let’s not be delusional.

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