Rams had interest in Sanchez in March

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As the Rams decide what to do about the quarterback position in light of the latest torn ACL suffered by starter Sam Bradford, plenty of potential trade options will emerge.

One of the most obvious candidates is Eagles backup Mark Sanchez.  He played for Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer in New York.

Then again, Sanchez played just well enough for Schottenheimer to get Schottenheimer eventually pushed out.

Despite the up-and-down experiences for Sanchez under Schottenheimer in New York, Rams coach Jeff Fisher acknowledged during the offseason that the team had interest in Sanchez, who at the time was a free agent.

I’d say that there is interest,” Fisher said at the time.  “I can’t say how much. But there certainly would be interest.  I don’t have a backup with experience on the roster right now.”

Despite the way things ended for Schottenheimer in New York, a reunion with Sanchez was regarded as a positive development.

“Brian had a good relationship with Mark,” Fisher said in March.  “He’s just learning.  He’s been to the AFC Championship game a couple of times, so he’s been there.”

Currently, Sanchez is under contract with the Eagles, and Shaun Hill has become the starter in St. Louis.  The Eagles would want much more than a conditional seventh-round pick for Sanchez, especially in light of his impressive preseason performances in Philly.  But Sanchez would have to unlearn the Chip Kelly system and re-learn Schottenheimer’s offense, which Sanchez last ran three years ago.

Still, it makes plenty of sense.  Perhaps so much sense that the Eagles would want too much to make it happen.

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  1. Chance of happening: 0.0%

    No way chip is trading sanchez as he always stressed how u need 2 quality qbs to win as there are always injuries. He would love to trade Barkley but he knows all he would get is a 6 or 7 and he wants more (unless of course he really does does kinne more than Barkley). I think the trade will be for a browns or redskins qb and they won’t resign Bradford.

  2. I’d rather have RG3 than Bradford. RG3 had one incredible great year. Bradford has been a bust from day one.

  3. Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble Buttfumble

  4. “Brian had a good relationship with Mark,” Fisher said in March. “He’s just learning. He’s been to the AFC Championship game a couple of times, so he’s been there.”

    Sanchez to the Rams makes THE MOST sense right now…..

  5. Two reasons not to trade for Sanchez… 1) Former USC Quarterback 2) See Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, A.J. Feeley, Bobby Hoying, etc..

  6. Well he plays for the Eagles … and that makes him the best. I’d say 2 … maybe 3 #1 picks.

  7. How about Tim Tebow. All he does is win. He beat the steelers and broke them. The steelers haven’t had a winning season since

  8. Philly wouldn’t want too much. They’d NEED too much to make it happen. Otherwise, there just wouldn’t be much incentive. If they got their hands on a really good corner or safety, that might be something. Or if they got a great wideout….but the Rams are just getting that figured out, so no way. Perhaps a couple of higher picks? I don’t know. I doubt we’ll see it.

  9. Florio Says:

    Still, it makes plenty of sense. Perhaps so much sense that the Eagles would want too much to make it happen.

    No way. I don’t believe any draft pick Jeff Fisher would be willing to give up would be enough for Chipper.

  10. If Sanchez is smart he’ll be in Chip Kelly’s office begging him to stay. Sanchez has looked like a capable QB in the few games since he got away from the tragedy that is Schotty’s offense. He’s an injury away from being the guy in Philly and now major pieces of Kelly’s offense are in Miami and spreading thru the league. Sit put, keep learning and stay away from Schotty.

  11. The Redskins can trade the second best quarterback they drafted 3 years ago ; Rob as in “we got robbed” Griffin 3 for conditional picks from the Rams

  12. “He’s been to the AFC Championship game a couple of times, so he’s been there.”

    But that doesn’t count because… Feet… Circus… Rex Ryan said the F-word…

  13. The Eagles would be fools to trade Sanchez for less than a 1st round pick. If Foles gets hurt Sanchez will be the guy. There is no one else.

  14. Playing for Ryan and the New York nightmayer is behind Mark. He’s worth at least a Number. He was a number one when drafted and now that he is happy and settled has shown his value.

  15. Why would the Eagles put themselves in a position where they have no backup quarterback? Sanchez would cost the Rams too much, I believe, and then the Eagles would still need to find another backup.

    Matt Barkley isn’t the answer.

  16. .
    It seems the question is, do you want to go young or old? Sanchez would most likely turn in a respectable performance leading to a last place finish in the uber competitive NFC West.

    Gambling on a younger option like Mallet or Cousins could be a train wreck. However, if they were to exceed expectations, the Rams would be competitive.

  17. Sancheese as your starter in the NFC West? Nothing like telling your team that you’re mailing it in right from the start. He would likely set the record for most picks thrown in a season.

    Mallet has skills and just needs solid game reps. In New England he has zero chance behind Brady, however, in St. Louis the prospect of being the number one could be the motivating factor that top athletes, like him, need to thrive and then fully emerge.

    Also, never discount the relationship that BB has with many of the other head coaches in the league.. in particular Fisher.

  18. Jeff Fisher was dumb enough to keep Bradford as his starter, then went out and made sure he got a backup who was bad enough not to be a threat to Bradford. Then when Bradford tore his ACL again he said it is just a hyperextension nothing serious. That team is loaded with talent but Fisher is doing a terrible job.

  19. as i see it the rams will play out the year with shaun hill maybe pick up a scrap heap qb during the early part of the season and snead and fisher, (assuming they survive this upcoming offseason) will package a 2-3 top pick package to move up for a mariotta, hundley sam bradford who i pulled for is done the rams would have to pay him another 16 mil next year but none of it is guaranteed so he is gone we move on hail the new commander in chief shaun hill. btw hill is as good as sanchez in this style offense if the rams do chase after another qb cousins would make more sense IMO

  20. I think Shaun Hill is a better option than Sanchez. if not, they’d probably be close. So why give up anything for a guy who’s not a clear upgrade? I’m sure there will be plenty of backups and marginal emergency starters on the street in the coming days.

  21. If the Eagles are going to trade any of their QBs it should be Barkley. The Rams could probably get him for what they’d be willing to pay.

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