Ray Farmer: Johnny Manziel “right where he’s supposed to be” right now


Browns coach Mike Pettine said what most people were thinking after Saturday night’s game against the Rams when he pointed out that quarterback Brian Hoyer needs to be better if he’s going to be the starting quarterback in Cleveland.

Pettine didn’t say that a lack of progress from Hoyer would put Johnny Manziel back into the mix for the starting job, but he didn’t really need to make that point explicit after already leaving the door open to Manziel playing a package of plays in games that Hoyer starts. That makes it sound like it is just a matter of time before Manziel is on top of the depth chart and General Manager Ray Farmer’s comment send a similar message.

“I think he is right where he’s supposed to be. I laugh because it’s four weeks into his first training camp and everyone is waiting to see Steve Young run out the tunnel. I don’t know where the reality in that lies,” Farmer said, via ESPN.com. “It’s like anything else. If you’re learning a foreign language, guess what, you’re not going to go to Spain tomorrow and in four weeks feel like you’re fluent in the language and just start talking. It just doesn’t happen like that. You may be able to communicate, but not effectively.”

Manziel surely hopes that he won’t have to wait as long as Young waited for his chance to become established as an NFL starter, a dream that should be helped by the fact that Hoyer doesn’t appear to be the second coming of Joe Montana.

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  1. …right where he’s supposed to be…

    Would that be a strip club? Or Vegas? Or a strip club in Vegas?

  2. Mike Sam , sacked JM 2 times on saturday , said
    if he were not distracted by the Johnny Package it
    could of been 6 sacks?

  3. Browns may not have the best QB option for right now but the Washington radio shows are lighting up about the dumpster fire that their QB situation has become. “We’re not saying there is a QB controversy… RGIII is the starter….but Kirk cousins has clearly outplayed RGIII.”

    Hang in there Cleveland. You have your QB of the future and its only a matter of time.

  4. Leading up to the draft, many thought he was a rarely talented football specimen. Now, learning to play football is like learning a foreign language.

    Oh…the spin.

    Here is all we need to say: his GM says he’s right where he ought to be? Well, right now, he’s riding pine while a journeyman takes the snaps.

    So we can draw no other conclusion than this: right now, his GM thinks he ought to be on the bench.

  5. Hoyer is learning the same foreign language, national media trolls. Everybody is new to this system. It’s just that Hoyer doesn’t sell jerseys, and ad space.


  6. Oh good, ANOTHER Browns update. Can’t wait for their “offseason championship” to be over and no one talk about them when the Wins & Losses start to roll in, you know, where it counts…ON THE FIELD.

  7. Folks, Farmer and Pettine are just doing their job, While Farmer can hide a little, Pettine has to face the media daily.

    Remember, Farmer commissioned a study on QBs and he made it clear he didn’t wanna draft the man who will someday be credited with inventing football.”The study, which used advanced analytics to examine every quarterback who has played in the last two decades, concluded that the best quarterback in this year’s draft is Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville.”

    “He’s exciting, electric, he’s turned a lot of heads. He’s different.” Farmer speaking pre-draft of Johnny. DIFFERENT isn’t an endorsement.

    I will forever believe it’s the man behind the curtain, who signs the checks, who wanted Manziel and that franchise is poised for yet another reset.

  8. Someone should introduce Farmer to the Pimsleur method. Can be able to speak proficient enough to have no problems in a foreign country. That process takes 12 days. 30 mins a day.

    Time to get a new analogy.

  9. It’s more like we’re expecting to see Ryan Leaf run out of the tunnel, not Steve Young. P-lease. Best of luck to Pettine and the fans they deserve a good team but it’s probably going to be a long year in the city that always sleeps.

  10. Actually Johnny deserves to be the starting QB. One he’s better and has outplayed Hoyer and it’s not even close.

    Only thing Johnny that is preventing being the starter is his grasp of play book and play calls and he’s still out playing Hoyer.

    Pettine and Farmer better go to Drafting for Dummies class next year. These 2 bozos screwed up another draft.

  11. does not matter who the QB is, Tom Brady would look bad on this team with the personnel available. it will be years and years of first round draft picks and the decline of current all star players within the division before they see the playoffs……..

  12. BROWNS say: Manziel is exciting, electric, different! He’s a baller, he can scramble, he wins games!

    REALITY says: You guys also realize he’s short, small, had a college career that was only half as long as many players’, spent most of his time running for his life because he either couldn’t find an open receiver or is selfish and feels like he has to make every other play on his own, doesn’t understand Xs and Os because he didn’t use much of a playbook in college, isn’t used to huddling or calling plays in a huddle, and is getting ready to face guys that are twice as fast as the college boys he faced for a whopping two years. All these things don’t exactly point to him having a stellar NFL career. Are you guys SURE you want to take him?

    BROWNS say: (hands cupped over ears) LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA!!!”

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