Bears down to two members of 2012 draft class after cutting Isaiah Frey


Bears General Manager Phil Emery had a big hit with wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the second round of the 2012 draft, which is a good thing because the Bears don’t have much else to show from that draft class.

First-round pick Shea McClellin will try to change that with a move to linebacker this season, but he’s the only player other than Jeffery left on the team after they cut cornerback Isaiah Frey on Tuesday. Frey played a lot as a slot corner last season, but the addition of Kyle Fuller in the first round this year and the return to health of other veteran corners made Frey expendable this summer.

Frey, a sixth-round pick, joins third-round safety Brandon Hardin, fourth-round tight end Evan Rodriguez and seventh-round defensive back Greg McCoy as former members of the Bears.

The Bears also parted ways with offensive lineman James Brown, who played five games and started three times after making the team as an undrafted free agent in 2012. That leaves them at the league-mandated 75 players before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline.

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  1. Emery said something to the effect that he was on Angelo’s scoring system that year. Beginning 2013, he was going to use his scoring system for scouts.
    And so far, the 2013 draft was excellent.

    Obviously the 2012 draft was terrible except Alshon

  2. They should have kept him for depth. Last time they faced the Lions, Megatron abused Peanut Tillman for 2 TDs. Maybe Frey could have done better.

  3. And if Shea McClellin doesn’t take to the LB position like gangbusters and quickly, it will be down to 1 by this time next year.

    Phil Emery has done a tremendous job remaking the bottom-5 roster he inherited, but that first draft class of his is looking seriously questionable. He hit it out of the park with Jeffery, but one good player per draft isn’t gonna keep any GM around very long.

  4. The biggest disappointment to me out of that draft was the 3rd round pick, Brandon Hardin. Coming off injuries, no true NFL position… he had straight line speed and decent size and that was it. I can’t even recall him making it into a regular season game, when with a 3rd round pick you should be getting a solid 2nd-stringer his rookie year that is pushing to start by year 3.

    The Bears have blew a truckload of 3rd-round picks over the past 10 years and got way behind the curve because of it, so to see Emery continue that trend his rookie year was disheartening to say the least.

  5. You should probably mention they used their 3rd and 5th rounder to trade for Marshall and Jeffrey. It’s not like he did an Angelo special and used the picks on two guys out of west Dakota A&M

  6. I thought it was shocking that they took him over Chandler Jones and Whitney Mercilus if going for DE help, also other LBs and several other players that should have had a much higher overall ranking. Fix some of the bad draft picks and this team could have turned out to be something really special over these past few years. Now it’s taking a lot longer and let’s see how far they even make it this season.

  7. Still think Chicago should have taken Nick Perry and left McClellin for the Packers. Perry would be better in a 4-3 and McClellin would probably be better in a 3-4. GB doesn’t really need an outside backer now, but maybe they could trade Perry – not likely to da Bears though.

  8. Emery came in and was forced to the keep lovie and his staff who had a lot of input into who got drafted emery gave them what they wanted so he could not be accused of undermining them. Jmo

  9. Anybody with any inkling of a clue would have taken Alshon Jeffrey in the 2nd round…given he was always a 1st round talent while he was at South Carolina…it surely wasn’t his skill that made him drop.

    This can be said for any team in the NFL though, every single year…the Bills took (WR) TJ Graham with Russell Wilson on the clock. Everyone passed over Vontaze Burfict, 7 times actually, during his draft.

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

    Every GM makes mistakes and at other times look like a genius. Doug Whaley technically traded Tavon Austin for EJ Manuel, Kiko Alonso and Marquise Goodwin…then turned around and made the pick for Sammy Watkins or Cyrus Kouandjio. But, at the same time, he did go find pro-bowl caliber OT’s in Glenn (2nd round) and Henderson (7th round.)

    So, again…every team makes mistakes.

  10. Besides Green Bay winning the division, one thing the NFC North can expect most every year is “better luck next year” drafting by Chicago.

  11. A lot of Chicago fans will go to their graves believing the biggest reason Emery drafted McClellin was to keep him away from the Packers. Which at the time — given the godawful state of the Bears’ OL right then — might not have been as silly as it sounds.

    What’s ironic is that Nick Perry has underperformed for the Pack about as much as McClellan has for the Bears. Lose-lose.

  12. With Emery as a Bears scout. 1998-2004
    Tony Parrish, Jerry Azumah, Warrick Holdman, Marty Booker, Mike Brown, Brian Urlacher, Alex Brown, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman, Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Nathan Vasher. S/T sandouts Mike Green, Adrian Peterson,

    2005 – 2014 without Emery
    Cedric Benson, Kyle Orton, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Henry Melton, Stephen Paea

    2012- 2014 Emery running the Show
    Shea McClellin, Alshon Jeffery, Kyle Long, Jon Bostic, Khaseem Greene, Jordan Mills, Marquess Wilson, Kyle Fuller, Ego Ferguson, Will Sutton,
    Ka’Deem Carey,

  13. Since Emery has become GM the talent level on the roster has improved. Alshon dropped into the 2nd and Phil made a trade to insure CHI got him. Since Phil has been GM the Bears have acquired and # 1 & 1a WR Tandem, landed a playmaking TE, and shored up a terrible O line. However, it appears his Defensivce overhaul will take significantly longer.
    I’m keeping the faith #IbelieveInPhilEmery

  14. IF Emery has been paying attention, Christian Jones has been playing better, faster, and with more confidence than McClellin.

    If he’s serious about making the Bears’ defense better, then he needs to keep Jones, dump McClellin. Period.

  15. Frey could have been replaced by the beer vendor in the stands last season. Emery didn’t get my full support with Shea but has rebounded nicely since that pick and has Chicago believing in his process. If he can get the LB situation figured out we are looking better.

  16. Emery has three young LBs who IMO are all in make-or-break seasons. McClellin (1st round), Bostic (2nd round) and Khaseem Green (4th round). None of them has shown much up till now and combined with the apparent decline of Briggs, the LB position is arguably the Bears weakest link heading into the games that count.

    If two or three of those young LBs don’t pan out this year he is probably looking at a complete rebuild of that unit again next offseason unless Christian Jones keeps developing.

  17. Emery needs to watch it. He fired a really good coach who was coming off a 10-win season. A lot of his recent draft picks aren’t working out and the defense went down the toilet the moment Lovie Smith walked out the door. I think Trestman is a really good coach, but Emery’s personnel work is holding him back.

  18. Lovie would not have won 8 games with last year’s team, he would have won less. The defense woulda sucked just as bad due to injuries and lack of depth, and the offense would have been average at best.

    That said, the biggest noose around Emery’s (and Trestman’s) neck at this point may be the decision to hire Mel Tucker.

  19. Statistically, 2.47 of a draft class are with the team after 3 years. I am totally making this up. Seriously, just how many draft picks are still with the team after a couple years. It would be interesting to see the real statistic, but we all know that half the draft is a crapshoot anyway.

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