Bill Belichick can’t imagine life without Logan Mankins, except he can


Boy, when you listen to Bill Belichick talk about Logan Mankins, you almost wonder why he traded him for a spare tight end and a fourth-round pick today.

The statement from the loyal-to-none-but-the-organization coach reads like a Hall of Fame presentation speech rather than a boot out the door for a guy getting older and more expensive.

Logan Mankins is everything we would ever want in a football player,” Belichick said, except apparently not.

“It is hard to imagine a better player at his position, a tougher competitor or a person to represent our program,” Belichick said, except I guess he could.

“He is one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached,” Belichick continued, though he apparently figured he could do just fine without him.

“Logan brought a quiet but unmistakable presence and leadership that will be impossible to duplicate,” Belichick added, which assumes leadership from someone other than himself is something he values.

“Unfortunately, this is the time of year when difficult decisions have to be made,” Belichick said in conclusion. “And this is one of the most difficult we will ever make — but like every other decision it was made for what we feel is in the best interests of the team.”

We can only imagine the paean he’ll sing when he pawns off Tom Brady, because you just know that’s inevitable.

68 responses to “Bill Belichick can’t imagine life without Logan Mankins, except he can

  1. He meant Logan was and used to be those things…

    But since the shelf life of an NFL player is similar to the life span of a fly…

    Logan is no longer those things.

    All Bill did was to nicely say he considers him a has been now…

  2. Very interesting speech, and yes, it is almost certainly inevitable that Brady will get dealt in about 3 years. At that point we’ll be able to end the “Is it Bill propping Tom or Tom propping Bill” debate.

  3. I don’t know, if that’s me, given a positive send off by my former coach, I could do a heckuva lot worse. Teams have needs that to be successful must be filled. A tight end is very integral to the Patriots offensive scheme. And Gronk has proven to be unreliable. It’s not out of reason for the Patriots to carry 3 tight ends, for a team that commonly runs a dual tight end scheme. I’m no Patriot fan, but I’m a realist.

  4. Oh the day he pawns off Tom Brady is creeping up. Maybe to the Texans next year after Bill the brain decides Jimmy is the next man up. Already looks like Mallett is gone…..

  5. a) age/nagging injuries
    b) refused to restructure
    c) concerns about Gronk are that serious in the FO

    Can’t think of any other reason he trades a guy he thinks that highly of

  6. .
    The Patriots have averaged over 12 wins per season since 2001. You cannot have that much success in the NFL without being a salary cap hawk. To be competitive each and every year, it’s often necessary to cut ties with good players.

  7. Anyone remember the Cleveland game late last season where the Pats couldn’t put a drive together? They came off the field in, I think, the later half of the third quarter. Mankins rips his helmet off and starts red faced tearing into the rest of the offensive line. They played brilliantly after that and held it together for the comeback.

    I get all the financial benefits of this trade, and it might be well understood by this time next year. But I can’t imagine who on that roster, or on that o-line specifically pulls off anything quite like what I saw in Mankins going forward.

  8. It kills me people keep calling Write a “spare TE”. He was the Bucs starter last year and caught over 50 balls and 5 TD’s as a rookie, having been a WR in College. He didn’t fit Lovie Smith’s mold of a big blocking and pass catching TE, but he is exactly what the Pat’s need. They need a pass catching TE In the Hernandez mold opposite Gronk and they got him. Add a 4th rounder in the mix and the fact that Mankin’s is 32 – and this is an awesome move for the Pats. Mankin’s leadership and toughness will be sorely missed, but at his age, there was not a huge difference in his on field play than the other options they have now, considering the addition of Write and the 4th round pick.

  9. Anyone who thinks Mankins was the Pats best OL either has their heads stuck in the Super Bowl years or doesn’t follow the team. While he’s still better than average he hasn’t been the same guy the past 2 seasons. He’s a great team guy, has a mean streak and you love having him on your team. But the Pats best OL at the time of this trade is Nate Solder.

  10. Going into this season the biggest question mark on the Pats was the offensive line with the retirement of Scanecchia. And in the preseason that has been the biggest problem. So even though Mankins production may have dropped off a bit & he is still making a lot of money, I can’t believe they’d trade their best lineman. Brady should be more POed about this than losing Welker.

  11. As Pats fans, we’ve seen this before. Lawyer Milloy, Richard Seymour, etc. Sucks every time to see one of these guys leave. BUT, Bill knows what he’s doing, just look at his record. Having no TE depth was surely a consideration. But freeing up money for Revis and McCourty in the next year was likely a bigger reason for the trade.

  12. Belichick has shown that he is not afraid to let the high profile players go. No matter what they have or haven’t meant to the organization. Lawyer Milloy. Richard Sherman. Randy Moss. Brandon Spikes. Wes Welker. Adam Vinatieri. Ty Law. Drew Bledsoe. Logan Mankins.

    The continued high level of success shows the personnel staff knows what they are doing. And spare me the Haven’t-won-a-Super-Bowl-since crap. Has your team achieved the same number of wins? Conference Championship appearances? Division crowns? I think they have not.

  13. mankins was not the patriots best lineman, in fact you can argue he was their third best lineman

    he was their best interior lineman but that speaks more of the mediocre interior line then his overall talent.

  14. I’d have to say the O-Line has struggled with the running game this preseason. Not sure how much is on Mankins. Mankins was also clearly beaten in the AFC CG in January. I doubt Belichick is just going to come out and say that Logan Mankins game has deteriorated a bit and it’s time to move on. He did the right thing and said all of the right things about someone who had given the franchise nine great seasons.

  15. It’s gonna be a hoot when one of these blows up in BB’s face, and it will happen. To hear Patriots fans BB has gotten over everyone on every deal. It doesn’t take a degree in statistics from MIT to figure his time is coming.

  16. I wonder if these former players ever get tired of being patronized like that as they get shoved out the door. I can’t wait for the day the Kraft family sends Belichick packing. He’s getting up there in years; better to cut him free a year early than a year late, right?

    That would be an interesting press conference.

  17. We can only imagine the paean he’ll sing when he pawns off Tom Brady, because you just know that’s inevitable.


    Brady will eventually either take a massive pay cut or be traded if he wants to keep playing. In the end Belichick won’t “pawn off” Brady. He’ll play the guy that is better for the team. Only a handful of guys have been effective past 40… It’s just a fact. Whatever happens to Brady it won’t be a disloyal move… it will be the move that is right for his team. Every other coach and owner should be doing the exact same thing.

    Keeping an old boys club eventually kills a team. That’s what happened the Steelers defense.

  18. phinagain says:Aug 26, 2014 4:56 PM

    I wonder if these former players ever get tired of being patronized like that as they get shoved out the door. I can’t wait for the day the Kraft family sends Belichick packing. He’s getting up there in years; better to cut him free a year early than a year late, right?

    That would be an interesting press conference.


    Shoved out the door? Most haters think the Patriots are idiots and can’t understand why any player would want to be there. Using that logic wouldn’t Mankins want to leave? Haters can’t have it both ways.

  19. Look people I loved Mankins toughness! He was out right the toughness play in the NFL never miss a game and play throughout the 11″ playoffs with a torn ACL he basically wrap it in duck tape and kept going! But he’s 32 now! And since 11″ his last 2 years have been a steady decline and his Capp hit the next 2 years was 10.5 and 11 now that they traded him they save 6 and 7 mil in Capp space next 2 years, Yes! They eat 4 mil in this year and in next years Capp but they also drafted 3 rookie O lineman they have Cannon,Kline,Connolly to help are 2 best O lineman in Vollmer and Soldier but we get a 4th and a rookie TE with grab in 54 catches over 500 yards and 5 TDs with Mike Glennon throwing him the ball, there’s 4 Pros to 1 Con… Pros 1. Mankins was 32 2. His play had been in a steady decline the past 2 years he gave up the 2nd most sacks by a guard last year.. 3. Free up much needed Capp space! To resign players McCourty and Revis … 4.They drafted 3 O lineman just for this and the Con. 1. Lose a Vet with great attributes! Like Leadership,Toughness,and experience but on the flip side he hasn’t been the same…

  20. what nonsense…..Belllicheck would push his own mother down a flight of stairs if he thought it would help him win a game

  21. Yeah, Billy boy makes very smart moves with his team. I to am a realist, but he has made a few mistakes along they. Letting go of Richard Seymour was one of his biggest mistakes! It’s takin them years now to replace Richard’s product ! Just every once in a while, not often. When you have a player of Richard’s talents, you have to pay to keep them!

  22. More intriguing than the article is the fact you found a picture of Bill actually smiling.

  23. Smart move by Belichick to trade him one year too soon, perhaps, rather than keep him and try to move him next year as his play continues to decline. His presence hasn’t won them any Super Bowls and he has struggled in big games. I think Belichick loves Marcus Cannon on the inside of the O-line.

  24. Every player reaches a point at the end of their career where the level of performance and or high contract dollars doesn’t mesh. A coach/GM has several choices, cut the guy, cut his pay, or let him play out the contract for sentimental reasons if he has been great for the team and last but not least, trade the player for maximum value. Bill Belicheck makes the best decision for the Pats every time. Tom Brady will also fall into that scenario one day, and Bill loves that guy. The one thing Bill wouldn’t do is make the sentimental choice and hurt his team.

  25. Don’t agree Seymour was a mistake. It was either pay him or Wilfork. I’m glad they paid Wilfork. They used the pk they got from Oakland on Solder, who they needed after Light retired and has been a good, not great player. Seymour was just ok in Oakland. Not worth what they paid him. Don’t see that losing Seymour cost the Pats any SBowls.

  26. @34defense2014 the trade was the right choice. Seymour wasn’t going to resign after the season at dollars Bill found acceptable. He traded him and it resulted in top left offensive tackle in Nate Solder who is still playing on his rookie contract. Richard would have been gone at the end of that season with only a third round compensatory draft pick at the most.

  27. Yes! Losing Seymour hurt but it wasn’t because BB didn’t want but because he had to resign players like Wilfork who would have been an even bigger loss plus! It got us Soldier after Lights retirement and Soldier is just as good as Light… Mankins gave up the 2nd most sacks by a guard last year and both Soldier and Vollmer have been playing better and Vollmer up until he broke his leg was playing the best out of the 3… Outside of the 3 rookies Pats have Kline,Connelly and Cannon in which Cannon and Kline both show they can be very solid

  28. If theres one thing you need in the afc east is a good oline. All teams in that division have good defensive lines so ol billicheck better have a good replacement.

  29. tedmurph.. Totally disagree with you, the could had picked Solder any ways! Wrong, shown he was a much Better player with the Pat’s the the Raiders! If I am so wrong? Why did your Billy boy himself say that ” it was one of his mistakes along the way, along with many in my career” end quote? ” I never claimed to be the best Coach in all Football, we as coaches do make mistakes Fromm time to time” end quote?

  30. Two players Bill doesn’t have full say in… Brady and Wilfork both have VIP status with Kraft as Wilfork prove this offseason… As long as Brady plays to his par he isn’t going any where thanks to Kraft!!

  31. If Montana and Manning can put different jerseys on, it’s not that unthinkable that Brady could too someday….I doubt BB will make that move but it’s not out of the question…

  32. As it is, Big Vince is not happy as of late in New England. Or is that false as well? They put a Bandaid on it for this year. What’s going to happen next year? I guess cut him too? No

  33. Totally disagree with you, the could had picked Solder any ways!

    How do you know that? They used the pk they got from Oakland to draft Solder at 17. That allowed them to trade the #27 pk to NOrleans which turned out to be Vereen and CJones. Sounds pretty good to me. Riders never won more than 8 gms or were better than 20th on D with Seymour.

    I will donate serious money to charity if you can produce a link to where BB admitted Seymour trade was a mistake. You made that up.

  34. Thank you Logan Mankins. It was an honor and pleasure to root for you. Good luck to you and your family in Tampa, sir.

  35. Before trading Seymour, the Pats had 1.8 million in cap room. Nothing. The Raiders paid Seymour 40 mil over 4yrs and couldn’t break .500

  36. .
    The Seymour / Solder trade was good for the Patriots. Belichick keeps a salary structure based on position. If they broke the bank on Seymour, what would the other D-lineman do? Become disgruntled? Hold out? Seymour is out of football. Solder should have many more productive years ahead of him.

  37. This is why Belichick is such a great coach. He can be sentimental, but doesn’t let sentiment get in the way of sound football decisions. Sure, it would be nice for Mankins to play out the rest of his career with the Patriots, but sentiment doesn’t win football games, and following your heart doesn’t put points on the board. The Patriots front office is ruthlessly efficient, and when they see an opportunity, they seize it. That’s how you dominate the AFC East for a dozen years.

  38. Bill B is the best NFL HC and GM because he is intellectually honesty about talent.
    He doesn’t fall in love with old-timers who can’t produce, he looks for young talent, and he does not keep guys who don’t buy his program (see Welker and Seymour).
    That’s why he is the winningest HC in the game, sorry haters.

  39. Solid move. Who knows with Wright but more importantly we gain cap relief to sign other guys like Revis n McCourty..Mankins refused to redo his deal on two different occasions…….

  40. The guy’s older now. He can praise him and still realize a year too early rather than a year too late that he’s on the wrong side of 30. He gave the same kind of soliloquy about Teddy Bruschi when he retired instead of make Belichick cut him about 5 or 6 years ago. It’s the Bill Walsh philosophy.

  41. Apparently his contract was worth 21.5 million dollars over the last two seasons (starting next season). They would have needed him to restructure. The last time they had a contract issue with him he held out half the season and said some pretty harsh stuff. It’s a numbers game and they decided to avoid the problem before it was too late, and while he still had trade value.

  42. Brilliant move by Belichick. That Patriots organization is cunning and resourceful, and I’m always impressed with how they stock up on their draft picks.

    A 4th AND a TE for Mankins? The rich just keep getting richer.

  43. The moral of the story is don’t get into a contract dispute and holdout wherein you say nasty things about the Pats cuz for sure, Bill is going to shiv you in the yard when you least expect it. Lol. He’s a patient man.

  44. Bill told Logan, as he read a crumpled napkin :

    “LM is no longer the OL for the NEP “

  45. People keep wanting to compare Brady to Mankins and suggest that Brady will get the same “surprise” sometime in the near future, but you don’t understand the dynamic.

    Brady has been reasonable with the team, not insisting that they cut him or make him the highest paid QB in the league.

    Mankins, as good as he was on the field, held out for the richest positional contract in the league. What has Mankins ever “given” to this team contractually to help the team? Nothing.

    For Mankins, it was about taking care of himself, more than wanting to retire a patriot. If he really wanted to be a patriot, he easily could have, but that is not what he really wanted. He and his agent really wanted to him to be the highest paid OG in the league, and that is what he got.

    I am not trying to bash the guy, he was great. Just be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

    Brady, has handled business totally differently and so he will be handled totally differently.

  46. Its simple math. They signed a mercenary Revis then moving forward can’t afford “one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached,”. Makes sense if one is a moron.

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