Broncos acquire kicker Brandon McManus in trade with Giants


The Giants were about to cut kicker Brandon McManus, but they ended up getting something for him instead.

The Broncos need a kicker while Matt Prater begins the season on a four-game suspension, so they acquired McManus in a trade with the Giants. A league source tells PFT the trade was agreed on today.

Presumably, the Broncos figured some team ahead of them in the waiver priority order would claim McManus, so they thought it was worth it to give something up to acquire him.

The Broncos will give up just a late, conditional draft pick in exchange for McManus, and depending on what the conditions are, they might not give up anything at all. But for the Giants it’s better than nothing, and for the Broncos it’s security at kicker while Prater sits out.

10 responses to “Broncos acquire kicker Brandon McManus in trade with Giants

  1. Good move for both teams… I would assume it’s a 7th rounder if he plays those 4 games, and nothing if they choose to go with a different kicker to start the season.

  2. The Giants need all the extra picks they can get after throwing that first rounder away on Beckham.

  3. The Bills would have undoubtedly gone after this kid, as they are looking for a “kickoff specialist” after cutting Hopkins.

    Kickoff specialist? Lmao, what a joke.

    It’s as worthless as having a long snapper, a “blocking tight end,” or a fullback.

    I do not like the idea of having roster spots taken up by an extra kicker, a tight end who is an extra lineman, or a running back that cannot carry the ball or catch the ball.

    If you’re going to keep a “blocking TE,” he should be able to long-snap as well…he should also be able to be a fullback…or a bigger running back should be able to.

    Someone like Lee Smith in Buffalo is worthless. Same for Frank Summers.

    If you need an extra TE who can block, put a swing tackle out there…or at fullback, someone like Anthony Dixon should be able to fill that role, so you can use the roster spot on someone who will contribute.

    This is why they spin their wheels.

  4. This guy in Denver might kick it out of the Stadium.

    Someday the GIANTS will look back, and they’ll be like, we had that guy McManus once, and we let him get away.

  5. Last time the Giants had a “promising kid with a’huge’ leg”… Matt Dodge. We all know what happened.

  6. Depending on the language in the contract for Prater regarding guaranteed money and suspensions, McManus might earn a roster spot if he plays as well as prater for significantly less money.

    Prater now has risk associated with him, next offense will be a year and he doesn’t seem to be able to stop drinking. Too bad, I really like Prater but a team can’t carry a liability at the K/P positions.

  7. Just so happened the Eagles needed a Kicker, so this was not only trade that gave us something for nothing, but it keeps him out of the Division. Everyone knew that in order for McManus to beat out Brown he had to be perfect in preseason, and practice.. He kicked the ball out of bounds and the Jets got the ball at the 40.. I knew he was done after that.. Matt Dodge probably cost us 2 or 3 games, I am sure Coughlin, as well as many Giants fans don’t want to go through that again.

  8. I’m sure IF the Eagles (NFC East Division Champions, BTW) need a kicker; they can survive 4 weeks with Henery, then acquire McManas when the Broncos release him. Win-win for everybody except the Giants, who get nothing in return.

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