Bucs called 49ers about Alex Boone before trading for Logan Mankins


The Buccaneers made a bold move for an old guard Tuesday, but they tried to make an even bolder move for a younger one.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the Bucs called the 49ers about a possible deal for holdout guard Alex Boone.

The fact they gave up a fourth for Mankins should tell you something about the 49ers’ asking price for their disgruntled guard, who wants a new contract.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the 49ers are any closer to resolving anything with Boone, as there have been no communications between the team and his camp since the start of training camp.

It’s hard to imagine a team more desperate for guard help than the Buccaneers, so it’s unlikely there’s a team out there to meet the 49ers’ price for Boone. And with their offensive line looking shaky in recent weeks, it might be time to extend an olive branch and see if something can be worked out.

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  1. Classic. 49ers figured they could charge an arm and a leg for one of theirs, so the Bucs dealt with the Pats instead. They shot themselves in the foot.

  2. To be fair Boone is just entering his prime and Mankins is just starting to break down. It should cost more for Boone, though how much more is relative.

  3. So what!! Who wants to help Tampa anyway? Maybe if the drafted better and kept a cleaner facility they would have a guard who doesn’t have a staph infection

  4. Has anyone in the history of the world ever been intimidated more by someone the way the Seattle Seahawks always feel threatened and intimidated by the Five Time World Champion San Francisco 49ers? They stay up every night praying and grab every little vine hoping the NFL empire would somehow crumble so they would get a chance at the grownups table.

  5. Seahawks fans know their team and coaching staff is a bunch of cheaters and ped users. They know their team is a 1 yr wonder. 49ers are a dynasty with long years of history and perfection. Bill Walsh and Soon to be legend harbaugh will be talked about for years. 49ers have 5 trophies and been to more championship games than Seattle will have in the next 200 yrs. but Seattle will be known also but for the way the nfl had to change how their offense was illegally chopping d linemen. And the way they hold wr more than their mothers did when they were baby’s. Also let’s not forget how now they have to have witnesses when they are tested for peds. Lol
    Cheating pete

  6. .
    The Patriots now have some currency if they choose to pursue Boone. Backup QB, Ryan Mallet, two 4th round picks, plus a little extra depth at RB, DB and WR could be the basis for a trade.

  7. “And with their offensive line looking shaky in recent weeks, it might be time to extend an olive branch and see if something can be worked out.”

    We watched the same game, right? We do know what side of the OL Boone lines up in, right? So, why do you write the statement above when Iupati, my fav on the OL, was the culprit behind the poor play of the OL. He wasn’t the only one. Staley and Martin, who played in the Jumbo Package on the first play, got their hands in the “played awful against Luigit” cookie jar. Those dudes were on the LEFT side!!

    Like I said before, we know where Boone plays, right? Well, Looney, who played in place of Boone, did well actually for us on the right side even getting up to the second level. He’s not Boone, but Looney is not the reason for Kap’s issues. That was my boy, Iupati. So, there’s no olive branch to be given to Boone. He should have been in camp and worked hard. Instead, he wants to hold the 49ers captive and guessed wrong on Looney’s development. Yup, he sucked in the first game, but his last two have been consistent improvements with the last being the best.

    Baalke doesn’t work with “holdouts” and I hope he continues. History has said so. Just look at how that Crabtree holdout worked or even Davis’. Yea, it didn’t work out just like your last line suggestion. It’s about The Team The Team The Team.

  8. Santa Clara fans are sure sensitive. I think it is finally starting to sink in that, for three straight years, they blew their chance to win a championship, and now the window has closed. It’s gonna be a long and lonely year for the Whiners.

  9. Seattle fans, please take note:

    Yes, it sucks that the 49ers have come so close for three straight years but it sure as hell beats what was happening in the prior 8 seasons.

    But to make idiotic statements that “the window has closed” just makes you sound like you started watching football a year ago.

    Where were you in 2011 when you missed the playoffs?
    Where were you in 2012 when you couldn’t get past Matty Ice in the divisional round?
    Where were you from the beginning of your existence until 2004 (a 29 season period in which you only made the conference championship once )?

  10. Seattle has never beaten the 49ers at SF since Pete the Cheat became head coach. The 49ers have more winning seasons (41) than Seattle has been in existence (38). Seattle has only 17 winning seasons in their entire history and the 49ers had 16 consecutive seasons with 10 wins or more including 5 Super Bowls. Our weak little sisters to the North won’t change because of one flukey season. It’s one and done this year.

  11. Mankins > Boone (in talent, by far.)

    Buffalo desperately needs guards as well, apparently, as they moved (RT) Erik Pears inside to RG…and have been shuffling Pears, Urbik, Richardson, Legursky, Hairston, all across the interior o-line.

    But if they weren’t giving up a 4th round pick for Logan Mankins…there is absolutely no way they would do it for Alex Boone.

  12. Well, I’ll stop short of calling Seattle’s 2013 season “flukey”. They had (and still have) a historically good defense.

    I do expect them to be really good again this year but I am sick of hearing about how the 49ers are suddenly garbage.

  13. Where were you in 2011 when you missed the playoffs?
    Where were you in 2012 when you couldn’t get past Matty Ice in the divisional round?
    Where were you from the beginning of your existence until 2004 (a 29 season period in which you only made the conference championship once )?
    I was at every home game in 2011 when we missed the playoffs. I was devastated in 2012 when RW led a historic comeback but our D gave up the game in the closing seconds. As for your last question, I became a fan in 1979 at the age of 5 when my parents gave me a Steve Largent jersey for my birthday and I have been a diehard fan ever since. This year marks my 13th as a season ticket holder.

    The Whiners won their last Super Bowl 20 years ago. It’s probably time to move to the present and realize that your team has been irrelevant for 2 decades. Since Seattle joined the NFCW, we have twice as many division championships as the team that was formerly of San Francisco has.

    Time to admit that your neighbors to your north are your new daddy.

  14. I can always remember the Seahaks having the ugliest uni’s in the NFL and how the Raiders used to abuse them on a regular basis when the shared the afc west, like the night Bo trucked Bosworth for a TD and immature Brian was never the same after that. In fact he wasn’t very good ever, just a poser on peds. The hacks haven’t won in sf in 5 years and they think they’re a dynasty. Did the refs get their names on the lonely trophy too. See ya in NOV.

  15. The 49ers are not desperate for guard help and they are not going to negotiate with or trade Boone. He is worth more as an example of what not to do when you are unhappy with your contract. You don’t holdout for a new contract. You come to camp first and then you negotiate.

  16. Mallet is terrible..even as a backup..Hes not much worse than Gabbert though. That 2011 class of qb’s doesn’t look so great, besides Cam and Kap, nothing else

  17. I live in Seattle, and listening to the non-stop gushing adulation and adoration for anything and everything SeaHawk is creepy. I get it when people cheer for their team and when they are excited. I get it when people get a little goofy over a championship. Part of the fan experience. But I’ve never seem the near-desperate sense of affiliation and identity this whole town seems to need – from the media on down has. It’s like there is nothing else in their lives and it is flabbergasting. And tie that in with the total lack of class this town has to disabuse anything Seahawk and insult and belittle everything non-Seahawk . Whether it’s Steelers or Packers or Niners or broncos. Anyone else really. The reaction is one of absolutely classless gloating, smack-talking, and relentless insult. Like most “anger”, it gives all appearance of being rooted in fear reaction… and a desperate need for self-affirmation. Really makes football in this town a sad and childish experience. Watching them lose (and it will come) will be most pleasurable. Gloating and chest-thumping won’t stop it. This fan base – and all those “12” signs will disappear like Arabs in the desert folding their tents and stealing away at dawn.

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