Bucs trade for Logan Mankins


A day after the Buccaneers met with free-agent Richie Incognito in an effort to bolster their line, the Bucs opted to go one step farther.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Bucs have agreed to the parameters of a deal that will bring Logan Mankins from the Patriots.  In return, New England gets tight end Tim Wright and an undisclosed draft pick.

A six-time Pro Bowler, Mankins joined the Patriots via round one of the 2005 draft.  Signed through 2016, Mankins is due to earn a base salary of $6.25 million in 2014, $6.75 million in 2015, and $6.75 million in his final season.

He’ll count $4 million against the Patriots’ salary cap in 2014, and another $4 million in 2015, based on the $20 million signing bonus he received in 2011.

The structure fits Tampa’s pay-as-you go preference.  More importantly, it gives them a guy who can step right in at left guard.

The move shows that coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jason Licht don’t view 2014 as a scholarship year.  They are trying to win now, and with Mankins the chances of that happening have increased.

126 responses to “Bucs trade for Logan Mankins

  1. It is like the pats do these odd things just to do them. Most of the time the story they generate is much bigger then their effect on the team.

  2. But…but…but….Bears fans say that Lovie doesn’t care about O-line!!! And they have it so good there, I mean they must know what they’re talking about!!

  3. Wow! thought he was a Pat for life. Can’t figure this one out. Their line hasn’t been exactly stellar ,and to trade for a tight end that can’t catch or block????

  4. Solid trade.. Tim Wright fits well there and Mankins back-up was solid too. Good anchor for the Bucs Left side.

  5. As a Pats fan, sometimes I just shake my head with certain personnel moves. I hope there is a good reason within the ‘more to come.”

    Interest moves in the past week with Kelly and now this.

    Wright is a young dude, but the Pats have moved through TEs as of late like I through the buffet line.

  6. Maybe they want to clear the cap space so they can keep Revis and/or extend McCourty.

    Can’t say it doesn’t hurt the team though in the short-term. It does.

  7. Tim Wright had a really solid rookie year, but became expendable with the drafting of Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (who has looked good in the preseason). I like Wright, but he was becoming a bit of an odd man out, just due to how the roster developed.

    I don’t know what Logan Mankins has left, but you know what I do know? His name isn’t “Oniel Cousins”, so I like him already.

  8. I don’t see in your article why Mankins is available and what the Pats do as a replacement?

  9. Hilarious … The Bucs used Incognito as a bluff to get the Patriots to take a weaker offer.

  10. Wright will put up huge numbers in that offense. Put up nearly top 10 TE numbers last year with a terrible offense and a rookie QB. He will be like Hernandez except not a serial killer.

  11. mankins is legit. as a jets fan, this trade makes me happy. sheldon richardson is gonna eat!

  12. Bears fans BEGGED for this move for three years while Cutler was getting the life pounded out of him. And nada. Maybe Lovie is learning after all.

  13. Reminds me of when the Texans mysteriously cut Eric Winston. Winston was not as good of a player as Mankins but equally important on the OLine.

    When we can’t figure it out… it’s usually about money.

  14. As a Bucs fan, I can tell you this is a good trade on both ends. Wright can play a similar role to “the TE formerly known as Aaron Hernandez” and complement Gronk nicely. The Bucs had too many TEs on the roster as it was.

  15. Wow. Did not see this coming!

    Did not think we needed a tight end.

    Thought we could use brando lafell at tight end. And keep tyms at WR.

    Would laugh if pats got incognito

  16. The Patriots are the most disloyal team in the NFL. It seems just about every year they trade or let go of one of their best players for no reason. Richard Seymour, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and now Logan Mankins who has been their best and most reliable lineman for a long time.

    And yet they wonder why they can’t win the Super Bowl again.

    They will not win or even sniff the Super Bowl this year.

    Bill is over-rated and Tom is in decline.

    But keep drafting those Rutgers players. what a joke!!

  17. This looks so good for the Bucs on paper that I’m nervous about the Patriots knowing of some injury or decline in play that no one else has seen yet lol

  18. Watch the tape from last years loss to Denver in the playoffs and you see Mankins playing the role of a turnstyle. A very good LG in his prime who is slipping. Get while the getting is good. It also shows why the Pats have been giving such a look to some of the younger OL.

  19. I love this as a Bucs fan, we need the Oline help badly and from what I’ve read they haven’t been too keen with Wright this offseason not to mention with ASJ and Meyers playing ahead of him, however the draft pick scares me for his age I hope its not an early rounder if its a late rounder Id consider it a steal for the bucs

  20. That’s shocking. Mankins is not as good as he used to be but has so much experience and he’s strong as an ox. I guess they want to hang on to Revis.

  21. Do you think Bill doesn’t know the value of a good offensive line? Do you think you know more about Mankins that he does? Do you think he’d trade Mankins for no reason? He’s been a great Patriot, but his knees are paper thin and about to collapse. Don’t you think Bill would have kept him if he were the best option for team at Guard? Do you think he wants to harm Brady? Think about those questions for a second and then you’ll understand why he made the trade.

  22. 1) As a Pats fan I am stunned and hope there is a reason for this.

    2)ScrotumlickerMCB……this is a business not your backyard flag football. Now get back in your “hater crib” Waaa Waaa

  23. Keep in mind he is not the same players as a few years back. Still solid but not spectacular. Hopefully his replacement can keep Brady upright. Also hope this TE can have an impact because it is a real position of need for PATS. Best of luck to Mankins as he was a real warrior over the years for the Pats. Played a whole season with a torn ACL. They don’t come any tougher.

  24. why would we let mankins leave? for a 4th rounder, so stupid. mankins is a top 5-6 guard in the league, or best lineman/one of the team leaders and now he’s gone. jesus. the line struggled last year and now it will be even worse.

  25. Love this move… getting that contract off the books is key… BB hated giving him that deal. It was not Pats friendly… Plus he’s 32. They are going younger and cheaper… Look for Cannon, Kline, Wendell, and Connolly… With Halapio and Stork… fighting for that for the center and two guard spots.

    My guess is a story will break he wouldn’t restructure.

  26. I’m surprised by this but the Pats mentality must be to let a guy go a year too soon as opposed to a year too late, especially with that kind of salary involved.

  27. The O line was the BIGGEST question mark going into this season for the Pats. Just got bigger…

    Makes no sense.

    Obviously Billy Boy knows the team better than any of us, but the back ups in NE are not any better, if not even as good. Solder is still a question mark, Vollmer can’t stay healthy…Looks like Stork or Wendell take the C and Connolly is shifting to LG.

    Strange…If this is money to raise Brady’s contract or to help resign Revis, good, but who really knows.

  28. Mankins allowed 11 sacks of tom brady last year the 2nd most by a guard in the league he is on the downward trajectory guys dont be fooled and he is counting for huge sums on the cap ….In bill we trust …..

  29. As a member of the Patriots flock, I keep repeating “In Belichick We Trust.” There’s a reason he’s the winningest coach in the last 15 years, and we have a semi-permanent reservation at the AFC Championship Game. Do I understand the rationale for the trade? No. Would I have made it? No. Does the trade make any sense on the face of it? No. Do I still chant “In Belichick We Trust,” and believe that he knows more about football than everyone on this board, combined? Absolutely. My faith wavers not; go make another trade, Bill, because you know what you’re doing and the rest of us merely watch with awe from afar.

  30. Mankins allowed 11 sacks in 2013, with the occasional time at tackle. Among guards, only Brian Winters allowed more. $$ for Revis extension.

  31. As a long time Charlotte resident who grew up in Tampa with my Bucs (I’ve suffered through two expansion teams), it’s difficult to watch my old team show my new team how it’s done. I usually pull for my first love Bucs – until they are eliminated – and I see that happening again this season – but maybe all the way to the playoffs this year.

  32. Mankins might not be as good as he once was, but he’s still better than anything the Bucs have on their roster currently. He will solidify an O-line that is the weak link in an otherwise very capable offense with Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, Doug Martin, etc…

    Tim Wright is a very good young TE/WR who became Mike Glennon’s favorite target last year. While not necessarily a great blocker, he is big, fast and has above average hands. The only reason he is expendable now is because of Austin Sefarian Jenkins…who will be a stud this year as a rookie! Tom Brady is getting a capable young target. This trade seems to be a good one for both teams!

  33. Wow, this is a shock, but in Bill We Trust. His mantra has always been that it is better to get value for a player a year early, than to let them hang around until you have no choice but to cut them.

    It might have been premature in the case of Sherman, and it might be premature here, but I have faith in Bill that he knows what he is doing.

    TE was a major need for this team, Gronk is awesome but injury prone and Hoomanawanui isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire.

    I must admit that this trade, combined with this being the first year without Scar makes me nervous, but Bill always runs his team with one eye on next year, so I’m confident this will pay off in the long run, if not necessarily in Week One…

  34. Also, Bill is definitely sentimental, when it doesn’t interfere with making his team the best in the NFL. Just look at Flutie’s drop kick field goal or him signing Vinny Testaverde and letting him play just enough to get his 21st consecutive season with a TD pass record.

    Bill can be sentimental, but this is a business, first and foremost.

  35. Mankins allowed 11 sacks of tom brady last year the 2nd most by a guard in the league he is on the downward trajectory guys dont be fooled and he is counting for huge sums on the cap ….In bill we trust …..

  36. Belly-check doesn’t trade or get rid of a player unless he knows something in regards to their performance no longer being top notch… He will only do it if it is to his advantage in his eyes….

  37. For all you guys saying Longan is no good anymore. You guys got to see the tape from pats vs patriots pre season. Logan sticks to his guy like he is glued to him. I have never seen anything like it before. He also gets way out in space on screens and pulling sweeps. Wow!!!

  38. 2nd highest salary among guards. Declining play since acl/mcl injuries, especially in pass protection (PFF has him as the 18th overall best guard). 32 years old. Makes sense for NE to get something for him now.

    He will help Tampa’s run game and certainly still represents a big improvement overall vs current guard options. In essence, he’s taking the role they wanted Carl Nicks to have.

    Makes sense for both teams in my book.

  39. Tim Wright has a great first year. I don’t know much about him, but statistically he played great. Scares me a bit that he went undrafted, but so did Wes Welker.

    The only questions are can they protect Brady without Mankins and can they run the ball without him. Mankins is definitely not what he was, as he has been hurt every year, but I don’t know if the young guys can do it. Having the two TE sets going again will bring them back to a top passing offense.

  40. I know Mankins was good, but he’s old… and the Pats look to have that athletic TE they haven’t had since Hernandez went on a murdering spree…

    depending on the pick, this could be huge for both teams.

  41. Great trade, but that means that Marcus Cannon could be the new guard.

    Pats fans overall do not need to worry.

    This is New England’s newest version of Aaron Hernandez, an undersized TE that can line up everywhere along the perimeter.

    Now the Pats have to dump Danny Amendola.

  42. This says more about Gronkowski and Amendola than it does Mankins. Brady can’t throw beyond the hashmark, so they need another Tight End. Throw it quick to inside targets that create separation by running crossing routes, who cares who the Guard is?

  43. Pats fans should love this move. It’s really a good move for both teams right now. Bad move for Tampa in about 2 years. Mankins is old and costs a fortune. The Pats just got a good TE, unloaded a bunch of salary and have a perfectly acceptable replacement.

    Advantage Pats in this one. Not sure why Pats fans are so confused…


  44. Wow…well that’s the “Patriot Way”..this guy poured his heart and soul out for this team and then they trade him away. Belichek is cold man

  45. The Patriots are getting ripped off by the Bucs. First the Bucs wisely release past his prime Revis so he can play for these guys and they give him 15 million more than he’s worth. Guy wouldn’t make it in the legion of boom. Then they trade their best lineman for a fourth rounder. Haha. Let’s not forget they took the Seahawks scrub Brandon Browner

  46. Welcome to the Bucs Logan! About time Lovie did something for the O line. The Bucs have a surplus in tight ends and a forth round pick is no great loss. Good trade! I hope they keep away from Incognito.

  47. These are the same chumps that whinned when BB let Welker go. Bill knows best, as you can see Welker has turned to glass, and drops balls. Thrown or punted….

  48. Here’s a conspiracy theory for ya. Belichick has gotten Tampa to cut or release any number of players and picked them up for nothing. He owed big on a back room agreement and the note came due. No tampering or obvious hanky panky, just a gentleman’s agreement, at some point there had to be something exchanged.

  49. Fans always seem to associate a big name’s past performance with the current reality of the player’s ability. This is not same the all-pro Logan Mankins anymore. It is very true he has declined. Look to last year as proof. The Pats ARE NOT losing the player many think they are losing. He may have been cut soon. They got something while they could.

  50. a few comments

    mankins = nasty and still has some talent left
    Incognito = nasty and not talented hence being nasty

    mankins will help the bucs for a year but will then get cut not because he can’t play but because his contract is outrageous for a guard who clearly is no longer in his prime (still a good player)

    BB on mankins
    “Logan Mankins is everything we would ever want in a football player. It is hard to imagine a better player at his position, a tougher competitor or a person to represent our program. He is one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached. Logan brought a quiet but unmistakable presence and leadership that will be impossible to duplicate. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when difficult decisions have to be made – and this is one of the most difficult we will ever make – but like every other decision it was made for what we feel is in the best interests of the team.”

    As far as team loyalty? For five million dollars you can ship me down to tampa every year for five months. Most people have to pay other people to get there…

  51. This O line has been pretty good all in all, but remember these are the guys that Giants made look like fools in two Super Bowls.

    Thanks Logan, and see ya.

  52. He’s 32 years old all season…March birthday. So realistically he’s got 3 seasons maybe. Good guards don’t decline…they just go when it’s time. Mankins will be a good mentor to Kadeem Edwards and Pat Omameh, and probably keep Richie Incognito in line. And of course, the Bucs will need to draft a guard early next year.

  53. This surprised the neck out of me. Lo has been keeping TB12 off the turf for the better part of a decade.sorry to see him go. I hope BB and co know how their O line is gonna shore up that hole. Don’t know anything about the TE Wright. Just hope he’s a quick study. Brady demands perfection on routes.

  54. Hard to like this one, IMO. Pats are rarely wrong when pulling these kinds of shockers, so obviously they get the benefit of the doubt. Milloy, Bledsoe, Seymour, even Vinatieri didn’t make them miss a beat. Samuel and Branch maybe a little different. I know they have their money formulae. Maybe Mankins has slipped somewhat and isn’t the Pro-Bowl caliber he used to be or worth that kind of money. Still, he’s a leader, tough as nails and a good player. The C and RG positions were already considered in flux. Wonder how Brady feels about the interior of the O-Line now, esp after what they gave him to work with at the skill positions last yr. Looks like a move they may have not wanted to make, but they just have nobody to even line up at TE. They just played 5WRs most of the game against Carolina. Hooman and Gronk don’t look ready to play. All they had is Develin at H-Back. This kid from TB better be good. After drafting the TE from Washington, TB didn’t even want him. A little sick of this Rutgers thing too. Who has panned out besides McCourty? Not happy. Maybe another shoe is going to drop.

  55. The Bucs just went from being about an 7-9 or 8-8 team due to a poor to fair O line to 10-6 or better chances with a “good” but not very good or great O line. But their only hole was the O line and that’s addressed. Bring in Incognito, and it will be a “very good” O line by weeks end. With this trade, they just made Josh McCown, Doug Martin, VJax, ASJ, and Mike Evans more effective.

  56. Bucs are gonna go 10-6 with no QB in a division where the other 3 teams have better rosters? Good luck with that, although the D will be good.

    Last thing on the Mankins deal. Wonder if the Pats asked Mankins to take a pay cut and he said no. The last contract negotiation was not an amicable one.

  57. The people who still think Mankins is a Pro Bowler remind me of all of those years that Alan Fanneca lived off of his reputation after Pittsburgh. Mankins is a slightly above average guard these days. The bigger question is will the Bucs carry that cap number into next year because that’s alot of money to be paying a guard who frankly is getting by on his reputation more than his play these days.

  58. You Pats fans will like Tim Wright. Bucs wasted a pick on a tight end when they already had a good one. They should have taken the best available interior lineman, a glaring need that they ignored. Oh well. Mankins will bring experience and leadership now, if he stays healthy. Hope this doesn’t turn into another Carl Nicks debacle. What a break for Wright. Rejected by the Bucs, now he’s stuck with that Brady guy.

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