Gilbert platform advocates blowing up CBA, 18 games


Next March, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith will face re-election for the second time since getting this job.  This time around, Smith may be facing an opponent.

Former NFL defensive lineman Sean Gilbert has announced his intention to run for the job.  Later this morning, Gilbert will conduct a media conference call discussing his candidacy, along with his platform.

PFT has obtained a copy of Gilbert’s platform, which consists of 23 total points.

The first — and arguably most notable — point reiterates Gilbert’s desire to pursue termination of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, via the anti-collusion provisions of the labor deal.

The goal, as we understand it, won’t be to strike, but to get the NFL back to the bargaining table with the goal of improving the current contract.  Of course, if there’s no labor deal there will be a chance the league will lock out the players, again.  But if there’s a work stoppage, it won’t happen due to a strike.

Gilbert also advocates a $1 million minimum player salary, a reduction in dues from $15,000 to $10,000, three-year rookie deals, free agency after three years, permissible renegotiation after only one year (with Russell Wilson specifically mentioned as an example), a one-time career limitation on the use of the franchise tag, elimination of the transition tag, removal of two preseason games, elimination of compensatory draft picks, increase of roster size from 53 to 57 (with an 11-player practice squad), increase in the practice-squad salary to $20,000 per week, elimination of “contract splits,” elimination of certain exclusions from “all revenue,” such as Cowboys merchandising and Jets/Giants PSL fees, and restriction of the Commissioner’s judge-jury-executioner power.

Gilbert also extends a major carrot to the league, proposing an 18-game regular season and a shifting of the Super Bowl to President’s Day Weekend.

While the election won’t happen until March, the election will be largely won or lost in the coming weeks.  Since the team-by-team player representatives ultimately vote on the executive director, the ability of Smith, Gilbert, or any other candidate to successfully place 17 of their supporters in those positions for 2014-15 will eventually deliver the election.

94 responses to “Gilbert platform advocates blowing up CBA, 18 games

  1. Lol. Surprised he didn’t ask for the commish’s job while he was at it.

    Not sure what the practice squad makes now but that would be a cool $360,000/yr for someone who may never make an NFL roster.

  2. I love the idea of an 18 game season. The more football the better. Alot better than watching 82 game basketball season with a best of 7 playoff round that last 2 weeks.

  3. I don’t think he will win because of what he wants. There is no way the owners will agree to all of that. Allowing players to negotiate after just one year of their deal and then increasing the roster and minimum salary like that? There is no way the minimum salary should be $1M. It should be 350k or 400k and no more. You can’t tell me a 7th round pick who hasn’t done anything yet deserves $1M.

    The owners will be against him and Smith has too many players in position of power on the executive committee who are going to want him. I think Winston will support Smith and thus he will keep the job.

  4. Just like typical politics- they (Gilbert in this instance) is going to tell players everything they want to hear, even if 95% of it is not feasible. IMO he stands no chance getting the UFA after 3 yrs, 1 time use of franchise tag, or renegotiating after 1 year. Essentially everything on that list favors players only and hurts the league, so why would the league even consider cutting up the existing CBA that favors them, in order to give more money and power to players?

    The other big one- taking away judge/jury/executioner from the commissioner. Good freaking luck. If the players want to take that power from him? Agree to implement HGH testing. NOW. The players and NFLPA have been dragging their collective feet on the issue because they realize how many players in today’s NFL are going to get popped. Really it comes down to being flat out selfish. The players expect the league to bend over backwards and change everything to favor them but the players won’t submit to HGH testing protocols- the one thing the league is hanging over their heads. Why should the league bother to help the players if the players won’t help the league?

  5. Restrictions on the comish power is a big deal. All it takes is for a derp like Roger and everyone from fans to players will be upset at one point or another.

  6. Does this clown realize the IQ of the union members as opposed to the men worth billions… This is some funny stuff… The owners could offer them an escalade with 18 inch rims and most would sign… Immediately

  7. Is that all he wants? Hell why not ask for lifetime pension at full contract value, a tax free beach house and a Bugatti Veyron for every player?

  8. This is just part of the negotiation tactics. I’m pretty sure a lot of those things Gilbert wants are negotiable. If you start negotiating low, you won’t really get to negotiate.

  9. Sean Gilbert: “I want a hamburger… no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake…”

    Roger Goodell: “You’ll get nothing, and like it.”

  10. The players generally got shafted on the last CBA because they can’t save their money and would be hurting without their paychecks. High interest loans, anyone?

  11. If I win, I promise more vending machines in the cafeteria, every Friday will be a half day and all the women are required to wear mini skirts to class.

    Superbowl on Presidents Day weekend isnt a terrible idea. Would help eliminate the Monday scaries at work the day after the Superbowl. I prefer to be hungover in the comfort of my own home rather than sitting in an office. Million dollar minimum salary is absurd, as is the $20k weekly salary for practice squad players.

  12. I don’t especially like Smith, but I ain’t thrilled that the alternative is a guy who seems like a significant threat to the 2015 season.

  13. Why would the Players want to replace the current NFLPA Executive who has cost them around roughly $3BILLION.
    To add a few million to the salary cap DeMaurice Smith agreed to penalize the Redskins and Cowboys in Capgate in exchange for dropping any colussion charges.

    What a smart (or pretty dumb) players association!

  14. The players should start their own league in the way Red Grange did back in the beginning. Bleep the billionaires. You don’t need them. Let’s see those tv ratings with scab players.

    Players have always had the power. They’ve just been too scared to use it.

  15. 18 games should come with the stipulation of dropping two preseason games. Preseason is just the absolute worst.

  16. When is the greed going to end. The owners want more money and the players want more money. Who has to pay for the owners and players greed? Thats right the fans. When is it going to end?
    How about a new CBA that has a top salary of $5 million dollars. If your not good enough to make the team and you have to go to the PS, then you collect unemployment. If the players don’t like that, then find another job where you can make $5 mil a year. If the players accept this than the owners can cut ticket, concession and parking fees in half. The owners will supply the fans with beer and food for their tailgate parties and for those cold weather cities, each tailgater will receive a free pair of heated boots and gloves on game day.

  17. Gilbert has shown that he has no problem stopping football to get what he wants (his own hold out, Revis’ hold outs). That’s not good for anyone that enjoys watching football.

  18. Screw the minimum salaries. They should go for GUARANTEED contracts with something like, if you’re on the roster at the beginning of the league year, you get paid for the full year. Future years will only count X% against the cap based on how many years of the contract were fulfilled.

    IE: You get a 5 year $50Million contract and get cut in camp before year 4. You get your $20Million for year 4 and 5, but 40% ($4Million) of the year 4 and then 20% ($2Million) in year 5 get applied to the cap in those respective years.

  19. When hearing this news, Goodell suspended Gilbert indefinitely. When told Gilbert was retired, Goodell said, “So?, if I say he’s suspended, he’s suspended”

    News of a pending fine will be forthcoming, following results of a drug test.

  20. What a sellout. You read this at first and think he really is for the players, then you see how they’re trying to slide an 18 game season in there as a voting point. What a joke.

    NO to the 18 game season. 16 games is plenty; I don’t want everyone banged up entering January and seeing less than the best.

  21. And none of these knuckleheads ever proposes the one thing they ought to…guaranteed contracts. The other sports have them…it is a joke that the owners can cut a player under contract whenever they want. Keep arguing over the peanuts boys, the owners keep laughing at you.

  22. You all criticizing Gilbert’s list of demands obviously have never negotiated before. Of course he won’t get everything and I don’t think he expects that. You never ask for exactly what you want in opening bids. The league opened last CBA negotiations by asking the players to give up $1 billion off the top for operating expenses…. Huge number that they obviously don’t expect. This season they asked the half time entertainer to pay to play for the Superbowl half time show. Ridiculous? Maybe but that is the NFL and that’s how hard ball they negotiate. D. Smith has done a poor job of repping the players. There’s no way a player who leads his team to a Superbowl win should be locked into a rookie contract that pays less than most back ups. Even if the team itself wants to reward Wilson with a bonus it can’t. There is no way a team should be able to franchise a player 3 freaking times. That means between restricted free agent status and the tag a player can be kept off the free agent market for 7 or 8 years. 4 year contract, restricted free agent tender, and 3 years franchise tag. That is just silly.

    The fact that Smith agreed to waive all penalties for possible collusion during the non CBA year is pure incompetence. As soon as the league asked for that shouldn’t Smith’s radar have gone up? As we saw withe Skins and Cowboys salary cap penalty for spending too much in an uncapped year there was collusion. This is the most egregious miss step in my opinion. You literally let the league get away with breaking the law because they out smarted you.

  23. This guy is a disgrace. He ruined his career by sitting out a year when franchised. Sure he got paid, but never won anything. Now he has advised his “nephew” Revis Island and he went from being a cornerstone of a franchise to being a mercenary for hire.

    Its all well and good he wants to blow up the CBA, but it was agreed to. The players signed off on the cap penalties for the redskins and cowgirls so that argument does nothing.

    This jerk cares only about himself. BTW if he really wants to win player support, dangling the 18 game schedule may not work

  24. I’m sure the NFLPA members would love to get that but it will be a cold day in hell before the NFL would agree to that. Possible NFL counterpoints include: More stringent discipline policies; HGH testing; revamped substance abuse protocols (thresholds raised but discipline starts at 1st offense); NFLPA 50% liability in current and future lawsuits filed by current/former NFLPA members (partners, right?); increased practice time; voluntary OTAs become mandatory; zero holdouts; NFLPA 75% responsibility for pensions, no CBA related lawsuits, all appeals handled by a 3-person team picked by the commissioner, etc.

    All Gilberts desires are aimed at getting the union to elect him (personal gain) but will quickly be abandoned when confronted by counter arguments from the other side of the negotiating table. D. Smith had similar rhetoric until they elected him.

  25. 18 game season and reduce the two remaining preseason games to $25 addmissions. Two bye weeks, mandatory one game vacation for all players except QB and kicking & snapping specialists would address player health concerns. Broadcast TV network income would grow by multi-billions, players enrich themseleves by their percentage of the profits. Most important, the paying fans no longer have to endure the exhibition scam.

    Everything else is pie-in-the-sky stuff that isn’t going to happen. No Federal judge would allow the NFLPA to unilaterally abrogate the 10 year deal.

    If the players support this guy to run their union, the term “dumb jocks” would apply.

  26. This reminds me of the elementary school class president candidate saying if you just elect him, he’ll just unilaterally ban all homework.

  27. It is safe to say, based on most of the replies i am reading here that most people on this site don’t understand how negotiating works.

    You start high and work your way down. It’s the same reason why the Car salesman starts off with a high price, but when you are done negotiating, you may end up paying 5 to 6 thousand less than the car was listed for.

    This is what the NFL needs. I thought it was idiotic to have a person represent NFL players who never played in NFL. If Gilbert is fighting for 1M league minimum, and the League has their current amount, they can end up at a slightly higher number. It won’t be 1M but it would be more than the current minimum. Gilbert sounds like a good option.

  28. Contracts should either be guaranteed or the players should have the same ability the team has, to leave the team at anytime and seek employment elsewhere. A team can cut a player for whatever reason they care to come up with and any money that was not guaranteed is lost. In season, veterans with enough years of service are guaranteed the years salary so those players could leave the team but not seek employment with another team until the season ends.

  29. I’m sure the NFLPA members would love to get that but no way the NFL would agree to that. They are too extreme and wiould meet the opposite extremes in negotiations. Possible NFL counterpoints include: More stringent discipline policies; HGH testing; revamped substance abuse protocols (thresholds raised but discipline starts at 1st offense); NFLPA 50% liability in current and future lawsuits filed by current/former NFLPA members (partners, right?); increased practice time; voluntary OTAs become mandatory; zero holdouts; NFLPA 75% responsibility for pensions, no CBA related lawsuits, all appeals handled by a 3-person team picked by the commissioner, etc.

    All Gilberts desires are aimed at getting the union to elect him (personal gain) but will quickly be abandoned when confronted by counter arguments from the other side of the negotiating table. D. Smith had similar rhetoric until they elected him.

  30. NFL will have to raise medical & pension payments for all the additional lifetime injuries that will result from stretching an already ungodly long NFL season to 18 games. Add in over seas games, expanded playoffs, aye yai yai!

    Let’s not forget these guys are humans from planet earth.

  31. “You all criticizing Gilbert’s list of demands obviously have never negotiated before. Of course he won’t get everything and I don’t think he expects that. You never ask for exactly what you want in opening bids.”

    you’ve obviously never negotiated before. sometimes you tell the opposition directly what you want and tell them they can take it or leave it. this happens often when your business is an integral part of their business, so you have the negotiating edge.

    But here, the players need the owners much more than the owners need the players in the medium term. The owners have big debts they have to service, but they usually have large reserves so that they can survive short impasses better than the players. And of course if Gilbert is unwilling to strike, he doesn’t have not much to bargain with, as the nfl can already add one extra week by expanding the playoffs unilaterally. It’s asinine to take the biggest weapon you have off the table before you are even at the table. and that’s just what Gilbert did.

    What gilbert should do is instead of cutting dues by a third, he should increase them 300% and save up a stash for the next negotiation so he can subsidize players and they won’t be so quick to give up the game.

  32. “Contracts should either be guaranteed or the players should have the same ability the team has, to leave the team at anytime and seek employment elsewhere.”

    No one is stopping anyone from having fully guaranteed contracts. If they aren’t willing to give something up for it, they should not have them. that’s how life works.

  33. For everyone that is complaining about Goodell’s disciplinary power, if the players didn’t need so much discipline then this would not be an issue. How hard is it to not do anything illegal while you’re in the NFL?

  34. In short his platform is –

    Hey lets water down the league even more as long as the players get paid a bunch more and Goodell doesn’t have as much power as he does now. Screw the fans.

  35. Uncle Gilbert at his best!Now do you want to know why Revis isn’t a Jet!He will ruin the players association and the NFL! That is why Darrelle held out all the time!They don’t honor contracts!

  36. Why is it that the most successful sports league in the history of the world just can’t leave well enough alone. Between the owners trying to slip more paydays, like wanting the half time performers to not only work for free but to kick back some of their later earnings to the league, and the players trying to get paid for not playing, they are all trying to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  37. How in the Hell Smith con’d his way into being the NFLPA Prez is mystery to use all. The guy has no experience in Pro-football. Not even a tryout.

    What because he is lawyer and friends with U.S. A.G., makes him what? Get rid of the bum. Put back player in charge of players. Not some look at me trial lawyer.

    There are plenty and I mean plenty of smart football players. Can the bum

  38. 17 game season, two bye weeks per team, two preseason games. Preseason reduced, only one more game played, but league gets a 19 week season, plus stars on the field more consistently b/c of the extra bye week to heal up. The only way I see to extend the season, which seems inevitable, without reducing quality of the late season games and playoffs, which seems inevitable with an 18 game, 1 bye regular season.

  39. At least Smith wants to play ball… Gilbert will only harm the league and union. For him the ballgame is over…..

  40. No negotiator expects to get everything he asks for. This is a very smart package of demands and it includes things the league will refuse to accept, therefore being able to “win” some. 18 games is a must and with the expanded roster and practice squads easily doable. The players will salivate when they see the added value to the salary cap coupled with the new Direct TV deal. Its time the players had a rep who is willing to shake up the status quo.

  41. I’m amazed at the number of people posting here that have no clue how business negotiations work. Yes, some of gilberts demands are high – it’s just meant to be a starting point. Any concession the owners make will be an improvement for the players. business 101

  42. posmoo says:
    Aug 26, 2014 10:56 AM
    No one is stopping anyone from having fully guaranteed contracts. If they aren’t willing to give something up for it, they should not have them. that’s how life works.

    EXACTLY. The last CBA the players were so focused on TOTAL percentage of revenue that they get, that they completely got shammed. Give them back 4% or whatever in exchange for guaranteed contracts. I’d rather have a 4 year $50Million that I KNOW I’m gonna get $50Million from than a 6 year $140Million that even the ‘guaranteed’ money isn’t guaranteed because they can cut me. No more need for huge bonuses, or anything. Just straight cash, homie.

  43. haha, players and unions are awesome. They sign deals and then bitch a few minutes after.

    Why stop at 1 mil being the minimum salary? Just make it 10 mil. Also make it so contracts can be renegotiated after 3 games if the player does well in the first 3.

    The stuff he wants won’t happen yet the fact someone can be that crazy to bring up some of those things just shows how screwed up that league (and sports as a whole) is.

  44. Where is the NFL developmental league? That one’s a no brainer for me. It should end right about the time training camp starts. Football year round! We wouldn’t need an 18 game season.

  45. They can’t have both guaranteed contracts and huge signing bonuses they don’t have to give back. And if they want the players to have the right to terminate contracts the players should have to return pro rated portions of any signing bonus. Otherwise why not sign, get your 20 mil signing bonus and immediately retire and never have to work a day in your life?

  46. I hope he wins because Smith has largely been complicit in watering down the game that Roger Goodell has been on track for since they both came into power around the same time. At least Gilbert sounds like he’d go against a lot of the silliness that is taking place.

  47. Got to look at what will actually cost owners money

    1mil minimum salary – a little but not if the cap doesn’t rise (TICK)

    Roster size up by 4 – 4mil cost per year is manageable again depending on cap (TICK)

    Practise squad to 20k per week – manageable increase (TICK)

    Early renegotiation (Possible TICK) – doesn’t harm owners as they dont need to negotiate and still have power over the contract

    Removing more than one franchise tag (probably not but it’s not a big deal)

    Rookie deals at 3 years (Heck No!) – this could blow up free agency signings and drive player costs up quickly

    All up though those first few ideas he has might cost teams about 6 million more per season in increased wages. So you could just up the salary cap a little more. If the trade off is to then go to 18 games then the owners will be laughing to the bank. 2 extra games a year for 6 million, where do they sign?

    18 games is a huge trade off that the players have. So if they are going to use that card they’d want something good. Gilbert can sell it out and get the players something nice and get him a big pay rise!

  48. Has anyone here ever negotiated before?

    You don’t ask for what you want, you ask for much more. That way you can still get you what you actually wanted in the first place under the guise of compromise.

    There’s no realistic expectation of $1m player minimum or Goodell giving up some of his power.

    But $500k and him giving up one “branch” of his power, for example the right to hear appeals on punishments he doled out, in exchange for an 18 game season is pretty reasonable. The owners’ collective love for Goodell is not greater than their desire for a longer season.

    How about three year rookie deals plus a club option and decent pay bump for year 4? “Compromise.” Removing weird revenue exclusions? These are drop in the bucket dollar amounts to an NFL franchise now, add another two regular season games and they’re an even smaller fraction.

    Mind you the Carolina Panthers made $121 million PROFIT a couple of years ago. An NFL franchise is a mint. They’re splitting up a $9 billion(and growing!) revenue stream.

    Fan’s doubts grow larger every year. With the scrutiny of the sport, the price to attend a game, insane ideas like overseas teams, and the rule changes the sport is climbing toward a peak from which it can only fall. If they owners wish to avoid this they need to realize that the trust and respect of the players is key. They are who we watch for. We don’t care who’s in the owner’s box. All we care about is who’s on the field. And if keeping them on the field means owners sacrficing the yet to be built vacation homes of their great-great-great-grandchildren, so be it.

  49. Even a more Machiavellian candidate would only be able to achieve some of these demands.

    But by putting them all on the table at once, Gilbert has revealed himself as a less-than-brilliant strategist.

    The players may vote him in, but the billionaires won’t play ball.

  50. Did the union and owners sign a collective bargaining agreement or not? If they did and their word means anything we will have peace for the remainder of the deal. Last few contracts I read about indicates the owners AND players are doing quite well.

  51. The players got got on a sucker deal last time they shouldn’t have signed. The owners had so many of you eating out of their hands. How was it the owners locked the players out and many of you blamed…THE PLAYERS? I’m from Ohio, and I support my unions when they are worth a darn, and the players got shafted last time – and the Steelers were the only team who refused to sign it knowing it was a bad deal then. The players also weren’t prepared, which made no sense to me. They said it on the news 2 yrs prior that a lockout was immanent – so why didn’t they save their money?

    I love football, but this is needed. I thought the NFLPA needed a lawyer to run their union, but I guess they got the wrong lawyer. From one-sided “contracts” (you have to hold YOUR end of the deal, but I don’t have to hold me and can cut you at any time even if your current injury is from you playing hurt last year when you probably shouldn’t have).

    Russell Wilson is the 3rd highest payed QB on his OWN TEAM. He signed a 4 yr. $3M deal that only pays him $662K in 2014. If he gets hurt in 2014 and tears an ACL he likely won’t see that contract at the end of the 2014 season. Alfred RB Morris in DC is making $570Kin the 3rd yr. of his rookie deal after gaining 2885 rushing in 2 years. These two have GROSSLY outplayed their deals and they are one serious injury in 2014 away from never seeing any money for what they are worth. Again, I love football, but a renegotiation or strike is needed to level the playing field and I side with the players.

  52. He had me at President’s Day Weekend Super Bowl.

    I would give anything not to go into work the morning after the Super Bowl party.

  53. “1mil minimum salary – a little but not if the cap doesn’t rise (TICK)”

    Good luck getting any player currently earning above the minimum to vote for this if the cap isn’t going to rise. Because taking money out of somebody’s pocket to give a raise to the guy across the room will not be a popular proposal.

  54. The NflPa should start to work with college players as well. If any one group of people could influence college players to organize it
    should be nfl players. I have no real knowledge of labor law.
    However it seems to me if college and pro football players ban together
    It could help both. They certainly have one common issue. They have little or no leverage. A problem for both is the short time most are
    elgible. Both in college and the professional level. Perhaps with membership being at least four years and possible longer….
    more leverage would come about. One issue that needs to be resolved
    is the ongoing financial maltreatment of college football players.
    The NCAA ‘s ongoing ” skim ” is bigger than the Five Families
    ” skim ” we see in movies like ” Casino” . Soon the conferences will take over from the biggest ” family ” the NCAA. Time will tell what cut
    the players will get. My suggestion is they get organized quickly or
    their share will be small.

  55. I agree that there is no way that Gilbert could get everything he is advocating for. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t get everything he wants. Negotiation is about giving things up, and compromise. When you come to the table with a list of items you only pretend to care about, and know the other side won’t go for, then it becomes easy give them up in the name of compromise.

  56. I would like to see the elimination of the non-actives. If you are on the active roster, you are active for the game. It’s awful that any player on the active roster, gets tagged as inactive for a Superbowl game. Plus with more active players, you can do more rotations to keep guys fresh, and potentially reduce injuries.

  57. If I was asked to pick a group out of a lineup who is the most resistant to change, ya’ll would definitely be at the tip top of the list. Oh my god, you all act as if the game is perfect in every way (which it most certainly isn’t). I’ve seen some really good ideas come through here only to be lambasted just because Goodell thinks it’s a good idea. Get a grip people. Also, keep in mind that while it is entertainment for us, it is a job for the players. Their goal is to get a healthy piece of the pie while exiting stage while they are still healthy.

    Top on my list are get rid of or modify extra points, eliminate the kneel down and make it a penalty that takes a down and stops the clock. Lastly, make spiking the ball by the QB a fumble. Make these guys play the whole game and earn the victory from start to finish.

  58. Starting high with your demands is part of negotiation. However, Gilbert isn’t starting negotiations. The CBA has already been ratified by the players, so Gilbert is trying to continue negotiations. None of it really matters, because blowing up the existing CBA is not going to happen.

  59. I think he added fluff in order to let the league think that they won something — that’s how you negotiate.

    Here are things that would be thrown out in a deal

    “permissible renegotiation after only one year”

    “three-year rookie deals, free agency after three years”

    Following would be negotiated down

    Minimum salary. From $1m to maybe $600k or $700k for first-year players

    Practice squad pay. From $20,000 down to $12,000-$15,000.

  60. “I love the idea of an 18 game season. The more football the better. Alot better than watching 82 game basketball season with a best of 7 playoff round that last 2 weeks.”

    Amen brother – the NBA makes the Summer dry-spell for “actual” sports coverage soooo grueling. I mean, with NOTHING else going on, its the only thing being covered in the media. And, its a little sad and desperate when, as a league, you HAVE to design your schedule so that you are the ONLY avenue vying for the sports fan’s attention during your playoffs/championship … “It’s the “NBA PLAYOFFS” and “overly-covered/reported points 1-1000” ARE ALL I HEAR.

    NBA = Needs Big Amendments (to the current structure of things) – no body cares because every year there’s only a few questions that ultimately get answered by season’s end:

    1) Will Lebron win the championship, or will it be the Spurs or Thunder?
    2) Which racist-owner gets exposed this year?
    3) What will Cuban’s excuse for the Mav’s woes be this year?


  61. Is he running for class president? I bet they get pizza parties every week.. and I bet he gets rid of homework, too..

  62. Maybe a couple of other platform points can be included—–
    1. a new Bentley for every player on the

    2. every player gets to play in New York,
    Chicago, or Dallas so commericial
    appeal rises—-all other franchises are
    either abolished or moved to those areas

    3. every player on the roster gets a
    $25,000 a month housing allotment,
    and $750 a day for food.

    4. players can decide when they are not
    ready to play without medical advice
    available to teams

    5. players can decide when to suspend a
    game due to weather conditions–if the
    sun is not out they wont play

  63. How are people besides season ticket holders paying full price for pre-season? Really?? I couldn’t if I tried! I got tickets this year for 4 dollars. Literally, 4 dollars. Brokers fee was 12 so it was a total for 28 bucks for 4 upper level seats. If you need 50 yard line 7th row for preseason and insist on paying full price, well… Than in that case no follow up is necissary, which is good because I couldn’t think of one.

  64. if you expand the season to 18 games, you need more practice squad guys and a bigger roster. The NFL needs to understand that.
    Super Bowl during Presidents Day weekend would be nice. Most of the country has off that Monday anyway.

  65. To those saying “this is how negotiations work.”….this is not how Gilbert negotiates. He says “this is what I want and I will go home if I don’t get it”. That’s not good for football. His ideas aren’t terrible, but an increased roster and increased minimum is gonna eat up a lot of salary cap. He’s going to have to convince owners that the addition of 2 real games will pay for an increase in salary cap.

  66. Sean Gilbert is showing everyone why he isn’t in the league now. The things he is asking for are totally unreasonable to the Owners of the league and if he thinks just giving the owners additional games is going to get all those other things, he is confirming to everyone that he truly is insane as the rumors have said.

  67. ‘…elimination of certain exclusions from “all revenue,” such as Cowboys merchandising and Jets/Giants PSL fees…’

    I can agree with this. This is the kind of thing that allows owners like Jerry Jones an unfair advantage over the rest of the league, and if allowed to continue, will turn the NFL into the sham league that MLB has become…

  68. Gilbert is doing what anyone running for an office should do. He is explaining what policies he would implement. Some players may agree with Gilbert’s plans and some may disagree. That’s life Everyone has his own opinion and can vote however he likes.

    Most of what Gilbert recommends would favor star players over marginal players. That’s because under a salary cap in which the players get 70% of league income (with some notable carve outs and exceptions, some of which Gilbert wants to eliminate), reducing one player’s salary means increasing other players’ salaries (the current CBA requires the teams to spend a minimum amount on salaries; teams cannot have a roster of minimum salary players that only cost the team $30 or $40 million; that’s why the Raiders were forced to spend or overspend on free agents this past offseason, they were way under the minimum spending level and were required under the CBA to spend more on players).

    What a lot of people don’t understand is that when a star player with a non-guaranteed 4-year $40 million contract is cut after 1 year, it’s not as if the remaining $30 million goes into the owner’s pocket. Most or all of that $30 million is required to be spent on other players. Since the best players are the ones with the biggest contracts, strengthening guaranteed contracts is a way to divert money away from low priced players to the best and highest priced players.

    Increasing roster size benefits low priced, young players at the expense of high priced, star veterans. That’s because the more roster spots there are, the more that has to spent on backup players (there are only 22 starters on the field, so increasing the roster increases the number of backups).

    Lengthening the season increases the league’s potential income and therefore the amount of money available to pay players. It probably helps backups more than stars, since a longer season means more injuries to starters and therefore more chance for marginal backup players.

    If I was a player, I wouldn’t support Gilbert. I think his judgment is bad. He cost himself a lot of money through his stubborn holdout. If you’re a pro football player, you shouldn’t waste a year in your 20’s, when you’re at your physical peak, on a holdout. You’ll never make up for the lost year’s salary. As a player, I’d be concerned that Gilbert would continue to make such bad judgments. His advice to his nephew Darrelle Revis does not reflect well on Gilbert. He hasn’t helped Revis achieve anything more than the top CB in the league could have achieved, except Revis has established a strong reputation as difficult to negotiate with. That has probably cost Revis a million or two per year, i.e., there was no bidding war for Revis this year, but had Revis established a better reputation for himself as easy to deal with, other teams likely would have bid against the Patriots for his services.

  69. If all the players decided they didn’t want to play, you’d see where all the real power lies. This is a business built on the very specific and rare talents of a small collection of men, which earns this business billions of dollars a year. Why should some of these requests be considered ridiculous simply because they address discrepancies in what players are given versus what they produce.

    No one wants a lock out, but, man, if the players ever realized how much everything depends on them they could exert some huge leverage. As it stands now, they are the worst compensated athletes playing in the most profitable league in America.

  70. I like the idea of the player’s tearing up the current CBA b/c clearly the owners have gotten away with murder but 18 games is ridiculous. I guess it’s inevitable since Goodell & the owners continue to think of ways to stuff their fat faces but just look at the number of significant injuries that have already occurred & the seasons hasn’t started yet.

    I truly hope for the sake of the game that most of the players realize that an 18 game season would shorten their careers & wind up causing them to make less money not more. Sure the players would make a little bit more each year but the extra games still make them susceptible to career ending injuries. It’s the league & the owners who will still get paid regardless of which player tears an ACL. Players better realize that getting paid for an extra two games may cost them an entire season if not their careers.

    Although the preseason games are practically unwatchable (in part b/c the referees have been instructed to tirture defensive players) just think of what the level of play would be if they lessen the number of preseason games from 4 to 2? Omg….Can you say watered down product? But then again fantasy geeks & gamblers couldn’t care less.

  71. I love it….each point makes sense, raising the roster to 57, a player can only have the franchise tag used on them once in a life time, larger practice squads, rid of the comp picks, shorten rookie contracts which should have been included when they capped the rookie contracts, all revenue is just that all revenue and not allow owners to carve out exceptions, put something in place that will met out punishment fairly and remove Goodell from the process. Good stuff, the players would be smart to hire a former player to represent them and not a lawyer who is trying to get paid first and the do the job 2nd…..

    Hope he wins…

  72. I hope Gilbert wins. It’s time someone does something for the players, you know, the people who actually risk their lives and bodies for the sport we love.
    NFLPA needs someone who cares more about the players and their long-term needs instead of a pliant pseudo-leader who just wants to help the owners make as much money as humanly possible.

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