Gordon’s DUI case continued to November

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Lost in the lingering delay regarding Brown receiver Josh Gordon’s appeal is the fact that Gordon faces DUI charges in North Carolina.

Per the Associated Press, a hearing scheduled for Tuesday has been continued until November.

The DUI has no bearing on Gordon’s pending suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy.  However, his history of substance-abuse violations could prompt the NFL to suspend him for a first-offense DUI, even though the standard penalty is a two-game fine.

If Gordon ultimately beats the DUI charge, there will be no discipline of any kind.  For this situation.

25 responses to “Gordon’s DUI case continued to November

  1. This actually might work well for Gordon. If he’s still playing in November he can get another continuance most likely, otherwise if already suspended it’s better timing than after the season.

  2. The NFL knows what they are going to do, it’s past hurting the player, and now hurting the team and fantasy players. When a punishment gets to the point of hurting a fan it’s gone to far.

    Make a decision and go with it, quit dragging your feet NFL

  3. I think that DUI is really going to factor into the NFL’s decision on the suspension. This kid couldn’t even keep himself out of trouble while the league was deciding how to punish him for the weed violation. He’s obviously shown no signs of straightening himself out and flying right. I really think for his sake he needs a year off to go to get himself right and get rid of anyone in his life that’s bringing him down. The league is a lot more exciting with him in it, but he won’t be in it much longer if he keeps going the way he is from a legal standpoint

  4. I know the NFL is trying to delay for PR reasons, but at this point there is almost no way they come out looking good with the way they have handled this one.

    I’m not sure the league is being run by the best and brightest…

  5. In 5th Grade, I was caught inhaling Elmers Glue bottles while trying to impress my friends. For punishment, I couldn’t play kickball for the rest of the year (until my teacher passed away and then I was back at it).

    JGordon wont make it far with Manziel on the team bringing him down the whole time.

  6. The Browns and the NFLPA should be throwing a public fit over the decision on his suspension not being made yet. It’s 100% unacceptable and now it’s gonna cost someone else a job.

    The NFL is screwing this up bad….they can’t just come out and make no change. They just can’t at this point. It would be way worse then admitting they were wrong.

  7. Gordon is a moron he’s failed something like 7-8 drug tests since HS most of which came in the NFL . He was suspended for drinking Syrup a few years back , it’s not only weed that makes this guy a idiot he’s actually abusing drugs. I’m all for the legalization of marijuana but damn this guy is easily the dumbest player in football along with Aldon Smith . He deserves the suspension bc he’s a repeat offender . It’s not apples to apples comparing him to rice , this guy has literally broke league policy over and over and over and over and over and over again just in the nfl. At some point it’s obvious this baboon doesn’t get it!

    Suspend him and move on , he’s sure to get into more trouble before his suspension is over ! He needs help NOT PAYCHECKS to enable him !

  8. Maybe Roger the Dodger’s plan is to not rule at all on this and then everyone wins! Gordon plays and the NFL doesn’t have to admit publicly they made a mistake.


  9. At this point, one would think the browns could file some kind of lawsuit against the NFL due to the delay in ruling, which is damaging the teams ability to plan, promote, etc. Absolutely ridiculous. If they do not give ruling by Wednesday at 2pm. I will lead a protest outside of league offices on Thursday! Godell, you are on notice!!

  10. Giving him a year off with nothing to do while not being able to be around his team, supervision, or team mates is not the best scenario for an addict to be in. He needs supervision. He needs to have his job to focus. He needs positive peer pressure that he would most likely get from his team mates needing him week in and week out. This is a horrible rule. Let him play and require weekly counseling sessions as well as off-season treatment. More “free-time” is NOT the answer. This guy is a great talent and he needs help. He’s not an idiot, he obviously has some mental wiring that he cannot just turn off by himself.

  11. Gets a DUI while waiting for the decision on a 1 year suspension for yet another failed drug test.

    I’d give him a year just for being stupid !!!

  12. Again, this has nothing to do with weed. Repeat offender even before the supplementak draft who then proceeds to get a DUI AFTER facing this potential extension. What does that say about him?

  13. They’re going to drag this out until next season and it won’t matter. Remember it’s Cleveland! 4-12 this year or 4-12 next year, what’s the difference?

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