Jets tried to trade Stephen Hill this summer, to no avail

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Once upon a time, Stephen Hill was supposed to be the answer to the Jets’ questions at wide receiver.

Now, the question is whether he’ll remain on their roster throughout the weekend.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jets tried to trade Hill this summer, and no one bit.

Hill has 45 catches for 594 yards and four touchdowns, which would be a good season. Except that’s two seasons worth of stats, which is why they’re frustrated.

The former second-round pick from Georgia Tech has the requisite size and speed, but lacks a certain, shall we say “ability to catch flying things,” that has slowed his progress.

We’ll see as the Jets move to 75 today and 53 Saturday if that’s something they’ll continue to hope for.

18 responses to “Jets tried to trade Stephen Hill this summer, to no avail

  1. Stephen your a nice guy, a helluva guy. Unfortunately, your Jets career is just about over. Lots of talent and promise but you gotta prove it on the field and that is where you fell short.

    On second thought, maybe you can play for the Giants. They aren’t going anywhere this year!

  2. Since when is 45 catches for 594 yards and four touchdowns a “good season”?

    Those are below average to poor numbers for a starting WR.

    Contract aside, and looking at what the definition of a good season is for a WR, Mike Wallace had 73 / 930 / 5 and all we heard on this site was how awful a season he had.

  3. He was the Jet’s #1 WR the last 2 years. That should put Sanchez’s and Geno Smith’s struggles in perspective.

    I’ve said this before, it is absolutely amazing how Rex totally ignored the offensive side of the ball when acquiring talent.

    If his job wasn’t on the line I bet they wouldn’t have added anyone on offense again this year.

  4. It’s been reported since the Jets drafted him Rex was against this pick from the outset so you can’t blame him for this one.

    Although I’m sure he wouldn’t have taken any offensive player which the Jets needed at the time…whatever.

    Sorry Hill and congratulations Salas. Signed after a few injuries and stepped up a couple times last year after being signed off the Eagles practice squad. Now after a strong offseason you’ve seemed to solidified your spot on this team.

  5. People on here blaming this on Rex LOL.

    It was reported after the draft that Rex wanted to draft Alshon Jeffery but Mike Tannenbaum ignored it and went ahead and drafted hill due to his elite speed and potential to develop into a pass catcher.

    Cya Hill.

  6. The Dolphins just released Ryan Spadola… I thought he played well for Jets last Summer. He certainly was better than Hill. The Dolphins were stocked at WR, so he never got a fair chance. Too bad for some if these guys. If the Patriots ever get another SB Ring, Tannenbaum and Ireland certainly deserve one too. Brady and these franchise destroying knuckleheads had more to do with the success than Belichick and the rest of the Team.

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