Packers put B.J. Raji on injured reserve, get down to 75

Injury-related roster moves got the Packers down to 75 players on their roster before today’s deadline.

The biggest move related to veteran defensive lineman B.J. Raji, who was placed on injured reserve after suffering a torn bicep.

Five other Packers were placed on injured reserve along with Raji: WR Jared Abbrederis, T/G Don Barclay, RB Rajion Neal, LB Joe Thomas and G Andrew Tiller.

Raji, who started all 16 games last season and has missed just two starts in the last four years, will be the biggest loss of the bunch for the Packers.

44 responses to “Packers put B.J. Raji on injured reserve, get down to 75

  1. @dpagsknowsall:

    Really!!! If this isn’t a troll comment then you are really out of it. Raji completely clogs up the interior making it possible for Clay Matthews and, this year, Julius Peppers to get to the QB and to help stop the run. Without him, that defense just went from top 10 to mid-20’s. Also, it’s because of him taking on blockers that Clay Matthews is able to freely run around and exploit the outside. Now, you could be looking at Clay taking many more blocks directly, thus more contact, thus a much more significant chance of him being reinjured as well.

    Lets not also forget the loss of your center which will have opposing defensive lines, like Seattle in week one, licking their lips. If Rodgers isn’t careful, he may not make it to week 2.

  2. dethsupport says:
    Aug 26, 2014 6:30 PM
    I read that 6% of NFL players polled thought Green Bay the lest desirable place to play. What say you rubes?

    That’s the 6% of players who like to go out to the clubs at night and party like Manziel, or the one’s that don’t like the cold. The night life in Green Bay is not so hot and it gets cold.

    But if you are serious about football, then its a great place to come play.

    The Packer attitude under Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy is very similar to that of Vince Lombardi. As Lombardi said: “Think of only three things: your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers-in that order.”

  3. What do you think Josh Boyd will do? What about Letroy Guion who looked great at his first practice back…Yeah, I said the depth takes a hit…and it does, but your making it sound like the season is lost because Raji is on IR. It isn’t.

    Losing Tretter hurts WAY more.

    Oh, and buddy, you said our defense with Raji is Top 10. I quit reading right there.

  4. Although he was having a really good camp and was motivated by the 1 year deal due to a complete lack of interest on the free agent market..if you follow the Packers at ALL you know the only thing Raji has been clogging the last two years is his arteries. If he was playing at the level you think he has been teams..including Green Bay..would have been beating down his door in the off season.

  5. dethsupport says:
    Aug 26, 2014 6:30 PM
    I read that 6% of NFL players polled thought Green Bay the lest desirable place to play.
    Homer: “Aw, you can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 40% of all people know that.”

  6. “Without him, that defense just went from top 10 to mid-20’s.” Really?exactly what has Raji done that makes you think the Packers will fall fifteen spots on defense.he was a FA and no team was willing to pay him what he was demanding so the Packers did him a huge favor and resigned him for a year, the Packers have big,strong replacements for him that can take on two blockers and even make some tackles,no sir,the Packers just recieved a gift.

  7. I think McCarthy and Schneider, I mean Thompson, build through the draft cause free agents don’t want to play there unless they’re coasting to retirement. Just sayin, gotta get that vested benefit pension service after all.

  8. The Pack is off to a good start this year in the injuries department. It usually takes them until week 3 or 4 before racking up 6 on the IR list.

  9. Won the Super Bowl with 13 on IR and they’re almost halfway there already! Get those rings ready!

  10. I give Raji a bit of a break on the past couple of years. The Packers played a ton of 2-4-5, which isn’t really great for a DT to piling up stats. On the flip side, when he did pass rush, he didn’t do anything.

    Where the loss hurts is that 3-4 NTs are not really a dime a dozen. If you lose another big man, you can get in a bit of a rough spot in goalline and short yardage.

    When the Pack won in 2010, they were fortunate to be able to pick up Howard Green. Before that, they were so thin that Raji was playing entire games and TJ Lang had to play DT in goalline sets.

  11. It sucks for Packers fans when the team can pretty much cut down their roster on the final day just with guys going on IR. Still, it is much better than suffering through another season with the Vikings as some poor souls do.

  12. drunkinsconnie says:
    Aug 26, 2014 7:10 PM

    I think McCarthy and Schneider, I mean Thompson, build through the draft cause free agents don’t want to play there unless they’re coasting to retirement. Just sayin, gotta get that vested benefit pension service after all

    Gotta love how the trolls chime in when they are backers of a franchise that actually had a player say “Embrace The Suck”. How many players actually left loserville saying they wanted a chance to win? All of them to my recollection. There isn’t a Packer player that leaves looking to leave to win more somewhere else they leave because the Packers refuse to pay outrageous contracts but the queens obviously don’t mind that’s why they perennially finish in last. As the hick once said Embrace The Suck!

    Tick, Tock…..

  13. Yeah, troll. It’s so tough being a packer fan. Dallas and Green Bay, the only two fan bases that “fans” can just spring up from anywhere in the world. At least when I see somebody rocking my favorite team’s gear I know their genuine. You can’t say the same by orders of magnitude.

  14. 6% of 82 respondents. That’s less than 5 players saying they wouldn’t want to play for Green Bay…..because of the weather. I am absolutely shocked. You mean to say they would rather live in Miami, New York, or San Francisco??? Please say it isn’t so!

    So out of nearly 1700 players, 82 responded, and 4 said no thanks to Green Bay.

    In other news, 10 out of 10 vegetarians said they don’t like meat.

  15. Queenie fans with their last hurrah before the season comes and they are once again irrelevant in a few short weeks. All the offseason boasting comes back to haunt them like it has for the last 3 out of 4 seasons. You trolls have claimed offseason championships for 5 straight years but do terrible once the season plays out. For us Packer fans and many others fans I’m sure you have just been training camp fodder until we can duke it out with fans of actual good teams.

    Tick, Tock….time is running out

  16. The Green Bay Packers have the #1 fan base in the NFL.

    The Green Bay Packers have the #1 game day experience in all the NFL.

    The Green Bay Packers have the most successful franchise in the history of the NFL.

    This my friends cant be disputed just look it up!

  17. All teams have injuries. All teams have issues . Not all teams win consistently despite all of it . The Packers do . And it’s not because of Rodgers, because, as we have learned from years and years of schooling at the hands of Viking fans, Rodgers is nothing more than a “systems quarterback.” The Packers win because they are brainwashed to win.

  18. What are Raji’s options next March?

    Are they different than last March?

    Missing a season will either give him some fire to play next season or the dying embers will going out.

    This might be the best thing for Mr. Raji.

  19. Knee injuries are the theme in GB this year, sure Raji tore his bicep but just about every other injury has been a knee.

    Raijon Neal, Joe Thomas and Tiller are all guys they are redshirting basically, none of them would have made the 53 so they’re stashing them on IR if they clear waivers.

    With Raji going down, that stills leaves GB with 3 capable replacements for him Josh Boyd, Letroy Guion and undrafted rookie sensation Mike Pennel, so its not that big a loss.

    JC Tretter will be a bigger loss but they also have a very competent rookie center ready to fill in till JC gets healthy.

    By all accounts both guys played well in the preseason, now its just a matter of getting in sync with the other starters before Seattle. Not ideal but it is what it is, next man up.

  20. A NFL record 14th World Championship shouldn’t be easy. Championship caliber teams know how to overcome a little adversity.

    Losers would just embrace the suck and finish in last place for the 3rd time in 4 years.

  21. Green Bay’s D was ranked 7th so far in pre-season.

    That’s top 10 for those of you who are Dallas fans.

    Oh I hear you – it’s only pre-season. But remember, according to the Viking fans the Packers have nothing but garbage for starters and our back-ups would be worse than that…..

  22. After watching the preseason week 3 game twice there’s no reason to believe the Packers’ extreme depth can’t make up for it.
    In fact, it seemed like the entire game the national announcers were commenting on how surprisingly deep the Packers were on both sides of the ball.

    Green Bay was the most injured team in the league in 2011 and still brought home the Lombardi. With their current depth rivaling, even surpassing, that of their 2011 squad, they may just be in-line for another.

  23. Injuries are the great equalizer, for sure. So all you non-Packer fans who are happy this happened to them should know any player on any team can be lost for the season at any time.
    As for Raji, he’s been playing out of position for the last couple of years. I think that had as much to do with his playing slipping as anything.
    The thing most fans don’t understand is that players are coached to do things as part of a system and sometimes that in and of itself keeps them from making plays. If they’re job is to help other guys make plays, and those other guys don’t hold up their end of the bargain, it might look like the guy who’s doing what is asked of him is not making plays.
    I think Raji would have been more of a factor this year back at NT, and his loss does hurt the Packers. Now they have to depend on young guys to step it up.

  24. Vikings fan here hoping for a speedy recovery and i am sure the Packers will be just fine they always have good players on IR and seem to be just fine darn it!!! Good luck this year

  25. Raji seems like a good dude, but for some reason never has lived up to his potential. If Pack fans are counting on Guion to fill the void, even the average void left by Raji, you certainly have been drinking too much. He’s at best a part-time player that has been ineffective if used for anything more than spot-duty. You folks have seen our crappy defense enough the last three years right? Well, he was a part of it.

  26. I’m a Bears fan of 50 years standing, and I’m here to tell y’all that the Packers are going to be some very bad dudes. First week will be tough, since no matter how much I dislike Seattle, they, too, are going to be some very bad dudes. The NFC is going to be a dog fight! Niners, Saints, ‘Hawks, Pack–it’s gonna be fun!

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