Packers set Colt Lyerla free


One of the most-hyped undrafted free agents of 2014 will be a free agent again.  Eventually.

According to Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Packers have reached an injury settlement with tight end Colt Lyerla.  Under the terms of the deal, the rookie will be paid by the Packers through Week Eight.  At that point, he’ll be free to sign with any team.

By rule, he can return to the Packers after Week 14.

A knee injury derailed what could have been an intriguing rookie season, especially since the Packers have a real need at the tight end position.  Lyerla’s off-field challenges have been nearly as chronicled as his on-field talents, which could make it even more important for Lyerla to have a strong support system in place as he recovers from the knee injury and attempts to land a job with the Packers or another team.

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  1. I really hope the seahawks give this kid a look we really could use more tight end depth, and if he can continue to stay out of trouble and improve as a pass catcher he could be a really good edition to our offense.

  2. I would love to see what he can do with the Packers next year, but the reality is the Packers will most likely be cemented with Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless by season’s end. Richard Rodgers is the real deal. He could be the next Mark Chmura. If Lyerla is smart, he will sign with a team that will give him a real shot.

  3. I’m pissed the packers let him go. People over look him because of his off field issues, but he had the highest vertical and brocade jump for all tight ends at the combine. A seam pass up the field is a line backer nightmare with him. I watched him at Oregon and chip Kelly said he has the potential to be a star if he stay out of trouble. I hope we bring him back.

  4. bridgeh2o says:
    Aug 26, 2014 5:27 PM

    Another TT failure.

    TT can’t hold Slick Rick Spielman’s jock.


    Clueless troll he wasn’t even drafted. Our 3rd round TE pick has done so well and is a starter Colt was expendable.

    Ole Spieladope is 1-9-1 against Ted so keep living in your delusional world. Its amazing that because a GM drafts numerous times in the first round it equates to him being a great GM but yet finishes in last is ignored, only in Minnehaha.

  5. Seems like an inordinate amount of Vikes fans on here reading about one of the Packers’ undrafted free agents…

  6. Division Championships
    Minnesota Vikings 18
    Green Bay Packers 13
    Chicago Bears 10
    Detroit Lions 3

    Playoff Berths
    Minnesota Vikings 27
    Green Bay Packers 20
    Chicago Bears 14
    Detroit Lions 10

    League Titles
    Minnesota Vikings 1
    Green Bay Packers 1
    Chicago Bears 0
    Detroit Lions 0

    Conference Wins
    Minnesota Vikings 4
    Green Bay Packers 5
    Chicago Bears 0
    Detroit Lions 0

    Superbowl Wins
    Minnesota Vikings 0
    Green Bay Packers 2 (SB-I-II were before merger)
    Chicago Bears 1
    Detroit Lions 0

    Guess even the Bears can get lucky.

  7. michaelcaz says: Aug 26, 2014 10:07 PM

    Seems like an inordinate amount of Vikes fans on here reading about one of the Packers’ undrafted free agents…


    Hey lay off! They are just doing scouting for future Viking players.

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