Panthers may be down to one quarterback Thursday — Joe Webb


The Panthers probably have to keep third quarterback Joe Webb on the roster, given the uncertain status of starter Cam Newton and his sore ankle and sore ribs.

But Webb is going to get plenty of reps this week to try to prove he belongs, since he might be the only quarterback they have Thursday night.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Webb might be the only quarterback in uniform for the Panthers in Pittsburgh.

With Newton aching with a hairline fracture to his ribs, backup Derek Anderson awaiting the birth of a child (his wife was due Saturday) and fourth-stringer Matt Blanchard out with a concussion, Webb is the last man standing.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera joked that he had an emergency QB lined up, but he didn’t want to reveal the top-secret plan.

“I don’t want to tell you guys because at the end of the day if these guys are valuable like that, and you put them out there, somebody may scoop them up,” Rivera said.

Of course, the Panthers could always go back to the future, and play without a quarterback. They did that in 2006, when DeAngelo Williams brought the Wildcat to the NFL. And come to think of it, they did that for most of 2010 as well.

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  1. As a Vikings fan, I want to see that game. We are touting our rookie running back McKinnon, who can run, throw and catch. Webb is an amazing athlete who we let go. He can do all three but like McKinnon is not really a QB, WR or RB. I would love to see Webb succeed in the right situation. We bounced him around between QB and WR until he never knew what he was playing and he never complained, not a peep.

  2. So long as teams like Jets, Skins, Bills, Panthers, browns etc etc insist on using these scrambling/running QB’s type players they risk continuity, and success. Pick one,,any one,,when YOU RUN IT….you get HIT,,and you get hit and you get hit…THE QB has a much higher risk of being injured and taken out. Tell me how that 16 yd run,,,is worth risking your whole season? CAN YOU?
    JFB, RGIII, CAM, VICK, SMITH, MANUEL,,etc etc.. meanwhile Brady has been injured 1 season in 15 years,,,,and even that was a cheap shot directed at his knees by POLLARD.

  3. DG is one of a handful of guys that would even know that the Panthers were the 1st team in the league to run the wildcat, doing it in 2006. Most people give credit to the Dolphins in 2007 for introducing it. But who was the OC in Miami in 2007? Dan Henning And who was the OC in Carolina in 2006? Yep…Dan Henning.

    Side note- It is funny that Henning developed that offense, because in the dictionary next Henning’s name is a picture of dive up the middle for two yards on 3rd and 6 and a big cloud of dust in the foreground.

  4. As long as you’re not counting on him to win you a playoff game, Joe Webb is one of the more fun players in the league to watch. His athleticism is out of this world.

  5. Good to see Joe getting another chance. Who knows, not that he got out of that black hole in Minnesota he might finally have the opportunity to develop into a decent QB.

  6. I hope Webb puts on a good show. He has immense talent if someone can find a way to harness it.

  7. Webb is an exceptional physical talent, and a good guy; however, he is not and will not be an exceptional QB. Did anyone see that playoff game against the Pack 2 years ago?

  8. I would take Joe Webb at QB over all other 3 string QBs right now and 1/2 of the second stringers.

    The guy can throw, has developed touch, can run, is a hard worker, good teammate, good character guy. All he needs is some good coaching, something he did not get in MINN.

  9. Everyone talks about the Packer playoff game to “prove” their claim that Joe Webb can’t play… He played well at other times, including an epic upset of the Eagles. He has worked hard in Carolina, and looked damned good in preseason action.

    He is going to make the team on his merits as a QB, and I wish him well.

  10. Love Joe Webb for his leadership and being a real team player. However, as a QB…. Maybe something will click. I’m going to watch this one against the scrubs and see how it goes. lots of runs I bet.

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