Patriots get a fourth-rounder in Logan Mankins deal

It’s not quite the haul they got for Richard Seymour or Randy Moss, but the Patriots’ latest move did bring back a significant pick.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Patriots will get a fourth-rounder in addition to tight end Tim Wright in exchange for veteran guard Logan Mankins.

That’s not bad, considering Mankins’ big salary numbers ($6.25 million in 2014, $6.75 million in 2015 and 2016).

The 32-year-old Mankins might not be the same player he once was, but any version of himself is better than what the Bucs had at guard. Their desperation was evident that they’d give a mid-round pick to get him and pay him a pile of money.

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  1. “That’s not bad, considering Mankins’ big salary numbers ($6.25 million in 2014, $6.75 million in 2015 and 2016).”

    But when you consider the pay cuts Brady has taken and what the Pats have chosen/not chosen to do with it…..

  2. Luv it!!!

    Get that contract off the books. Use the dough to lock up Revis… Draft a new Olineman with that pick.

    If that Wright guy gives them anything at TE… BINGO… I GOT BINGO!!!

  3. Wow… That’s cold. And for an undrafted TE and 4th round pick? Just when you think the Pats have their crap together they pull something like this.

  4. Wright will put up top flight numbers this year with Brady throwing it and Gronk drawing attention. Mankins, even 50% of his best, is still by far better than anything the Bucs have at guard. Win-win trade.

  5. There was a conversation last week on 98.5 about Mankins possibly becoming a cap casuality in 2015. This sounds like a good trade for both teams if Tim Wright can be 75% player that AH was as a move TE. Based on his rookie stats it sounds like he can.

  6. great move by NE, this coming from a non-patriots fan. this guy is old, and you don’t pay old guys past their prime big money. and when you find a chump team that will give you a 4th rounder for it plus a solid backup at another position you take that trade every time.

  7. .
    At first glance it look like a win – win trade. The Patriots get a young TE with a low cap number plus an additional 4th rounder. The Bucs get a veteran who can play both guard and tackle plus brings an attitude adjustment the Bucs O-line could use.

  8. Will take time for some, but this trade will be understood.

    Gronk is coming back from injury, this guy is a good second option. We get a draft pick back, and create more room to sign key defensive players in the offseason.

    Love Mankins but sometimes these kind of deals have to get done. The offensive line will get in sync.

  9. Woah – didn’t see that coming, though Mankins salary was certainly higher than his skill level which is eroding (perhaps quicker than any of us thought)

    He’ll still be one of the best OL on Tampa but was probably near the bottom in NE

    I think even last year he was ranked in the middle of the pack on the OL, with a salary near the top – he’s probably lapsed more by now

    The Pats must feel good about their current OL lineup, picked up a needed TE plus a 4th round pick and probably a good $5 million in salary cap room which could be used to lock up a younger proven player long term

  10. They received more than just those 2 things:

    -An undrafted TE
    -4th round pick
    -future cap relief/flexibility for more new additions to be named later, here’s the placeholder spots for them ____ &/or _____ &/or… ?
    -opportunity for the emergence of a cost-controlled replacement prospect, or perhaps Incognito

  11. Comparing rookie year stats:

    Aaron Hernandez: 45 rec 596 yards 6 TD’s
    Tim Wright: 54 rec 571 yards 5 TD’s

    Pre draft stats:

    Aaron Hernandez: 6′ 2 1/3″ 245 lbs 4.64 40 33″ vertical 9′ 3″ broad jump 30 reps
    Tim Wright: 6′ 4″ 229 lbs 4.65 40 36″ vertical 9′ 10″ broad jump 19 reps

    Looks like they are close to comparable so far. Let’s hope he can be like AH on the field, and nothing like him off it.

  12. 4th round sounds about right from the Bucs side.

    As for Wright, he was a Schiano Man and wasn’t even certain to make the team. The issue is his size and blocking ability, at 220 he’s not going to get it done on the line and as a pure WR he lacks speed. Now with that said Wright does work very hard and he makes a lot of catches. However for those thinking he’ll replace Hernandez, we’ll have to see. I’ll just say this, if the Bucs thought they had a player with the ability of Hernandez he wouldn’t have been on the bubble this year and the Bucs wouldn’t have spent a 2nd rounder on a TE in the draft. I wish him all best – but hopefully from the Bucs side this works out better than the nothing for Blount deal from last year.

  13. A significant pick, like Ras-I Dowling?

    If anything, New England/Belicheat, has been horrendous with mid-round-picks.

    There’s another relatively big pick they recently cut, but I can’t think of who it is.

    It’s either a DB, WR or a LB, I think?

  14. 4th rounder and a camera

    Wow, another time traveler from 2006.

    Keep fighting the good fight, boys.

  15. I agree. Wright put up good numbers on a bad offensive team with no QB. But, Hernandez was consensus 1-2nd rnd talent that dropped to the 4th rnd because a lot of red flags, while Wright was undrafted. Maybe the Pats see something in Wright like they did with Welker, we’ll see. But, I’d pump the brakes on the spin for now. They just traded a Pro-Bowler and team leader at a thin position(interior OLine).

  16. The Pats didn’t get a player in Wright who will be overly productive…..just a decent prospect. They got a TE who will get 10-40 yards a game and a TD every 3 or 4 weeks. This is why the Bucs had to toss in a 4th round pick as well. I think Wright has the stuff to be a decent TE2, and maybe help pick up some of the slack for the inevitable Gronk injury. He had a decent rookie campaign, and may even have a decent year or two in his career. That said, he is going to have to buy his pineapple at the grocery store, because there are zero pro bowls in his future.

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