Percy Harvin says Russell Wilson reminds him of Brett Favre


When the conversation picks up surrounding Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and what quarterbacks he compares to, the typical names that come up are Minnesota Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Both Tarkenton and Brees are shorter quarterbacks that found success despite their smaller stature.

However, Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin has a different quarterback in mind that he believes Wilson shares common traits with. After Friday night’s 34-6 preseason victory over the Chicago Bears, Harvin compared Wilson to a quarterback he played with in Minnesota.

Brett Favre.

“I told him he reminds me of Brett [Favre],” Harvin said. “Just keeping the team calm no matter if it’s third-and-1, second down, whether we’re blowing a team out or whether we’re tied in the NFC Championship. He’s always got an even keel and for me, I look for that comfort in a quarterback and I know a lot of guys on the team look for it too.”

“Me and coach [Darrell] Bevell talk all the time because we played with Brett, we talk all the time about their similarities.”

Harvin played two seasons with Favre as his quarterback in Minnesota from 2009-2010. Harvin caught 131 passes for 1,658 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Wilson has exceeded expectations that Harvin had when he was traded from Minnesota prior to last season.

“Oh yeah. That and more,”Harvin said. “His leadership is just off the charts.”

Wilson has been stellar this preseason and appears to have raised him game to another level after leading the Seahawks to the Super Bowl last season. Wilson has completed 77 percent of his passes (30-for-39) for 360 yards and two touchdowns this preseason. With Wilson in the game the last two weeks, Seattle has converted 12 of 14 chances on third down and the first-team offense scored on nine consecutive possessions with seven ending in touchdowns. He’s also rushed for three touchdowns.

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  1. not that the bears defense is anything to write home about but russell and the hawks made them look like rec league that first half.

  2. So-called experts and analysts don’t believe in Wilson, and claim he’s a game manager or a system player, but football players know. The players voted him as one of the best players in the entire NFL. Someone like Harvin–who has played for both Wilson and Favre–compares him to Favre. The players know! Wilson is extraordinary.

  3. Yes Percy, and what Russell wants this year (in addition to Bling #2) is the M.V.P. of the N.F.L. Anyone willing to bet against him just hasn’t watched him play, from the 2nd 1/2 of last year, through the playoffs and the preseason this year.

    He is what the Vikings can only dream about with Teddy.


  4. Russell Wilson with some with the least amount of attempts has set or broken many all time qb stats in his first two years. Does he play within the offense hell yeah but when he’s allowed to pass it’s easy to see he has the ability to be prolific!

    He’s thrown the most td passes ever to starts career by any qb not names Marino in their first two years and did so in a clear run first offense. He’s the best deep ball passer in the nfl accuracy wise and has the best qbr to ever start a career . He’s the only one with a 100+ qbr in both seasons . Add now he’s the winningest qb to ever start a career, won the most playoff games to start a career and a superbowl !

    And let’s not forget he talked up those stats missing 3. And. 4 starting offensive linemen at times and without both his #1, and #2 wr for Almost the entire year !

    Oh and he has nearly 1000 yards rushing and more tds to add to his record pace !

    He’s not just a game manager anyone who says that doesn’t watch him, when allowed to pass he’s among the leagues best statistically on average and amount of plays for 20+ yards. Let’s not forget he accumulated those stats against the toughest defensive division in football ok over 30 years having 4 top 10 defenses !

    Is he Brett farve hell no But he’s as talented and so similar to Drew Bree’s is weird actually watching them play bc their style is so similar . Eventually he will be the first option on offense and the team will grow with it’s talents for now he’s humble and keeps his head and ego down for what’s best for the team. As a pure passer he has all the tools ,but add in his intangibles and the kid is easily going to become a top5 qb within the next 3 -4 years . His bust potential is extremely low and only injury can derail his record setting career . He’s started better than Brady under the exact same circumstances .

  5. He reminds me of Trent Dilfer. Look for the Seahawks to go nowhere but down from here. The most overrated QB, CB, and team in NFL history.

  6. Actually,
    I was one of the first to compare him to Fran Tarkenton, making that comparison on my Facebook page, long before I heard anyone else make the comparison, because I actually saw Tarkenton’s career playout, with those pesky Super bowl loses as the ONLY thing tarnishing an otherwise remarkable career.
    I never made the Favre comparison, butyou have two individuals closer to to the action than I ever have been, so to realize our quarterback is even more special than I thought he was, is both validating and incredibly blessful, for us Seahawk fans.

  7. Read that last paragraph again. nobody has it better than Us!!! I thought we would be battling SF for home field advantage but they look terrible. Old and overrated. Should have ate their Russell Sprouts but instead you got a Beast infection.

  8. Russell is the real deal. He’s going to lead his team to a minimum of 3 Super Bowl titles by the time he’s done. Like pretty much every other team in the NFL with a shaky quarterback situation, I really wish my Bills picked him up. I’m glad to root for Wilson though, he’s a great man with amazing character to go with his amazing play and will be the face of the NFL for years to come

  9. Probably goes back to their upbringing, and the strong roles their fathers had on them, basically being their first coaches in life. The Mannings could attest to that.

  10. He will go on to retire, unretire, be traded to the browns, play one year, retire and ask for his release and then spite his fans by taking the niners to the NFC championship game.

  11. Except he doesn’t throw erratic interceptions. I love favre, he was my favorite player as a kid, i still rooted for him when he was in purple as long as it wasnt against the packers. But Wilsons decision making is far superior. But you know, i kinda miss that about favre. Whether he threw a game ending pick, or pulled a win clean from his butt, you knew the game would be interesting. There was never a time i thought the Packers were completely done when #4 was under center. Dude really did have magic in that right arm…..half the time anyways.

  12. “Wilson has completed 77 percent of his passes (30-for-39) for 360 yards and two touchdowns this preseason. With Wilson in the game the last two weeks, Seattle has converted 12 of 14 chances on third down and the first-team offense scored on nine consecutive possessions with seven ending in touchdowns. He’s also rushed for three touchdowns.”
    Russell, you’re messing up the “Andrew Luck is the best young QB parade.” If you keep that up, the NFL will have to implement another rule to slow you down.

  13. Right, and percy harvin reminds me of Antonio Freeman. Not! What an idiotic comment. Is wilson planning on retiring and switching teams because that is about as close to Farve he will ever be!

  14. Been telling you guys, Wilson > Luck and considering his age may be the best QB in the NFL.

    Certainly NFL QB has been as good EVER over their first two years.

  15. I thought last season that Russell Wilson was a combination of Brett Favre and Fran Tarkenton. Many of his scrambles look quite a bit like Tarkenton but Russell has a much stronger arm. And the way he ad libs and pulls off some of the most amazing plays you’ve ever seen is very much like Brett Favre. But he’s able to do them without the bone headed plays that accompanied much of Favres heroics. In the long run he will prove himself to better than both of those two great QBs.

  16. I have to laugh at all of you that says “but, he doesn’t have the arm…” What’s next, “he doesn’t wear the right jeans” Ya, because those were the reasons that Percy compared RW to Favre. The kid is as cool under pressure as anyone and one of the best leaders in the game. When he’s under center, you feel as if you have a chance to win. That’s what Percy was talking about when comparing to Favre.

  17. Wilson certainly is the antithesis of Percy — level headed, non-confrontational, a leader, accountable and able to play an entire season. Percy’s like that really hot psycho girlfriend — sooner or later it’s gonna blow up — but the ride was entertaining as heck while it lasted.

  18. Funny how all the Seahawk fans are referencing how great they are performing in the preseason as if the games count.. They are the same fans that discount the Denver win a few weeks ago citing it’s only preseason and it doesn’t count… Gotta love those Seahawks fans… Est- 2012

  19. You folks bleating about Favre throwing game ending interceptions and making consistently bad decisions must have started watching football in… what… 2004 or 2005?

  20. Outside fans who have not watched a lot of Hawks football call him a game manager.

    His stats don’t explode on the page. But watching a full game, you know the passing game was effective. Then when you look at the passing yards, you kind of scratch your head. That’s it? But his QB rating is way up there.

    Leadership is the intangible that you can’t measure. And that is what Percy is talking about.

  21. I just read an ESPN writer who said the Seahawks passing game was “bad” because they finished 26th in the league in passing. That is a very common misconcepetion in the national media. Their passing game was not bad it was actually very, very good. They just limited the amount of times they used it. Russell Wilson is not a “game manager” he is a dynamic playmaker. Anyone who thinks differently has obviously not watched very much of him playing. If a Superbowl winning QB can have a break out year, then this is going to be Russell Wilson’s break out year. I think some teams are going to be shocked at how bad they get beat by the Seahawks this season.

  22. One important preseason stat Curtis left out: Wilson has committed zero turnovers.

    Interesting: only two seasons did Favre throw fewer INTs than Wilson…one of those seasons Favre only played two games (1991 Falcons). All other seasons, Favre threw more INTs…seven of those seasons, Favre threw twice as many INTs (or more) than Wilson.

    Leading a team with poise is important. But it seems Wilson is a little less emotional/excitable than Favre, and that translates into fewer mistakes.

  23. I realize the Favre comparison is supposed to be a compliment but Favre threw more ints in one season (any season he played) than Wilson will in his entire career. I’m not here to rip on Favre but other than his gunslinger mentality & actually having some success squeezing the ball into windows it didn’t belong Jr wouldn’t even have had a career. Go back & look at some his individual season stats. There were years he threw more ints than tds. If it wasn’t for his rifle of an arm & his inhuman toughness he would’ve washed out early. Thank God Wilson can read a defense & make good decisions to protect the ball. As i already said, i know it was supposed to be a compliment but give me a young Wilson over a young Favre. I hate qbs that are careless with the ball or so arrogant they think they can throw it through a keyhole.

  24. Percy was only talking about how calm and collected Russ is in the huddle.

    Not the actual gunslinger style…with all the interceptions.

    He meant Russell is like!e a veteran qb out there. Unlike Ponder.

  25. Just like last years playoff’s, and SB. National media were 9er’s this, Bronocs that…Hawks had no chance to beat the Broncos in the BIG GAME…who can ever 4get the lack of respect for the Seattle Seahawks going into that game?

    You know what the result was. A BEAT DOWN.

    So, keep on with your trash talking……

    ‘We all we go’
    ‘WE all we need’

    Go HAWKS!

  26. So much hypocrisy, right…like Michael Jordan’s push off on “the glove-Gary Gary Payton, in an NBA Championship series we should have won, in the 1996 NBA Finals, then the infamouse Rothlisberger cheat in Super Bowl XL, at the goal line, when we played the Pittsburgh Steelers…our time is now and we will not be denied! If we want to brag, we will brag, knowing our players will approach each game methodically; taking it, one-game-at-a-time. Don’t worry about us fans, worry about our team, haters! GO HAWKS!!!

  27. listenup823, that’s because it was the first preseason game…I don’t care about San Diego, but that third game is as close to the regular season as you are going to get. We have been notorious in the past for starting off slow, but we seem to be advancing a little quicker this year on offense and that’s what we like. 18-players (mostly starters and those that will make this roster) were out in that first game, so yeah, duh….there is a difference. Are you dismissive of this? You won’t see the same game this week as you did last, because our starters will only be in limitedly, as with the pace of other NFL teams. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  28. listenup823 says: “Funny how all the Seahawk fans are referencing how great they are performing in the preseason as if the games count.. They are the same fans that discount the Denver win a few weeks ago citing it’s only preseason and it doesn’t count…”

    They are all preseason games, and none of the count. However, blowout victories in preseason weeks 2 & 3 are far more meaningful as indicators than a close loss in the preseason opener.

    Go ahead, go on record as saying all preseason games are completely equal as indicators. And then laugh at us Seahawk fans.

  29. “He’ll never break Farve’s interception records.”


    Or his yards, touchdowns or consecutive games records.

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