Richie Incognito has “very constructive” meeting with Bucs, but doesn’t sign


The Buccaneers met with guard Richie Incognito for several hours on Monday night, but the meeting did not end with a contract that would bring Incognito back into the NFL.

Incognito, who became a free agent after serving out a suspension handed down by the Dolphins last season for his behavior toward former Dolphin Jonathan Martin, met with team officials and took a physical during his visit on Monday. General Manager Jason Licht said the team hasn’t signed Incognito now, but could in the future as they continue to look for ways to bolster a weak group of guards.

“We had a very constructive meeting with Richie. It went on for about 5 hours. He haven’t ruled it out. He remains an option,” Licht said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

There are other teams believed to have interest in talking to Incognito. As with all vested veterans, Incognito would be guaranteed a full year’s salary if he’s on a roster for Week One and that may keep him from landing with a team until September if teams are concerned about his ability to be a useful member of the team for the entire year.

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  1. My guess: Lovie laid down the law, and Ritchie wasn’t buying in. Lovie doesn’t much care to deal with characters like this unless they can really, really play. And OL isn’t a big enough priority of his to take a big risk.

  2. Believe what you want, no other teams are interested in him. He went almost all through the entire preseason without a sniff. If there were interest, he would have at least interviewed. This Buc interview is the first news we’ve had on him thus far. If he were serious about playing in the league again, he would have signed with them. Jonathan Martin plays for the 49’ers. Richie sits.

  3. I love today’s world. Punch your wife in the face, we will make you sit a couple games. Kill someone in a DUI accident, maybe a few more games off. Test positive for drugs 3 times, here comes a half a season. Bully someone ( a 300 pound man at that) and game over? Really? I get that Incognito may not be a star talent, but it’s crazy that the main reason he is black balled is b/c he bullied someone?

    Ray Rice should have been thrown out of the league.

  4. The Bucs have probably the worst set of guards in the league. Incognito is risky, but anymore risky than letting garbage like O’Neil Cousins start and let up 4 sacks a game? That’ll get McCown and Glennon killed. If wife beaters and murderers and drunk drivers can play, why can’t Richie?

  5. He didn’t do anything that more than half of all other players haven’t done. J. Martin should be the one out of the league not Richie!

  6. Any of you Bucs fans thinking Lovie will make radical moves to fix the OL, keep dreaming. This is the guy who was fine with letting guys like Frank Omiyale, J’Marcus Webb, Chris Williams and Gabe Carimi “protect” a franchise QB for multiple seasons.

  7. No word on how many wedgies, noogies, swirlies, and wet willy’s were admistered by Incognito in those 5 hours.

  8. I love the people saying he wouldn’t be worth the “distractions”. Yes, because OL who made the Pro Bowl in their last full season grow on trees, you can always pick one up. And everyone in the league already has a strong enough offensive line.

    This dude has been blackballed, pure and simple. There are a 1,000 stories of guys with multiple disciplinary issues that get chance after chance.

    Pacman Jones, anybody?

  9. NY Giants lost a starting O-Lineman, but I doubt Coughlin would ever want him, no matter how much he could help the team.

  10. The guy is an idiot and has been a consistent idiot everywhere he goes. Like T.O., his talent is what makes teams take a flyer on him, but he’s been his own worst enemy at every stop he’s made.

  11. An experienced offensive lineman is worth way more than a running back in terms of value to a team (RBs are a dime a dozen).

    This makes it even more clear that Incognito has been labeled by the GMs and owners (and the league office?) while Ray Rice is getting standing ovations from the fans in Baltimore who will overlook any misdeeds by a player wearing purple and black.

  12. Our team has a lot of bullies – we love ’em – bring him to Baltimore. He picked on a 330 lb, 6’5″ slob, and made him cry – now he wants to be in the middle position of a street brawl with the Steelers – ya gotta forgive a little bad boy behavior, he served his suspension. I’m sure the rest of the league wants guys that play with my little pony – we want linemen that can give it, and take it.

    What people don’t know was Ray Rice had a flashback, he thought his wife was Troy Polomalo for a second, and gave her a stiff arm.

    OK – give me flack for all that – but let Incognito play – somewhere.


    Go sign Incognito for the veteran minimum and plug him in at RG. With Jack Mewhort at LG, Andrew Luck may actually get through this season in one piece.

  14. I do not like the guy–he’s a bully and an immature pumpkin head, and we’ve begun to recognize as a society that bullies are a serious problem and cannot be tolerated. I think that’s one reason he’s toxic. I wonder if he’s apologized to Martin. That said, if he has any sense perhaps he’s learned a less and deserves a second chance. And by all accounts he is a decent or better football player. He wasn’t kept in line at Miami–the team was part of the problem because it did not establish behavioral boundaries. I suspect those boundaries will be made quite clear with his next team, which is precisely why the Bucs spoke to him for so long.

  15. Incognito has shown he’s immature at times and basically has no filter, tells it like it with no political correctness. I don’t condone his actions last year, but:
    Martin wasn’t bullied into smoking pot with Pouncey.
    Martin wasn’t bullied into vulgar pranks & comments
    Martin is a highly educated athlete that had a lot expectations to live up to, that when not met, and in some cases failed miserably – that pressure along with the ribbing from the team and abuse from Incognito and others had Martin shut down.

    If Ray Rice can drag a woman out of an elevator unconscious, if Michael Vick can kill dogs for sport, if Donte Stallworth can kill a man while driving under the influence, Michael Boley arrested on child abuse, if Pacman Jones can beat up people in clubs in seemingly most of the 50 states – Incognito deserves a chance to make a team if he has the talent to do so.

  16. Listen Richie is Richie, wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind with absolutely no filter. I don’t know why it came as a surprise and everyone IMO overreacted(@some parts,I DO NOT agree/accept the racism), the NFL and even most fans knew about him. He was suspended in SpringBall@College for fighting his own teammates! And it happened more than once. I remember “MeL I know it all Kiper” saying that his-Nastiness-Plays with a Mean streak-Road Grader” were all strengths/+pluses in his game.
    Also it wasn’t just him, but Pouncey and many others were”Bullying” J.Martin as well-but Richie had the bad boy reputation and for that instead of Mia team bullying scandal, it was Richie Incognito bullies J.Martin. Martin was drafted to play Tackle and to come in and play WELL right away on the ride side. He played poorly and wasn’t esp tough&it showed in his run blocking. If your a top recruit/Draft pick-coaches assume your going to be as advertised, instead they got a soft swing tackle to struggles in both run/pass games. IMO the OL coach probly had a talk with Pouncey&Incognito telling them to get on Martin, trying to get him tougher-play with an edge/attitude. Talk is cheap I’m sure Martin was fine talking tough(Texts ect) but when camp, season started was being or playing tough. Makes the leaders in that OL room push him harder to try and get the most out of him & instead he took the easy way out.instead of pushing through and getting better for it he quit-not just on himself but on 52other teammates+Coaches,GM,Owner. If things were that bad why not tell the HC,or NFLPA,RogerG?
    You don’t just up&leave your team MIDSEASON, without letting them know, not even a call-it’s unprofessional,But sounds like the whole Organization,team, locker room wasn’t very professional. One of the few things that I found absolutely disgusting was the voicemail, BUT I also heard that’s how they talked with each other& the fact that Martin saved that on purpose shows he knew what he was doing b4 he did it-I’m sure he left a message cursing ect. But why would he save it? Long story short-a team in need of OL help, he’s worth a shot. All things aside I know I want my OG&Center’s to be tough/nasty in the interior trenches with 340-360lb 1tech/Nose guards. Not a Miami,Incognito fan by no means.
    Again This is IMHO

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